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Traders Worldwide Trading Community

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A revolutionary all-in-one community for profitable traders!

Introducing the Traders Worldwide Fundamental Trading Communtity, a revolutionary all-in-one platform for traders!

As a Premium Member you will gain access to everything you need in order to extract profits from the markets:

  • Daily Trade Signals Based on Fundamentals
  • Professional Trading Education PDF's
  • Daily Bank Reports straight from banks like JP Morgan Chase, ING, HSBC, and many more!
  • Weekly Macro/Fundamental Analysis for every major currency
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Technical Chart Breakdowns
  • and much more!

Every member gets access to our exclusive Prop Firm Passing Service, where we pass you evaluation with a 100% guarrantee!

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Professional Traders
Get access to the professional trades and analysts from traders with over 8 years of experience!
Fundamental Trading Signals
No time to do your own analysis? Don't worry! Our trader sends out daily profitable trades for you to copy and paste.
Weekly Fundamental Analysis
Skip all the hard Fundamental/Macro analysis: Every week you will get an easy-to-read Fundamental Drivers PDF.
Exclusive Bank Reports
We provide you with extremely exclusive Bank Reports that come straight from the big players like ING, Goldman, and more
Daily Market Briefing
Get updated every morning and evening on all events that will move the market, and where analysts are looking at.
Education (Beginner-Advanced)
Along our easy to read "Forex Basics PDF" you will get access to the professional insights from our seasoned trader.
24/7 Support
You'll get access to our amazing support, where no question is stupid or too much!
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16d ago
My experience with this site is great. Everything I learned I have learned from this community, with the help and guidance of this community I have accomplished to get a funding account for my trading. Would definitely recommend this mentorship to everyone looking to level up their trading knowledge!
Purchased Premium Community Access 20d ago
What type of trades will I receive in the Trading Signals chat?
Our trader has a professional background, and focusses on trades based on fundamental and macro-economic data. These are mostly intraday trades, but when the market provides a scalp opportunity we will always share it.
Who is this community for?
This community is for everyone that wants to: - Include Fundamental Analysis in their trading, but doesn't know how - Wants to generate profits from the market, but doesn't have the time to do so Or anyone who simply is just tired and done with the fake signal chats on Telegram, and wants to step up their game.
Why is it only 35$? Most Trading Communities are more expensive, and the things you share in here like Bank Reports are super hard to get access to.
We believe in authenticity. And we think that we have something here that will actually provide help for people, which for us, makes up a lot of the satisfaction.
What if I don't understand something?
Our trader will always try to help out anyone who asks for help, after all, helping traders advance to the next level is what we are here for!
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Traders Worldwide
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A revolutionary all-in-one Trading Community with fundamental analysis experts. We provide ready to use, easy to understand educational content, copy paste professional trading signals, very exclusive bank reports, and much much more!

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