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Top Floor Trading

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Where Simplicity Meets Trading

This my FREE telegram channel where I will provide market analysis such as weekly outlooks, trade ideas/recaps and education on various trading models/concepts.

If you are experiencing any of the following...

  • Constantly losing money in trading

  • Lack of knowledge and direction in trading

  • Overwhelmed with trading information

  • Struggling to find a reason to keep trading

  • Never know what to look for on the charts

  • The inability to make decisions or form ideas due to overcomplicated ICT concepts.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my free telegram will help you.

My goal is to help others get funded AND get paid out like myself, this telegram will provide you with my direct views and education on the markets.

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Top Floor Trading (Johnnys Public Telegram Group)

Learn the simplest & most effective strategies in the space.
Market Analysis
My direct views, analysis & education on the markets.
Trade Recaps
Logical explanations behind trades I take, broken down for your learning.
Learn from the 5 years of my personal past trials & errors in trading, increase your chances of success quicker.
Customer question & answers
Do you trade only in Crypto?
No, we also trade index futures like ES (SP500) & NQ (Nas100) & Forex, we have a crypto analyst that is focusing on airdrops and farming crypto right now. I also give insights into what cryptos I am personally investing in for this bullrun every Saturday in a private stream.
Answered 23d ago
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4.94 out of 5
(76 reviews)
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13d ago
Johnny is literally the best teacher. I been through a lot of paid trading discords but johnny is from a dif bred
Purchased The Unicorn Model - Free PDF Guide 24d ago
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19d ago
The value of the this group is unreal. Johnny simplifies everything so well and makes it so easy to understand. Would highly recommend if you want dial in your trading.
Purchased Private Discord Access (Limited Spots) 1 month ago
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20d ago
Been there for a couple of days and learned a lot it is legit all the luck Johnny
Purchased Telegram 21d ago
What's the difference between your free telegram and your private discord?
In the free telegram I will occasionally post things like trade ideas/recaps, weekly outlooks, education on certain concepts or models and just advice in general. The private discord is more for the serious trader that wants to find success quicker, I am personally more hands on with everyone who comes into the private discord because they are paying to be there, so they get my full attention and priority. I do a lot more in the private discord as well such as, live trading, trade reviews every night, interactive back testing sessions, daily outlooks, and much more.
When do you trade?
New York Am & Pm session, I usually send out my analysis an hour before market open in the morning and go live with the group 5-10 minutes before market open everyday.
What all do you trade?
Forex, Indices, & Crypto!
Will this group work if I trade options or futures?
Yes, the trades we look at and take will still work with options traders and futures traders.
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Top Floor Trading
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76 reviews

Showing you how to simplify day trading to become an independent trader.

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