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Tihan Options Institution

An exclusive school that teaches smart money concepts.

Tihan Options Institution is a school that teaches you how to trade options and read the charts. We use smart money concepts, which is how the market operates. We will teach you how to gain 100%-1000% ROI on each trade. We will teach you how to compound your money safely. You just have to follow the rules, if not, you will carry a lot of risk. We have a Q&A Zoom call every Sunday as well to clear all questions up. Gain the financial freedom you have always wanted, there is no better career in the world.

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We have cut out all of the confusion and will lead you straight to how the market actually works and the setup.
We will make sure you learn the power of compounding. It’s called the snow ball effect, but with money.
We will have a Q&A every Sunday to clear up any confusion that anyone may have.
We will make sure you understand how to read price action and operate the options trading tab.
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4 months ago
beneficial ideas n very helpful!
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4 months ago
Super great help , goes into depth on option trading this helped me read price action for me to give my technical analysis to furthermore my trades at a better level.
How much support will I get in Tihan Options Institution?
You will get our utmost attention towards your problems with understanding our setup. We will make sure you understand everything thus becoming profitable.
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Tihan Options Institution
Trading • Stocks

2 reviews

My name is Tihan, and I started options trading over two years ago. One of my goals in life is to have a lot of money. I want ultimate financial freedom so that my life is in creative mode essentially and I don’t have to use my time working. I would rather use my creative thoughts to impact the world in a positive way and instill change in others through what I have learned. Purpose is what’s important, and how are you supposed to carry out your purpose in life if you’re working all the time on something you don’t even have a deep passion for. Then I found trading, I looked into real estate and business as well, but those avenues required a lot of work, time, and headache. Trading stood out to me because I’m seeing people make millions of dollars everyday through pressing buttons. You can be anywhere in the world and do this, you don’t need employees, you don’t have to worry about material cost, and everything else. I will leave it at this, I used to make $750 a week for putting in 42 hours of work a week. My first $1000 day was on a Tuesday at 8:30am, and the trade lasted for 3 minutes. That’s all I had to experience for me to give this my all. Now it’s time for you to give it your all.

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