If there’s one way to describe the High Limit Sports Telegram channel, it’s “eccentric”. High Limit Sports is the passion project of four friends from Illinois who love to bet on sports and trash-talk each other in their group chat. Their dynamic is truly unique, and it’s like watching best friends make great plays every single day.

It’s not all fun and games at the High Limit Sports group, though. These guys provide multiple high-value picks every day in a bunch of different sports and leagues. They put in tons of effort and research behind every play to ensure that it’s the best chance to hit and that you wager the right amount on it.

This review covers the one-of-a-kind sports picks Telegram channel, diving deep into the madness of this friend group and how they operate on a daily basis. We’ll also show you all the features of the community and what your pricing options are.

The People Behind High Limit Sports

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Let’s kick things off with the guys behind this quirky community. Shawn, Chris, Gianni, and Dan are four friends from Illinois who’ve known each other and have been huge sports fans for years. They always like to tease and have fun with each other in their personal group chat while also bragging about their successful sports betting plays.

When they decided to go public with their group, aptly named “Illinois Degens”, people loved their interactions and picks. This prompted the friend group to create an official online Telegram channel called High Limit Sports, where they share their picks in a more professional manner while maintaining their group banter.

A Group of Friends Turned Sports Cappers

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So, what exactly is High Limit Sports? It’s essentially a sports picks community combined with a large chat room. The Telegram group is split into four main channels to help with organization. The High Limit Room is where most of the magic between the four friends from Illinois happens. That’s where they talk about their sports picks with in-depth analyses while also discussing everything that goes on in their life.

Out of all the daily plays the High Limit Sports team comes up with, the best ones end up in the Best Bets channel. You can find all types of picks on this channel, including main market plays and prop bets. Since the team covers every sport imaginable, you can literally find a “Best Bet” for anything, from major American leagues to soccer, tennis, and UFC.

The remaining two channels are dedicated to the members of High Limit Sports. In the Member Bets channel, you can find slips from the community complete with an analysis of their thought process in case you want to tail them. 

Then there’s the Sports Topics group, which is further split into sub-channels for every sport. That’s where members can freely talk about anything they want regarding that particular sport, including news, rumors, injury reports, and even specific picks.

What If You Just Want Sports Picks?

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There's also an alternative to the High Limit Sports admins within the group, and it’s called Changles System Plays. Changles is a sports capper who has been going strong for many years and caught the attention of the High Limit Sports team. They were impressed with his betting approach and work ethic and decided to give him his own space within the community.

That’s how the Changles System Plays channel was born, where Changles puts out his daily plays on multiple sports, including the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL. The aim of Changles System Plays is to utilize bankroll management strategies to create a strong bankroll for all members in the long run.

Every pick by Changles comes with a thorough analysis, as well as what percentage of your bankroll you should wager on it. Changles also tracks all his bets extensively and presents them in a monthly report, which showcases all his profits/losses to ensure transparency among members.

What You Get With High Limit Sports

Below, you can find a quick summary of all the amazing features you can find in the High Limit Sports Telegram group.

  • Unique community
    Quirky group of friends who combine excellent picks with a fun and eventful chat room
  • Daily “Best Bets”
    Access to the “Best Bets” channel, which includes top picks from the group’s admins on a daily basis
  • Changles System Plays
    Enter Changles’ channel, where he posts several plays every day on multiple sports, complete with bet sizes and thorough tracking
  • Dedicated sports channels
    Separate chatting channels for every single sport, so you can freely discuss anything you want about it with other members
  • Member bets
    Special channel on Telegram for Member Slips, which gives you even more betting options every day

The Right Membership for You

high limit sports memberships

If you want to become a member at High Limit Sports, you’ll have to choose which membership you want to purchase. The standard subscription for $100 a month will get you access to the entire High Limit Sports Telegram channel, including the High Limit Room, Best Bets, Member Bets, and Sports Topics channels. You can also pay $400 every six months, which gets you two free months.

Then there’s a separate subscription for Changles System Plays, which comes out to $15 a week or $60 a month. Depending on your preferences and the type of picks you want, you can choose between the two memberships or get both if you can afford it. You’ll definitely gain value from both, as they offer a huge number of daily plays.

High Limit Sports – Not your Average Sports Picks Community

As you can see, High Limit Sports is far from a “normal” sports picks group. In fact, you probably won’t find such a combination of insightful plays on all sports with tons of banter among a group of friends. 

And don’t forget about the actual community on Telegram, where you can discuss ideas about any sport you want and even tail other members’ plays.

Or, if you just want a Telegram channel with highly-educated plays from an expert sports capper, you can just join Changles on his journey to build a massive bankroll.

Whatever path you choose, you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste at High Limit Sports. So, join the Telegram group today, and connect with hundreds of ambitious sports bettors just like you, who all want to have fun and place some well-educated bets together.