Most sports fans love active and vibrant sports betting Discord servers or Telegram channels, where they can chat about their favorite sports with other members. However, some people just want a place to get their daily picks without any bells and whistles.

And that’s exactly what CodyCoversSpreads offers – a Telegram community for sports picks in all major American leagues.

Cody has been betting professionally and growing his community for years. His thorough research and betting approach have netted him significant profits, so he wants to help every member of his community grow their bankroll and improve their game.

The best part is, CodyCoversSpreads has recently joined the Whop marketplace, and you can subscribe to one of his membership packages today. Keep reading our extensive review to see what the community offers and decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Who is Cody?

cody covers spreads

So you might be wondering who Cody is and whether you should trust him for your plays. Being a lifelong sports fan and bettor, he wanted to make money from his favorite hobby. So, he decided to go pro and has been a capper for 5+ years.

Cody wanted to share his tips and picks with the public, so he created the CodyCoversSpreads Telegram channel. The community has grown significantly over the years, partially thanks to Cody’s presence on social media.

He has a very active Instagram page with 4.5+ million followers, where he posts his winning slips and payouts. Cody's win percentage currently sits at an impressive 76%! He also likes to showcase his luxurious lifestyle, which he has achieved by betting huge amounts on his own plays.

High-Value Single Bets on All Sports

Depending on the membership package you bought, you’ll unlock certain Telegram channels where you can find Cody’s picks. As soon as you join each one, you’ll see a simple list of posts with plays for each day, including their category or confidence level. 

Cody also recommends a few specific sports betting apps that he believes work great for most picks, which you can find as a pinned comment on the top of each channel.

cody covers spreads telegram

Cody advises new players to start with his Max Bet package, which contains his highest-confidence picks for the day. These can range from moneyline bets to over/under bets and spreads. Cody covers every major American league, as well as college football and college basketball, so you’ll get plenty of variety in your daily picks.

As you can see, Cody doesn’t really go into too much detail behind his research and analysis for each play. However, you can often find more in-depth explanations about each play on his Instagram page. Every play does come with a suggestion for unit sizing to ensure maximum profitability if it hits.

You’ll also notice that none of the channels give you access to chat with Cody or other members. That’s great if you’re not a fan of bustling chat rooms where members keep spamming messages and comments. It also helps Cody keep things organized since he runs the community independently, and he’s always available through his Instagram page to answer any questions.

Big Baller Plays and Parlays

cody parlay bets

If your bankroll can afford several large bets every day, Cody recommends you get his Big Baller package. This includes his favorite plays among different sports on a particular day. Depending on the action, you can expect 4-10 slips every day in the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. 

Each pick is thoroughly researched and has a better chance of hitting than its odds show. This allows Cody and the group to have the maximum chance of maintaining long-term profitability. You usually don’t need to hit every play to make a profit on a single day, and it’s unlikely that you will miss every single pick. Even if you do, the edge is there, so you have a good shot at making it back in the future.

codbycoversspreads telegarm

Cody is also a big fan of parlays and places a few of them every day. He likes to mix his Baller plays into two-leg parlay slips so he can win big if both his singles picks hit. He even places a large parlay with all his bets for the day, which is highly unlikely to hit but will lead to huge profits if it does.

What You Get With CodyCoversSpreads

Cody offers a no-frills experience with a few key features to ensure all members can profit from his plays.

  • Daily picks from a true expert
    Find multiple slips every day from a professional capper with 5+ years of experience
  • Different bet types
    Choose from several different bet types, including single main market plays and parlays in a variety of sports
  • Private group with one-on-one support
    Join a private Telegram group with thousands of members and 24/7 support from Cody himself

Pick the Right Plan for You

codycoversspreads packages

Cody understands the importance of finding the perfect package for your needs, so he offers different membership packages and several payment plans. You can get either his Big Baller or Parlay package for $99.99 a day or $499.99 a month. There are also plans for three-day, weekly, quarterly, six-month, and yearly access that go up to $1,749.99

The Max Bet package is slightly more affordable at $429.99 a month but still maintains the $99.99 price tag for daily access. It also features the same payment frequency options, with the annual package costing $1,499.99.

If you want access to all of Cody’s daily plays, you can get the VIP All Access package for $199.99 a day, $749.99 a month, or $1,999.99 a year. Or, if you have a large bankroll and want lifetime access to the CodyCoversSpreads community, you can buy the Lifetime All Access Special for $9,999.99.

CodyCoversSpreads – Join Cody and Start Beating the Bookies!

It should be evident by now that CodyCoversSpreads isn’t just your typical sports betting Telegram channel. Cody has put in a lot of effort to create a streamlined experience for those who just want reliable daily plays from a successful capper with years of experience.

It’s true that his packages are on the pricier side, but they aren’t meant for the everyday low-bankroll player. Cody targets ambitious sports fans and bettors who want to improve their game and have a large bankroll available to follow his betting strategies.

If you’re ready to start beating the bookies today, join CodyCoversSpreads on Whop. The community has already grown to huge numbers, and its addition to the Whop marketplace will attract even more aspiring bettors who want to reach the top—just like you!