Professional bettors (also known as “cappers”) create sports pick communities that fall under two main categories.

On one hand, there are sports betting Discord servers that focus on the social aspect and gather thousands of members who actively discuss their favorite plays.

Then, there are sports picks Telegram groups, which often feel like a private messaging group where you receive picks and betting advice. With more entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts venturing into professional sports betting, Telegram channels are gaining traction thanks to their simplicity and superior privacy.

If you value these traits and don’t mind the lack of public chatting with other members, a sports Telegram channel might be your best option. So, which of the hundreds out there should you choose?

Keep reading to find out which are the top sports picks Telegram channels on Whop, why you should join one, and how you can find the perfect group for your needs.

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Why You Should Join a Sports Picks Telegram Group


Let’s first talk about why you should consider joining a sports picks community and why you may want to look at Telegram groups instead of Discord servers.

The number one reason for any aspiring bettor to join a sports picks group is to improve their game. If you’re a complete beginner, you can find sports picks communities with comprehensive guides for novices explaining all key concepts, like different types of odds, betting strategies, and tips for bankroll management.

Then, there’s the aspect of actively learning from the pros. Sports betting communities are run by professional cappers who are capable of finding high-value plays on a daily basis. Therefore, just by tailing their picks, you have a better shot at becoming profitable. 

You’ll also find their picks are often paired with in-depth analyses of their thought process, as well as all the stats, data, and factors they considered when choosing a particular play. This invaluable information has taken them years to comprehend and perfect. And don’t forget all the helpful insights that only come from experience and exposure to the sports betting market.

In terms of Telegram vs. Discord, things are pretty simple.

  • If you want a feature-rich experience and a large community of active members you can chat with about any topic, choose a Discord community.
  • If you value a simple-to-use platform with increased privacy and security and don’t mind just getting your sports picks without any bells or whistles, go for a Telegram group.

Of course, there are sports picks Telegram communities with chatting channels for members to talk to each other, but they are rare. Also, keep in mind that some of the most popular sports cappers prefer the simplicity of just having a place to share their picks without the need to moderate them heavily. That’s why they often create Telegram groups instead of Discord servers.

🏆 The Best Sports Betting Telegram Communities

Now that you understand the basics of how sports Telegram groups work, here are some of the top options you can find on the Whop marketplace.

🏅 #1 Mazi Picks

mazi picks

Let’s start with Mazi Picks. Yes, we are talking about the famous MaziVS and the new sports picks community he created to bring his knowledge and expert picks to the public. You may have seen him in videos about his lifestyle or his exorbitant seven-figure bets on his own picks. 

That’s how you know he puts a ton of effort into coming up with the best plays – there’s only so many times you can lose a six or seven-figure bet before you go broke. And you can find all these daily plays on his exclusive Telegram channel.

Mazi focuses on American sports, like the NFL, NBA, and MLB, and researches all matches every day to find high-value plays. He uses a lot of stats and data, as well as his insights and experience from being a professional capper since 2015.

Pricing: Mazi offers several different memberships and pricing plans. You can choose between his standard VIP Plays or his Exclusive Plays of the Day, which have a higher confidence rating. Daily access to the VIP Plays costs $200, while the Exclusive Play costs $1,500, or you can get both for $1,600.

You can also save a lot by opting for five-day packages of the VIP Plays for $600, the Exclusive Play for $5,000, or both for $5,500. There’s also a monthly package of Exclusive Plays for $15,000 as well as a free Telegram so you can check out more about Mazi and get the occasional free play.

Check out Mazi Pick’s page here, or read our in-depth review here.

#2 Sean Perry Wins

sean perry wins

From the notorious MaziVS, we move on to Sean Perry, a famous poker player turned professional capper, and his community, Sean Perry Wins. After a very successful career in poker that saw him earn over $7 million in tournament winnings, Sean Perry switched to sports betting, which was always his passion.

He hired the best analysts to help him research every play and find the ones with the best edge. The team at Sean Perry Wins covers a bunch of sports and leagues, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and UFC, among others.

They provide daily picks on whatever game is available and offer several different bet types. Sean mostly relies on single bets in the main markets or player props, as he knows these bet types have the highest edge and value in the long run. However, he’ll provide the occasional parlay bet with massive odds from time to time.

Pricing: Sean Perry offers a few different pricing plans to fit all members’ preferences. Complete access to his plays for three days will set you back $249. There’s also a weekly package for $399, a biweekly package for $699, and a monthly package for $1,299. You can also get the annual package for $4,999, which gives you priority access to all plays to ensure you get the best lines and odds possible.

There’s also the Best Bet package, which costs $149 for three days and includes the one play Sean and his team believe has the highest edge every day. You can also get the Best Bet for $299 a week, $549 for two weeks, or $999 per month. Sean even offers seasonal packages for different leagues and a free channel with daily advice and sneak peeks into his plays.

Find out more about Sean Perry Wins here, or check out our review here.

#3 GOAT Sports Bets

GOAT sports

What could possibly follow up two world-famous sports cappers and their communities? A group of true sports betting GOATs. GOAT Sports Bets was formed by avid sports bettor Victor Madu, who wanted to create a strong group of cappers capable of providing insightful plays on all sports.

He found several experts with years of experience and specialization in specific sports and leagues and built his Telegram community with thousands of members. The group puts out daily picks on popular American leagues, like the NBA, NFL, and MLB, as well as other sports, including Tennis, Boxing, and UFC.

They mostly rely on single main market bets, like moneyline picks, spreads, and over/under bets, but also provide safety and hail-mary parlays for those interested in this bet type. 

Every pick comes with an in-depth analysis explaining the logic behind it, as well as the stats and numbers that make it good value. This way, the team ensures that every member understands how they come up with high-value plays instead of blindly tailing them.

Pricing: If you want to join the GOATs, you’ll need to pay a $100 monthly subscription. There are also plans for two-week access at $50, three-month access for $180, yearly access for $600, and lifetime access for $1,500. 

The group also offers an in-depth guide with bankroll management techniques and tips on how to manage your psychology and ensure you keep a level head at all times. This will set you back $30, but it’s a great investment to help you understand some fundamental sports betting concepts.

Learn more about GOAT Sports Bets here, or read our in-depth review here.



Sithlord Chamba is the nickname of Salvador Meza, a young entrepreneur who recently decided to venture into professional sports consulting. In addition to his passion for cars, rap music, and watches, as well as his expertise in real estate, Salvador has always been a fan of sports betting. 

That’s why he founded the SITHLORDCHAMBA community on Telegram to help new bettors get the highest-value plays possible. Salvador is known for placing six-figure bets on all his plays, which shows his confidence in them. His motto is to “make the bookies pay” by finding high-edge picks on a bunch of different sports, including all major American leagues.

His Telegram channel has already gathered thousands of members looking for insightful plays from a true expert in the market. He also employs a support team available around the clock to help members with any questions or issues they may have.

Pricing: Sithlord Chamba offers a free Telegram channel, where you can get some free picks, results, and advice on sports betting, as well as paid packages. You can get his parlay packages for $19.99 a week or $49.99 a month, which gives you 5+ parlay bets every week. 

There’s also the Max Bet package for $99 a day or $599 a month, where Salvador offers 2-5 of his highest-confidence plays every week. The group also has special bundles for specific sports or events, such as the MLB package for $1,899, the NBA Playoffs package for $399, or the NHL Playoffs package for $249.

Finally, you can get the Baller Package, which grants you access to all of Sithlordchamba’s picks across all sports and leagues and will cost you $1,199 a month, $3,700 a year, or $6,499 for five years.

Check out Sithlordchamba here or read our review here

#5 Trust My System

trust my system

If there’s one thing Trust My System is known for, it is its transparency. Throughout its 7+ years of operation, this sports picks Telegram channel has tracked and presented 100% of its results, including all its profits and losses. They believe it’s essential for all members to know exactly how the team is performing, and they’re confident in their ability to maintain great win rates.

All of this is evident by the 20K+ members on the TMS Telegram group, as well as their 400+ five-star reviews on Whop. These guys are no joke, and they want to make sure all their members are satisfied and have the best chance at making long-term profits.

The team at Trust My System provides thoroughly researched daily plays on several sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and college sports. They have a unique system for finding the best-value plays possible, and they share them in time to ensure they beat odds and line movements.

They also have an aggressive bankroll management system that allows them to utilize their great results and accuracy while also ensuring they don’t lose too much during bad streaks.

Pricing: The Trust My System Telegram channel is free to enter and comes with a bunch of free picks for all members. The group also offers premium picks, which you can find on their dedicated iOS app.

The daily picks card costs $49.99 and includes the Play of the Day, which is their most confident pick. You can also purchase the All-Inclusive package for $99 a week, which features all plays, including the Play of the Day and Play of the Week.

Find out more about how Trust My System operates here.

#6 The Sweepers

the sweepers

The Sweepers is the passion project of two aspiring sports cappers HoodRich and BDunk. Both of them have been in the game for many years, so they decided to merge their followings and create the ultimate sports picks Telegram group to beat the books.

BDunk and HoodRich specialize in a bunch of different sports, including all major American leagues and soccer. They’ve also expanded their team to include other famous cappers, including Sham, their WNBA specialist.

Their group focuses on high-value single bets, like money lines, spreads, and player props. But, they will also employ other betting strategies, like parlay bets and same game parlays to create slips with higher odds.

What makes The Sweepers stand out is that it’s one of the few Telegram groups that have an active chatting channel. Subscribers get a dedicated space to talk about anything they want and even provide their own slips for anyone to tail.

Pricing: The Sweepers offers both free entry to their Telegram channel as well as a paid service. The sole monthly membership costs $34.99 and comes with all of the group’s picks and betting advice. 

You can also pay $19.99 on a bi-weekly basis or $89.99 on a quarterly basis. If you want to commit to the group, the annual pass costs $299.99, which effectively means you pay for less than 10 months.

Learn more about The Sweepers here or check out our review here.


the vegas ninja

There are very few sports cappers out there who have the experience that Vegas Ninja has. He’s been in the game for over 20 years, which has given him invaluable experience and insights into how Vegas sports betting apps operate.

That’s why he created The Vegas Ninja, a sports picks Telegram group that aims to provide all the picks and insights Vegas doesn’t want you to know. Vegas Ninja covers all major sports, with the NFL being his primary specialization.

He’s known for his unconventional plays, which include singles and two-leg parlays with picks that seem to go against trends. However, he argues that sometimes, it’s the “ugly” picks that have the most value.

What’s great, especially for newcomers, is he extensively explains his strategies and the philosophy behind every pick. He talks about patterns he’s recognized over the years and tries to “fade the public” when he sees increased action on a specific play.

Vegas Ninja employs a slightly aggressive bankroll management technique. He wagers 5% of his total bankroll on every play. Some may go up to 6% or 7%, but no more than that since he knows the importance of maintaining a standard betting size for long-term profitability.

Pricing: The Vegas Ninja maintains a free Telegram channel with 10K+ members, where he provides occasional free plays. He also has his premium plays, which you’ll need to pay to unlock.

The monthly membership costs $87, a reasonable amount considering his vast knowledge and betting experience. You can also pay $175 for three-month access, which essentially gets you a month for free.

Slash the books with The Vegas Ninja here, and don’t forget to read our in-depth review here.

#8 I Sell Winners

i sell winners

Another very experienced sports picks Telegram channel is I Sell Winners. The group was founded over a decade ago by avid sports bettor Ronnie, who wanted to create the ultimate hub for sports fans and expert bettors. He gathered the best Vegas cappers with a combined 30+ years of experience and built one of the strongest and most active communities.

I Sell Winners values transparency in their plays. All their bets are extensively tracked, and they even boast the highest number of confirmed betting tickets in the industry. That’s because every member of the group bets large amounts on each of their plays, which shows how confident they are in them.

At ISW, you’ll only find a few high-value plays every day, as the group prefers quality over quantity. Depending on the time of year and action, you’ll get a few plays on money lines, spreads, or player props on all major leagues, including the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The group mostly relies on single bets, but they also put out long-shot parlays from time to time.

Pricing: I Sell Winners offers a paid service for their VIP plays, and a free Telegram channel where you can find announcements, exclusive offers and a few free plays. Their monthly VIP package costs $399, which is on the pricey side but includes all plays from the group’s expert cappers. 

You can also get daily access for $59 or weekly access for $199. There’s even an annual membership for $4,500 if you want to secure your spot in the group for a whole year. ISW recently launched their Weekend package for $111, which also includes their Exclusive Play for the week.

Learn more about I Sell Winners here, or check out our review here.

#9 High Limit Sports

high limit sports

We mentioned that sports Telegram groups usually only contain picks with some explanations and betting advice and little to no chatting. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth for High Limit Sports. This Telegram community was founded by four close friends from Illinois who have been betting and bantering with each other for years.

When Chris, Dan, Gianni, and Shawn created their first public channel, “Illinois Degens”, they could never have imagined the success and traction it would gain. Soon, they formed an online Telegram community where members could follow their expert sports picks and enjoy their daily escapades.

The team covers a vast selection of American-based and International sports and provides several types of picks depending on where they find the most value. They’ve also recently recruited veteran capper Changles to work within the community and help members build long-term bankrolls.

The community aspect is very strong at High Limit Sports since members can chat about any sport they want in dedicated channels and provide their own plays.

Pricing: High Limit Sports' pricing is simple since you can access all picks from the four admins with a single membership. The cost is $100 a month, which is reasonable for the experience, value, and entertainment you get. You can also save some money by opting for the six-month package for $399.

If you’re interested in joining Changles on his bankroll-building quest, you can do so for just $15 a week. For that amount, you’ll get several daily plays on all major leagues, all of which are thoroughly tracked to ensure transparency.

Find out how High Limit Sports operates here, and read our review of the community here.

#10 MoneyMillsLocks


And now for an unusual Telegram community focused on golf of all sports. Chris “MoneyMills” has been betting professionally on golf for several years and has been a fan of the sport for even longer. He launched his own sports betting Telegram group and went viral for his longshot winner picks on a few golf tournaments. 

This rise in popularity gained a lot of traction for MoneyMillsLocks, which now has 1K+ members and more than 50 five-star reviews on Whop. That’s really impressive, considering it’s one of the few golf-only communities that’s only been around for just a few months.

Chris wants all members of his community to profit with him. That’s why he puts in a ton of effort and research behind every single play. He focuses on single bets with high value but also provides a few occasional parlays. Additionally, he offers his daily “hammer”, which is the pick with the highest confidence that also warrants a slightly larger bet size.

Apart from pre-game golf picks, MoneyMills also provides live feedback and in-play bet ideas while the games are going on. He even has experience in other major leagues, so you may find him giving out plays on other sports if there’s little to no golf action.

Pricing: MoneyMillsLocks comes with a Free Picks service and a VIP paid service. The free Telegram channel comes with a single free pick every day, while the VIP package includes all of Chris’ plays, as well as betting advice and live support.

The weekly VIP bundle costs $99, while the monthly package comes out to $250. You can also pay $625 for a three-month membership or $1,500 for six months of access.

Check out MoneyMillsLocks here, or read our detailed review here.

How to Choose the Perfect Community for You

With so many excellent Telegram groups to choose from, you need to prioritize which aspects are most important to you. Here are a few factors to help you find the ideal group for your betting needs.

Price Point

As you probably saw from our list, Telegram groups come at vastly different price points. You have communities asking for less than $50 a month, while others demand thousands of dollars for access to all their VIP plays every month. Therefore, you need to decide how much you’re willing to spend, which will determine the “tier” of community you get.

Of course every community is excellent in its own way, but their price points are usually adjusted to reflect their status, years of experience, or target audience. For example, a community with a lower membership targets bettors with smaller bankrolls and unit sizes. In contrast, the most expensive groups are made for “whales” with six or seven-figure bankrolls.

So, don’t feel pressured into choosing the most expensive group. It all should depend on how much your bankroll is, how much value you see in each community, and what it’ll take to make your subscription money back.

Number of Cappers

Another key difference among top sports picks Telegram groups is the number of cappers they have. There are a bunch of communities solely run by one person, who takes care of all picks, the Telegram channel, and supports members. Other groups have analysts or customer support teams running in the background to ensure a better workflow and a more organized community.

You can also find Telegram communities with many different channels and numerous cappers. Some may even have dedicated member channels to discuss with others or provide your own plays. The choice basically comes down to your preference and whether you want a variety of cappers to choose from or just want to follow a single capper.

Sports Coverage

Even if most communities cover the majority of popular American leagues, you still need to make sure they have all the sports you want. For example, if you’re a basketball fan, you may want coverage of the Euroleague or the CBA in addition to the NBA and WNBA. Or, as a soccer fan, you’ll definitely want access to the top international leagues and competitions and the MLS.

You can usually find all the information you want about each group’s sports coverage from their page on the Whop marketplace. Alternatively, you can usually join their free Telegram channel and check out how they operate in detail. And you can always message one of the admins to ask any questions you want.

Find your Next Sports Picks Home with the Best Sports Betting Telegram Channels

By now, it should be obvious that Whop is home to a bunch of top-tier sports Telegram groups, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one for yourself. In fact, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one – you can always subscribe to multiple communities for different purposes.

For instance, you may want to join a Telegram channel that specializes in NBA player props and another group for a less popular sport like golf. In both cases, you’ll gain access to the best professional cappers in the industry, who put in a ton of effort every single day to help their members succeed.

Whatever you choose, make sure to check out the vast selection of sports picks Telegram channels on the Whop marketplace. Take advantage of our filtering system to find the ideal community for your needs and connect with thousands of aspiring bettors like you today!