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ZWM Trading LLC

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Real Time Options Trade Alerts 📲

Empowering traders with expert guidance, actionable alerts, and a supportive community. Engage with and learn from world class traders in ZWM. Let’s maximize your profits together. 🤝

Includes daily options trade alerts, daily and weekly stock watchlists with daily preformance updates, and a complete beginners educational guide.

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ZWM Beginners Guide

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Silver Trader

Simplified Options Alerts
Take the guessing out of trading and let our analysts do the work with real time entry & exit options trade alerts.
Consistently Profitable
Consistency is a core value at ZWM. With daily trade alerts, there are endless opportunities to make money with ZWM.
Beginner to Expert Education
Included with your membership is free trading education. This comprehensive material will get you up to speed.
Around The Clock Support
24/7 customer support is provided to all ZWM clients. We are dedicated to developing our clients into full time traders!
Personalized Coaching
We offer coaching to all of our clients. We will cater to your specific needs and ensure you stay on a path to success!
Keeping It Simple
Avoid feeling overwhelmed by Discord with our simple server layout and guide, including one easy to follow chat channel.
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4.25 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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5 months ago
ZWM is as much about education as they are about trading. They teach how to trade, not just what to trade. Great group and support.
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5 months ago
Great community, analysts, and professional staff. Membership pays for itself!
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9 months ago
Zach is a trading mastermind. There is no reason to not be in the group.
Is it hard to start trading?
Becoming a consistently profitable trader is not an easy accomplishment. With ZWM, you will be provided all the educational material and hands on training needed to independently find high-quality trade setups both intraday and long-term.
Could this be too much to handle? I am unfamiliar with both Discord and trading.
Don’t worry, we’ve designed the discord to be organized, user-friendly, and informative. Our team will guide you through the trading process step by step, providing all the support you need. We have your best interest in mind and are dedicated to helping you succeed!
Why ZWM over other trading groups?
Our trading group stands out due to our commitment to simplifying complex market concepts for beginners. In addition to our personalized guidance and supportive community, we provide clear explanations of our trades and the latest market events, and ensure that even if you are new to trading, you’ll have the necessary knowledge and resources to consistently thrive in a constantly changing market environment.
How much capital do I need to start?
The amount of capital you need to start with can vary based on your trading goals and risk tolerance. We always encourage our clients to start with an amount they are comfortable with potentially losing while learning to become a skilled trader. Our team can provide more personalized guidance based on your objectives.
How can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by accessing the Whop Dashboard. You can also always reach out to a ZWM staff member for assistance. Be sure to leave an honest review of your experience in ZWM on our Whop page as well!
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ZWM Trading LLC
Trading • Investing

4 reviews

Based in Tampa, Florida. Established 2020. Founded by @z6ch. Join us today!

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