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TurntTony +EV Picks

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A community for Positive EV bettors 🏆📈

I've had success finding Positive EV lines and I want to spread the wealth to everyone else! My goal is to make you money just like I have over the last couple months!

I've made over 17k in profit since November 2023😤🏆✅ Get on the money train‼️

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100% Efficiency
With TurntTonyPicks, you will be alerted the exact Positive EV Bet to take. All you have to do is bet it!!
Long Term Profits
+EV isn't a get rich quick scheme, you must stick with it and will be profitable with every new month!!
Amazing Community
We have an amazing community here with members that are always willing to help at any given moment!
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(2 reviews)
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5 months ago
Whether you simply like to hear a phone notification of a vetted EV+ opportunity (sounds like cha ching to me) so you don't have to think or have questions and want to banter...this is the place for you. The proof is in pudding and he is transparent with his results every day. I highly recommend you follow. Give it a peek with a 7-day free trial. Can't hurt.
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5 months ago
It is possible to find your own EV picks, but don’t you want advice from a proven winner on what plays are the absolute best? Tony has a proven track record of winning and now he’s bringing that expertise to you. Sign up for that 7-day free trial and see the bankroll grow!
Is there a Free Trial?
Yes! When you sign up you will get a FREE 7 day trial
What Sportsbooks are supported?
I alert +EV bets for the following sportsbooks: FanDuel, DraftKings, Fliff & ESPN Bet
What do I need to do once I start my membership?
Simply wait for me to alert +EV plays and bet them on the correlated sportsbook. It's that easy!!
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TurntTony +EV Picks
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

2 reviews

I alert the +EV play, and you bet it ✅🔒 It's that simple‼️

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