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TradeCity | Premium Trading

(2 reviews)

The ultimate membership that allows you to access a premium indicator and wealth-building discord server, made to help you have an edge on the market.

TradeCity includes a plug-and-play trading indicator allowing any trader of any level to have an edge on the markets by providing tools such as Buy/Sell signals with Take Profit and Stop Loss.

TradeCity also includes access to a Premium discord role which contains access to communicate with professional traders, courses, mentoring and tutorials.

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TradeCity Algo

AI-Driven Signal Indicator
Advanced artificial intelligence provides you with predictive buy/sell signals for optimal trading.
1:1 Help from Coaches
1:1 Help from Coaches/Experts who have done well over 6-figures along your journey.
Learn How To Trade
3 courses made for every level and get access to top level trading professors!
Live Trading With Experts
Trade along with experts who know the market from back to front and enjoy success with them.
Cross-Asset Compatibility.
Our indicator works with trading any stock, cryptocurrency or forex! We also have classes for each of the assets listed.
What Our Indicator Includes:
Buy/Sell Signals | Auto TP/SL | Direction Table | Moving Avg. and Volatility Clouds | Support And Resistance | Breaks
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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16d ago
Pretty good, the indicator works and thats that
Purchased TradeCity | Premium Indicator and Role 16d ago
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16d ago
The indicator is amazing and so is the course; I'm finally funded and profitable!
Purchased TradeCity | Premium Indicator and Role 16d ago
What if I am a beginner?
There's no need to worry, our discord server has a classroom where the professors can assist you with all the basics and make you an advanced trader.
Does the indicator work for MetaTrader4/5?
No, our indicator is STRICTLY for TradingView only.
What if I am under 18 or live in a restricted region?
There is no need to worry as we have partnered with an exchange that has 0 restrictions and does not require KYC.
What If I don't Receive The Indicator?
Please create a support ticket on our discord - https://discord.gg/V9gEYkrTc7
What's Your refund policy?
We have a strict no refund policy as the product we sell has value and we would not like to give it away for free.
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Trading • General

2 reviews

We build solid traders with our premium indicator and discord server.

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