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TutorUp - AI Homework & Exam Helper

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Instant scan any question using OCR AI and answer!

Solve Unlimited questions & unlock advanced features such as stealth mode, scanning the whole page, and uploading questions in PDF/Doc form

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TutorUp Premium

Photo Snip Questions
Like a photo snipping tool, this allows you to drag to scan a question using your cursor.
Operate stealth and avoid detection from bots or proctored test that have recordings or sensors.
Caterted Explanations
Provides a bespoke collection of materials tailored to your needs, a list of creative resources to expand knowledge
Scan & Display
Reads all of the questions on a particular page and then gives the answers to each of those questions.
Manual Mode
Manually type questions in the search box and get instant answers!
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(1 reviews)
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4 months ago
As a test, I used this for basic history questions on the internet and the extension worked quite well. In fact it gives detailed descriptions instead of one word answers which is really helpful! I have yet to try it on my college work, but look forward to try it on a few algebra questions. Seemingly hopeful 😄
What does the pro version offer?
The premium version offers unlimited scans, a more advanced algorithm, and the ability to scan an entire page of questions.
What is stealth mode?
Stealth is a more lucrative feature of the extension to avoid external bots or software that might detect the extension functionality. It is designed to provide users with a more inconspicuous way to scan and solve questions using the extension's AI. This AI enables accurate answers to be generated automatically once the user scans the question. When Stealth Mode is activated, users can initiate a scan by pressing the “Ctrl+Q” shortcut on Windows and “Command+Shift+2” on Mac. With this mode enabled, the scanning process becomes invisible, with no visible loading indicators.
How can I install TutorUp?
To install TutorUp, simply click the "Add to Chrome" button and install the extension. Link: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/tutorup-ai-homework-exam/fadapffollpaenabliikgkdllhennpdh
How does the TutorUp AI work?
Using OCR technology, we detect questions and then answer using custom fine tuned AI machine learning.
How to contact you guys?
To contact us, send your feedback and suggestions, send an email at hello@tutorup.ai We would love to hear from you and will respond to your emails and feedback as fast as possible.
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TutorUp - AI Homework & Exam Helper
Students • Chrome Extensions

1 review

Enhance your study routine with saved time, improved accuracy of answers, and explanations that expand your knowledge.

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