When it comes to online sports picks communities there are a ton of options - from top sports betting Discord servers to successful sports Telegram channels. However, very few communities boast the success and fame of Mazi Picks.

The founder of Mazi Picks, MaziVS, has been a very successful Vegas bettor and has even become notorious for betting huge amounts on his own plays. Thousands of community members trust him for his expert insights on all major American leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and college basketball.

If you want a taste of what Mazi Picks has to offer, keep reading our in-depth review. We’ll dive into the group’s Telegram channel and analyze what you can get with each membership package.

Who is MaziVS?

Before we jump into dissecting the Telegram group, let’s find out who the founder of Mazi Picks actually is. MaziVS has been an active capper since 2015 and has been betting all his life. He focuses on American sports like football, basketball, and baseball, and has developed a unique research method to find high-value plays.

What makes him stand out are the six or even seven-figure bets he places on his own picks. He’s become infamous on social media, where he shows his lavish lifestyle and massive wins, with his Instagram account boasting more than two million followers.

He recently launched the Mazi Picks Telegram channel to share his knowledge and insights with aspiring bettors who want to learn from the best. So far, the community has managed some impressive hit rates on both his Exclusive and VIP plays.

Mazi Picks Betting Process

MaziVS puts out several plays every day, depending on how much action there is. In the morning, he’ll sit down and study each game to find spots that stick out. Then, he will crunch all the necessary numbers and data to ensure his confidence level for every play.

Mazi likes to name his picks as “Game of the Week” or “Game of the Month” based on how confident he feels about them. This translates into how much he will wager on each play. He then visits his favorite sports betting venue in Las Vegas, places his bets for the day, and cashes out any winning slips from the previous day.

When it comes to joining the sports betting community, Mazi Picks comes with two different types of daily picks: the standard VIP Plays and the Exclusive Play of the Day. As you can imagine, the latter is Mazi’s most confident pick and the one he found the most value in. This doesn’t mean the VIP Picks aren’t high value, though. So, you can pick and choose which plays you want to subscribe to and tail.

Keep in mind that MaziVS mostly relies on single bets as they’re the ones with the best chance at making profits in the long run. He will mostly bet on money lines and handicaps, but occasionally provides the odd prop bet every now and then. He also places a few parlays from time to time but always advises members to avoid them if they don’t like the risk involved.

Connecting with Members

mazi members

It’s important to note that Mazi Picks doesn’t offer a chat channel for members to discuss. This can be positive or negative, depending on your preferences. 

Instead, Mazi posts news and updates on the Mazi Picks Telegram channel every day. He often talks about how the previous day’s bets went and hypes up the community if he has been on a hot streak.

Remember, not every single pick by Mazi will be successful. Even if he’s running well, there will come a time when he’ll have a losing streak. But he’ll still be there, boosting everyone’s confidence for the following days. 

At the end of every month, Mazi posts an extensive review of his performance. He’ll usually present win/loss rates for his VIP Plays and Exclusive Plays while commenting on how the month went in terms of action. During these periods, you may also find promos that give discounts for his memberships, so keep an eye out for those.

What You Get With Mazi Picks

Compared to other sports picks communities, Mazi Picks doesn’t come with flashy features or a bunch of cappers. Instead, MaziVS handles everything himself, as he likes to maintain a more personal approach. Here’s a quick summary of all the features you can get with your Mazi Picks membership.

  • Daily VIP and Exclusive plays
    Gain access to several well-researched and high-value picks every day on multiple sports and leagues
  • Expert knowledge and insight
    Learn how the sports betting market works from a veteran capper with almost a decade of experience and tons of accolades
  • Constant support
    Reach out to Mazi through his DMs 24/7 with any question or issue you’re dealing with, and he’ll gladly help

The Different Pricing Plans

mazi picks plans

Mazi Picks offers a bunch of different price packages, which get you access to the VIP plays, the Exclusive plays, or both. There’s a daily VIP package for $200 and a five-day package for $600. The Exclusive plays cost $1,500 for daily access, $5,000 for five-day access, and $15,000 for monthly access.

If you want to combine the VIP and Exclusive plays, you can pay $1,600 every day or $5,500 every five days. There’s also the Free Telegram channel, where you can learn all the news and see Mazi’s winning slips. He’ll also occasionally give free plays there, particularly during important events.

Admittedly, Mazi Picks has an expensive membership, but it’s all about perspective. Mazi targets individuals with high bankrolls who want expert insights and are willing to invest a large sum to get high-quality picks. 

Mazi Picks – Join the Notorious MaziVS on His Way to the Top!

There aren’t many professional sports cappers with equivalent records and accolades to MaziVS. His famous six-figure bets have gathered him a lot of popularity on social media, and his expert insights have amassed a large following on the Mazi Picks Telegram community.

His huge success so far made him want to share all the tips and knowledge he’s gained with the public, which is why he established Mazi Picks in the first place. He is dedicated to putting in the effort day by day and coming up with the best plays possible for his members.

If you want the chance to succeed like MaziVS, become a member at Mazi Picks on the Whop marketplace today! The community has over 2.5 K members, with more and more eager members joining every single day!