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Traders Worldwide Trading Community

(12 reviews)

Get 1-1 access to a professional forex trader and join a community of like minded individuals

With an arsenal of tools and personalized guidance at your disposal, the path to trading excellence has never been more accessible.

Personalized 1 on 1 Professional Guidance πŸ‘¨

Embark on your trading journey with the invaluable support of a seasoned expert boasting over 8 years of experience. This tailored guidance ensures your strategy is sharpened and your decisions are informed, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Comprehensive Educational Courses (Advanced) πŸŽ“

Transform your understanding of the forex market with our detailed educational offerings. From beginner PDFs to an in-depth video course on Price Action Strategy, your knowledge base will expand, empowering you to navigate the markets with confidence.

Data-Backed Trading Signals πŸ’°

Time is money, and with our daily, profitable trading signals, you won’t need to spend time doing your own analysis. Receive expertly curated trades to copy and paste, making profitability and education just a few clicks away.

Guaranteed Path to Becoming Funded πŸš€

Every member gains access to our exclusive HFT passing service, promising a path to funding that’s 100% guaranteed. Fail the challenge? Receive your money back (1-time use), ensuring your journey to trading success is risk-free.

The Crypto Corner πŸ‘Ύ

Welcome to The Crypto Corner, where our crypto specialist unveils daily coin recommendations with potential for X5, X10, to X100 returns, focusing on exponential growth. Dive deep into the world of cryptocurrencies through expert insights and meticulously researched opportunities.

A Community of Ambitious Traders πŸ†

Join a vibrant, like-minded community where every member is dedicated to escaping the rat-race. Surround yourself with ambition, support, and shared wisdom, making your trading journey less lonely and far more exciting.

Daily Outlook Videos πŸŽ₯

Start each day informed with a video from our professional analyst. These daily briefings provide trade ideas, in-depth analysis, and answers to your questions, ensuring you're equipped to make the best trading decisions every day.

Exclusive Trading Tools πŸ“š

Elevate your trading with access to:

  • Insider Bank Reports
  • Weekly Macro Analysis PDF
  • A live news feed (Squawk)
  • Premium Chat Access

These tools offer a competitive edge, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions based on the latest, most relevant data.

24/7 Support πŸ•

Never hesitate with a question or concern, thanks to our round-the-clock support. Our team is here to ensure that no query is too small or complex, offering the reassurance that you're always backed by expert advice.

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Premium Trader

1 on 1 Professional Guidance
Get access to the help and analysis from a seasoned with over 8 years of experience!
Educational Courses (Advanced)
Gain access to beginner PDF's, as well as an in-depth video course that teaches you our Price Action Strategy!
Data-Backed Trading Signals
No time to do your own analysis? Don't worry! Our trader sends out daily profitable trades for you to copy and paste.
Become Funded! 100% Guaranteed
Every member gets access to our exclusive HFT passing service! (challenge failed = money back)(1-time use)
The Crypto Corner
Our crypto specialist shares daily coin recommendations for potential X5, X10, X100 coins! (Long term plays)
A Like-minded Community
Join our amazing community, where every individual is striving to leave the rat-race!
Daily Outlook Video's
A daily recorded video by a professional analyst to get trade idea's, in depth analysis, and Q&A's!
Exclusive Trading Tools
- Bank Reports - Weekly Macro Analysis PDF - Live News Feed (Squawk) - Access to the Premium Chat -
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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1 month ago
Joining Traders Worldwide Trading Community changed how I trade for the better. Stein’s one-on-one help, the trading tools and education have been amazing. Stein made professional trading easy to understand and always took the time to answer my questions. He explains how trading should be: Data-backed and treated like a business. The trading signals also taught me a lot. They weren’t just about telling me when to buy or sell. They explained why, which helped me learn and start making money on my own. This place is great for anyone who wants to get better at trading.
User avatar
1 month ago
Traders Worldwide is a game-changer in the trading industry. Their platform offers an amazing experience, with an extensive range of toolsand top-notch guidance from Stein. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, Traders Worldwide is the place-to-be for every individual looking for profits
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1 month ago
Can't say anything else but that i love it. The bank reports and macro outlook take away a lot of the fuss and stress in terms of the fundamental analysis. And actually can't believe that I got a challenge passed in under an hour lol. I am recommending this to al my mates thats for sure!
What type of trades will I receive in the Trading Signals chat?
Our trader has a professional background, and focusses on trades based on fundamental and macro-economic data. These are mostly intraday trades, but when the market provides a scalp opportunity we will always share it.
Who is this community for?
This community is for everyone that wants to: - Include Fundamental Analysis in their trading, but doesn't know how - Wants to generate profits from the market, but doesn't have the time to do so Or anyone who simply is just tired and done with the fake signal chats on Telegram, and wants to step up their game.
Why is it only 35$? Most Trading Communities are more expensive, and the things you share in here like Bank Reports are super hard to get access to.
We believe in authenticity. And we think that we have something here that will actually provide help for people, which for us, makes up a lot of the satisfaction.
What if I don't understand something?
Our trader will always try to help out anyone who asks for help, after all, helping traders advance to the next level is what we are here for!
About the seller
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Traders Worldwide
Trading β€’ Forex

12 reviews

A revolutionary all-in-one Trading Community with fundamental analysis experts. We provide ready to use, easy to understand educational content, copy paste professional trading signals, very exclusive bank reports, and much much more!

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