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Wise Trading Forex

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Traders help other traders achieve their financial freedom.

Join our WISE TRADING FOREX VIP ROOM and immerse in a dynamic Telegram community. Your membership grants you exclusive access to unique content Here's what we offer:

🔰25- Trade ideas per week

🔰 All FX pairs analysis

🔰 High success rate 75-80%

🔰Fundamental Analysis

🔰Technical Tips and Tricks

🔰Community Chat

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Wise Trading FX

1. in the Forex Community
We are a large group that shares the same visions.
All FX pairs analysis
Analysis of all Forex pairs with zones of interest ( 30 + )
20+ years in forex trading
Together, we have more than 20 years of experience in forex trading.
20+ Trading Signals per week
Our trades use pending orders; we send 90% in advance, allowing you to set up and wait for the trade calmly.
Pending orders ( Freedom )
Our trades use pending orders; we send 90% in advance, allowing you to set up and wait for the trade calmly.
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6 months ago
Great service, the charts they send are very user-friendly, and I can quickly navigate through them. They send almost all FX pairs and occasionally Gold and US500. Thanks to them, I successfully completed my FTMO challenge, so definitely 5 stars from me.
What types of trades do you execute?
Our trades are diverse, but we mainly focus on Intra Day trading occasionally combined with swing trades. In our group, you won't find scalp trades for sure. Our minimum stop loss tends to be -30 pips, but most commonly it is 50 pips.
What is your risk reward?
Our trades have a minimum 1:1 ratio, so our TP1 is always the same as SL. Of course, we also have TP2, which is variable – sometimes it's 1:1.5, and sometimes even 1:2. With each trade, we gradually reduce the position size, allowing the trade to run for as long as possible, so occasionally it reaches up to 1:8.
What is your success rate?
We primarily focus on the Weekly, Daily, and 4-hour time frames, concentrating on the strongest zones. As a result, our success rate over the past year has been between 75-80%.
How many trades do you send out per week?
We operate using pending orders, so we set a pending order and then simply wait. It's highly variable. At the beginning of the week, we send out analyses for approximately 15 FX pairs, where the area of interest with TP and SL, as well as the entry point, is always indicated. So, sometimes we may open up to 10 trades in a week, while other times only 5, and occasionally, no trades are opened. The market determines where the price will go, not us. That's what trading is all about.
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Wise Trading Forex
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We are Wise Trading forex with over 10 years of experience in trading. We will help you achieve financial freedom

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