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Zed Trading Accelerator

(7 reviews)

#1 ICT / SMC Accelerator - Fastest Way to Master Smart Money Concepts

Accelerate your Profitability and Mastery in the Markets using my Proven Profitable‎ Strategy - 1 Setup for Life.

🎯 1 Setup for Life - FULL COURSE

🔐 Premium Discord Community

🚨 24/7 Support

📈 Market Analysis 2 Times a Week

📊 Live Trading once a Week

❓ Live Q&A Every once a Month

📉 Weekly Forecast Every 2 Weeks

🔎 Full Detailed Trade Breakdowns

🎥 Continuous Video Updates

🎁 Exclusive ZTA Perks (Free Subscriptions, Discounts)

📚 Exclusive Detailed PDF Materials

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Online course

1 Setup for Life

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Premium Community

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Free Subscription + High Discount

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Video Calls

Video Calls

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1 Setup for Life - Full Course
Full Framework of 1 Setup for Life from the Most Basic Concept to the Full Execution Step by Step
Premium Discord Community
Gain access to our Premium Community, where like-minded Traders Converge to Discuss and Share Insights in Real Time
24/7 Support
You'll Get Answers for All Your Burning Questions Any Time of the Day
Live Trading Sessions
Engage in Real-Time Market Action Calling The Markets Before Happening
Daily Market Analysis
Stay Ahead of Market Movements Each Day Receiving Insights and Detailed Analysis for Potential Trading Opportunities
Full Trade Breakdowns
Understand the Logic and Analysis Behind Trades. Unlock the Secrets Behind Successful Trades with Our Trade Breakdowns
Weekly Forecast
Stay ahead of the Market Curve Delivering Comprehensive Insights into Upcoming Market Trends
Continuos Updated Videos
Enhance your Trading Skills with Our Continuously Updated Video Content, Providing You with the Latest Market Insights
Customer Q&A
Q: Can I pay with Paypal?
A: Yes. DM @zedtradingaccelerator on Instagram for details.
Asked on May 22, 2024
Q: What is the difference between the Silver and Gold?
A: Here are the differences: You'll have access to the Full Framework Course of "1 Setup for Life" for both Silver Gold. The major difference between the 2 is the frequency of live sessions. Gold provides more frequent interactions and exclusive contents. You'll also have direct 24/7 access to Trader Zed for personalized guidance. Both memberships offer valuable resources and support that will help you accelerate your profitability in the markets.
Asked on May 18, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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11d ago
The course has been amazing from ZTA and I’ve understood a lot more about ict concepts. I’m just now trying to understand and learn his 1 set up for life.
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14d ago
I have benefited immensely from Trader Zed's course. As a long-time fan of ICT, I believe he did a fantastic job cracking the SMM codes. However, Trader Zed has taken his teachings and presented them in such a simple and clear manner. I’m grateful I came across Trader Zed's Instagram ad or reel, which led me to Trader Zed's posts. It confirmed Trader Zed's legitimacy and expertise in market movements—and Trader Zed also does Futures which aligns with my trading products!
User avatar
16d ago
Trader Zed's "one setup for life" course is a total game-changer! It completely shifted my perspective on the market. His lessons and trade breakdowns made those tricky ICT concepts super easy to understand. If you're struggling with ICT, I highly recommend checking out his course. It's seriously awesome!
How long will I have receive my access after payment?
You will receive access to the Accelerator immediately after payment.
How long will I have access to the ZTA Course?
You'll have Lifetime access to all course materials, updates, and resources for as long as the course exists.
Is this beginner friendly?
The ZTA Accelerator is designed for traders of all levels, from beginner to experienced trader but still unprofitable.
What topics are covered in the ZTA Accelerator?
From the very basic concepts to the Full Complete Framework on how to execute the Strategy. It's a Full A to Z Course.
What Strategy or Concepts are used in the Mentorship?
The Proven Profitable Strategy are based on ICT / SMC Concepts. Purely based on Price Action.
About the seller
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Zed Trading Accelerator
Trading • Technical Analysis

7 reviews

Zed Trading Accelerator is an Exclusive Group Focusing on Mastering the Markets with only 1 Setup.

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