Amazon FBA is one of the most mature online business models, backed by one of the world’s largest companies. It was started in 2006 by Amazon, and entrepreneurs have been enjoying its fruits for almost 20 years.

Selling on Amazon gives you access to millions of Amazon shoppers buying everything from toothpaste to furniture. In this article we’re going to cover what Amazon FBA is, why you should take a course on it, how to choose a course, and the 10 best Amazon FBA courses, which are all available today on Whop.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. It’s when a seller (brand or store owner) buys products at wholesale prices and has them shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center. From there, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the product to the end customer.

You handle the product creation, sourcing, and manufacturing, and Amazon handles warehousing, packing, and shipping.

Amazon FBA is broken down into five simple steps:

  1. Set up an Amazon seller account
  2. Create a product listing on Amazon
  3. Prepare the products for shipment to Amazon
  4. Send those products to Amazon warehouses
  5. Start selling real products to real people and profit

In addition to Amazon handling the products, they also handle customer service for those buyers who purchase through Amazon (not your direct-to-consumer site). If you want to reap the rewards of an ecommerce business but don’t want to deal with headaches like refunds and returns, Amazon FBA gives you the opportunity to let the world’s biggest ecommerce company handle them for you.

While prices vary depending on the size and category of product, pricing is broken out between fulfillment and storage costs. Keep in mind that Amazon has been steadily increasing its fees in recent years, so Amazon FBA requires sellers to find high-margin products to be profitable.

Why Take an Amazon FBA Course?

Amazon FBA can be a great business, but it needs to be operated efficiently. There are thousands of experienced sellers and brands using FBA who have access to expertise, capital, and relationships that beginners may not have when they’re just starting out. Amazon FBA is competitive.

Not to mention, Amazon is a marketplace that is always shifting, so staying up to date with trends and updates is imperative to running a successful Amazon FBA business.

In Amazon’s ever-changing landscape, it gives you up-to-date expertise from massive brand owners.

With the rise of AI and other tools, sellers have become more advanced and quick to respond to market forces. You need to be prepared for anything. Here's what an Amazon FBA course can give you:

Latest Tips & Tricks

Taking an Amazon FBA course gives you easy access to the newest tactics and tools. Especially if taught by an experienced Amazon seller, an FBA course can be the difference between a profitable business and a money pit.

Most Amazon FBA courses also provide referrals to tax, legal, and sourcing professionals who work with sellers every step of the way to ensure they’re staying compliant and making as much money as possible.

One-on-One Mentorship

Amazon FBA courses and communities often come with the option for individual coaching. Take advantage of experts who can give you specific feedback on your store and operations.

Small investments when you’re getting started can pay big dividends in the long term, especially when you start scaling your Amazon FBA business to greater heights.

Community of Other Sellers

As with anything worth doing, you’ll run into hurdles and failures. Being able to rely upon students who are in the same stage as you will keep you motivated to keep going until you find success.

The Discord servers found on Whop have people at all stages of the Amazon FBA journey, so you’ll always be able to find someone to ask questions to or get feedback from.

💰The 10 Best Amazon FBA Courses in 2024

These courses will give you a leg up in your Amazon FBA journey.

1. 🏅Arbitrage Ops

arbitrage ops

Arbitrage Ops is one of the bestselling Amazon FBA courses on Whop. It’s positioned as a monthly membership that gives you a “starting-out” guide (great for complete beginners), templates, blueprints, and spreadsheets, access to a support team that does seven figures in revenue every year, a private network of professionals like CPAs and bookkeepers, and a one-time mentoring call for individual guidance.

Not to mention over 70 hours of videos and in-house software tools. The volume and depth of information found in Arbitrage Ops is second to none, and every question you have about Amazon FBA will be answered either in the materials or through the coaching support staff.

Best for: Anyone who has never ventured into Amazon FBA before and wants to set up their first store, or those looking to scale their Amazon FBA business to higher revenue numbers.

Pricing: $99.99 per month

👉 Get access to Arbitrage Ops

2. The Hustle Club

hustle club

The Hustle Club offers its “Full Amazon Arbitrage Training” course as well as a great community for those looking to get set up on Amazon FBA and conduct product research that’ll help you find winning arbitrage opportunities. It has a small community of six-figure sellers, so you won’t be intimidated by the biggest sellers on Amazon watching your every move, but rather have access to people who were in your same exact place fairly recently.

This membership also offers weekly group calls and one-on-one calls to discuss specific topics regarding Amazon FBA. Keep in mind, The Hustle Club recommends that you have at least $1,000 to invest to get started with selling on Amazon.

Best for: Anyone who has a bit of capital to get started and wants to learn alongside like-minded peers when building an Amazon FBA business..

Pricing: £60.00 per month or £600.00 per year.

👉 Get access to The Hustle Club

3. Prime Prophets

prime profits

Prime Prophets is designed for those looking to finally achieve financial freedom, and who want to do it through Amazon FBA or FBM (fulfillment by merchant, where you simply sell on Amazon but handle shipping). It’s not a standalone course, but rather a Discord community.

The group gets access to daily vetted FBA leads, weekly group calls, and private coaching. Prime Prophets specializes in getting sellers “ungated” in certain categories. (“Gated” on Amazon simply means that you’re not able to sell certain products until criteria is met.) This approach will give you the ability to increase your market potential by widening the number of opportunities you have to sell in. Members also will receive custom in-house monitors to track product performance for insight into winning categories, which means more profit for you.

Best for: People who already have a baseline level of knowledge on the details of setting up an Amazon FBA store, but want more support in the form of coaching versus course curriculum.

Pricing: Free one-day access or $59.99 per month

👉 Get access to Prime Prophets

4. The FBA Roadmap

fba roadmpa

The FBA Roadmap is dubbed as the “Complete Guide to Amazon FBA.” There are three course levels available: The FBA Roadmap, The FBA Roadmap + Flips From the Vault, and The FBA Roadmap + Flips From the Vault + VA Guide. Each higher tier gives you additional information and all of them include Discord community access.

The course is a step-by-step guide that covers systems to source products, prepare them for Amazon, ship them, and ultimately, sell them through Amazon FBA. You’ll learn how to properly set up an Amazon account, un-gate categories to give yourself an advantage, and how to use software and capital sources to scale your business. All of these methods are taught in a way to help you build systems that will save you time and energy.

Best for: Learning the basics of FBA Roadmap and how to scale them with technology and human resources.

Pricing: $497 one-time fee for The FBA Roadmap, $527 one-time fee for The FBA Roadmap + Flips from the Value, and $597.00 one-time fee for The FBA Roadmap + Flips From the Vault + VA Guide

👉 Get access to The FBA Roadmap

5. The Buy Box

the buy box

The Buy Box is one of the more established Amazon FBA groups. Founded in 2019, they’ve helped over 3,000 people join Amazon and scale successful businesses. The membership covers everything from its Beginner Amazon FBA Course to referrals to discounted LLC formation, lead lists, and even in-house banking and insurance agents!

You’ll also be able to engage in niche chats for specific categories you’re interested in, be on calls for topics like sourcing and wholesaling, and hear from guest speakers on the best ways to find success with Amazon.

Best for: Those looking for long-term guidance from experienced Amazon sellers, and are willing to invest in that knowledge.

Pricing: $149.00 per month or $380.00 for three months

👉 Get access to The Buy Box

6. LiveCops

LiveCops is unique in that it has Amazon FBA materials, but also, a curriculum on reselling concert tickets and sneakers. It’s geared towards to U.K., so keep this in mind if you live in other countries.

LiveCops has an online course with reselling guides and a Discord server with expert resellers. You’ll have access to next-level software like Amazon Bots and Stock Checkers as well as all the information you need in the areas of Amazon FBA, Ticket Reselling, and Sneaker Reselling. At £49.99 per month, LiveCops is a great place to start if you’re not 100% sure of the online business you want to start.

Best for: Those living in the U.K. who want to receive country-specific business information.

Pricing: £49.99 per month or £499.99 per year

👉 Get access to LiveCops

7. Seller Central Boys

seller central

Seller Central Boys is a community (no course) of TikTok creators that helps over 1,000 Amazon sellers with their arbitrage businesses. You’ll get a large library of guides, hands-on support, weekly (if not daily) Discord calls, and high-quality lead lists.

Seller Central Boys will also assist you in getting approval to start selling name brands such as Nike, PRIME, and Doritos. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that wants you to win as much as Seller Central Boys.

Best for: If you don’t want to go through hours of course content, but rather get instant support for your lingering questions.

Pricing: $99.99 per month plus $400 initiation fee.

👉 Get access to Seller Central Boys

8. Ace Arbitrage


Ace Arbitrage is another U.K.-based Amazon FBA community. They’ll teach you how to get started with simple guidance, daily leads, and necessary stock checkers. Once you’re up and running you can also get custom support through chats and expert calls.

It has an advanced Amazon-to-Amazon monitor for high-quality deals and a retail arbitrage team that’s keeping track of national daily leads. Two different memberships, Basic and Pro, have differing levels of Discord access.

Best for: Amazon FBA-focused individuals in the U.K. market.

Pricing: £30.00 per month for Basic Membership and £50.00 per month for Pro Membership.

👉 Get access to Ace Arbitrage

9. Jyles FBA

jyles fba

Jyles FBA is a free Discord community with a one daily FBA lead, 24/7 support, and bonuses like deals and giveaways. If you’re interested in Amazon FBA, but not ready to spend any money, this membership is for you.

The Jyles FBA Premium access has over 1,000 manually-sourced leads per month, live calls, in-depth guides, and even information on eBay and retail arbitrage flips. Jyles FBA covers Amazon FBA — and more!

Best for: Anyone who wants to tip their toes in Amazon FBA without investing any capital.

Pricing: Free for Jyles FBA and $75.00 per month for Jyles FBA Premium.

👉 Get access to Jyles FBA

10. FBA Secrets

fba secrest

FBA Secrets is one of the most comprehensive courses available today. Anyone can get free access to its Discord and online guides. The Discord has over 5,000 fellow sellers and includes weekly coaching sessions, 24/7 support, software discounts, tax advice, and more.

If you’re not set on starting an Amazon FBA business, you can also find content on selling with Walmart as well. Higher tiers such as the Scaling Program and Mastermind Server give more in-depth information and opportunities to do Zoom and voice calls with the creator Tona.

Best for: A wide range of people from beginners to scalers who want to learn the most detailed secrets available online.

Pricing: Free Discord and guides access, $59.99 per month for FBA Secrets Elite Plan, $397.00 for FBA Scaling Program, $99.99 per month for FBA Secrets Elite Leads, and $1,997.00 for TonaFBA Mastermind Server

👉 Get access to FBA Secrets

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Course

There are dozens of Amazon FBA courses on Whop. Finding the right one can seem like a big challenge all on its own.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a course:

Your Personal Goals📋

Do you want to build a massive Amazon FBA business, or just want a nice side hustle for extra monthly income? Understanding where you want to be will help you choose the right course.

Look at the course description to know who it’s designed for and what size of business the information is tailored to. For instance, Arbitrage Ops is geared towards those looking to become seven-figure operators while LiveCops has content for multiple business types.

What’s Included in the Price💰 

Some options will just have a standalone course, while others will give full access to a community and support. Consider your budget and the value you’ll get from the course to stretch your hard-earned money into an investment that will generate big returns for you.

If you’re a beginner, it may be best to watch a few YouTube videos and join a free community like Jyles FBA before joining a higher-ticket paid community.

Expertise & Coaching🧑‍🏫

If you want to get specific guidance and access to coaches, look for courses that offer that. Communities that work in Discord are great for easy access to experts that’ll diagnose issues with your store and selling strategy.

One-on-one sessions can also be great for one-off questions that aren’t covered in the standard course or PDF guides.

Build Your Amazon FBA Business Today

amazon fba

If you’re looking to get started with an Amazon FBA business, Whop is the place to start. We have dozens of courses on Amazon FBA and other ecommerce businesses that’ll teach you how to go from A to Z, and eventually scale to millions of dollars in revenue. Find your community on Whop today!

Amazon FBA FAQs

Which Course is Best for Amazon FBA?

At Whop, we have plenty of bestselling Amazon FBA courses. Our top recommendation is Arbitrage Ops because of its downloadable resources, templates, and Discord community.

People who have taken the course highly recommend it for anyone just starting out or looking to scale their existing Amazon FBA business.

Can You Make $10,000 A Month on Amazon FBA?

Certainly. Of course, it’s not as simple as just signing up for an account and making thousands of dollars instantly. But, with the right knowledge, coaching, and execution, Amazon FBA is a great way to make $10,000 a month or more.

Is Amazon FBA Really Profitable?

Yes, Amazon FBA can be a super profitable business when the economics make sense. Take into account your pricing and Amazon’s fees to build a sustainable and profitable business.

What's the Difference Between Amazon FBA and Dropshipping?

With Amazon FBA, the seller creates the product and gets it top an Amazon distribution center, and Amazon handles the rest. With dropshipping, the seller never handles the product and is responsible only for driving traffic to their store and interacting with customers. Read Amazon FBA vs Dropshipping for more information.