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Theta Warrior Elite

(46 reviews)

Master The Art of Trading

Options Only Package

  • Live Entry/Exit Alerts
  • Daily Watchlists
  • Actionable Trade Ideas
  • Educational Videos/Explanations
  • Access to Private X (Twitter)
  • Access to Private Discord
  • Office Hours
  • Live Trade Commentary (daily)
  • Live Voice Alerts (Friday only)
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Discord access

Elite Options

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Website link

Step 1: Connect Your Twitter Account to Whop, Step 2: Request Private Twitter

Live Entry/Exit Alerts
Live alerts that include levels (entry, take profit, and stop) as well as exact strike/expiry/product traded.
Watchlist w/ Trade Ideas
Daily watchlist updated premarket with actionable trade ideas.
Data-driven Trading
Analysis of multiple timeframe price action including technicals, options flow, darkpool, order flow, and more.
Expert Education
Library of educational videos and trading strategies. Daily explanation and insight behind all trades taken.
Community of Traders
Highly focused trading community made up of serious traders from many different backgrounds.
Customer question & answers
what hours are you on live voice?
Hey! Thanks for the question. We are most active on voice at the open until roughly the lunch hour. Although there will be exceptions when we stick around longer if/when the market is really moving. Trading chat stays open the entire day.
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.95 out of 5
(46 reviews)
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1 month ago
I love that they are eager to answer your questions and help you throughout your journey.
Purchased TW Elite (Options) 2 months ago
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1 month ago
I had been following Theta on twitter for several years and finally jumped into his elite program. It has revolutionized my trading style and finally pushed me in the direction of long term financial freedom.
Purchased TW Elite (Options) 2 months ago
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1 month ago
The best discord channel for consistent gains!
Purchased TW Elite (Options) 2 months ago
About the seller
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Theta Warrior Elite
Trading • General

46 reviews

A Theta Warrior is a trader who leverages both technical analysis and options flow data to accurately time market entries and exits. This trader understands that there are optimal times to hold long positions, short positions, or even to maintain a neutral stance. The ultimate goal is to profit from market moves in any direction, devoid of bias. Theta, or the rate of decline in an option’s value due to time passage, is a key metric for all options traders. Whether we are purchasing or selling premiums, theta significantly impacts our outcomes. Thus, to succeed, every trader must be a Theta Warrior, harnessing the power of theta or risk it becoming a detriment. Technical analysis is a crucial component of our systematic trading approach. By analyzing charts, we can anticipate where buyers and sellers will be, understanding the psychology driving price action. As technical traders, we rely on precise levels to guide our entry, manage losses, and secure profits. These levels are determined based on various factors such as support and resistance, moving averages, volume profiles, and Fibonacci retracements. Moreover, interpreting the options flow is key in the options market, a space where traders of all sizes operate. With modern technology, we have access to every opening and closing, as well as the size of each options trade. This ‘flow’ provides insight into the market’s direction steered by big players. As traders, we aim to align with the market, using flow to confirm our trading thesis before making an entry. If the flow conflicts with our thesis, it’s critical to be aware and adjust accordingly. Effective trading also requires strategic positioning, knowing when to take on risk and when to protect your assets. Often, it’s best to wait for confirmation or reduce the size of the trade if the market conflicts with our setup. Having the discipline to wait for the right moment can mean the difference between failure and success. Thus, plan the trade and trade the plan. To be successful, traders need focus, discipline, commitment, perseverance, the ability to accept losses, control over emotions, tolerance for risk, and a personalized strategy.

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