Very few sports picks communities can boast the impressive accolades of I Sell Winners. This unique group has been around for over a decade on different social media platforms and, most recently, on Telegram.

The ISW team consists of expert cappers residing in Las Vegas, the heart of the sports betting world. They work daily to provide high-value plays on their favorite sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA. Their picks are based on tons of research on stats and data, combined with dedicated software and betting algorithms.

What sets them apart from other sports betting Telegram channels is that they rely on a few high-quality picks they love rather than putting out dozens of daily plays. Not to mention the team's combined experience of over 30 years.

If you value the knowledge and insights these veterans can provide, I Sell Winners might be a good fit for you. Check out our review below, where we’ll dissect their Telegram channel, the types of picks you can expect, and the cost of their services.

The Team Behind ISW

I Sell Winners greatly emphasizes how their group differs from your typical sports picks community. And the truth is, you won’t really find such a talented team of cappers with proven track records and decades of sports betting knowledge.

At first Ronnie, the founder of ISW, took some huge losses. In doing so, he realized that he had probably been playing the game wrong. That’s why he decided to gather some of the best cappers in Vegas and create a group looking to utilize their expertise to make long-term profits in sports betting.

Now, after 10+ years of betting professionally, the team has maintained a solid win rate and has made profits on most sports almost every season. This doesn’t mean their success will continue forever, but having access to such an established group of cappers is certainly a plus.

How I Sell Winners Works

Let’s take a look at how the I Sell Winners group operates on a daily basis. Depending on the time of year, the cappers will be focused on one or multiple American leagues, such as the MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL.

The cappers check every matchup for the day and carry out their unique research process to find high-value picks. These are plays with much better sportsbook odds than their implied odds of hitting. For this, they’ll utilize all factors that can affect the outcome of the game and input them into their top-notch software, which will show them whether each pick is of good value.

The big difference between ISW and other communities is that the cappers bet large amounts on every play they post. They share all of their slips, including their losses, as they want to maintain transparency with their members.

They also focus their plays on single bets, with the occasional long-shot parlay, instead of opting for complicated betting strategies. And they never rely on extremely strong favorites, as they know there’s usually not much value in them.

Quality over Quantity


One important thing to keep in mind regarding I Sell Winners is they only put out a few plays every day. Specifically, they aim to provide 1-3 strong picks and usually send them either early in the morning or right before the game starts.

This allows them to utilize early lines and odds, as well as take advantage of any movement that might occur later in the day due to increased action or injury reports.

The team at ISW is very strict about the number of plays they want to bet on every day. They believe a few high-value single plays are much better in the long run instead of recklessly throwing your money around chasing losses on huge parlays.

Additionally, part of their long-term success comes down to their meticulous bankroll management. They follow a more aggressive strategy, wagering around 5% of their total bankroll on each play, but their confidence pays off in the long term.

The team’s also huge on extensively tracking all their bets and units and presenting them through monthly recaps for all members to see. Some months may end with losses, but they don’t deviate from their plans, believing their edge will show up over a long period.

What You Get With I Sell Winners

Below is a quick summary of all the important features that come with your ISW membership.

  • Daily VIP plays 
    High-value single plays on multiple sports, like the NBA, NCAA, MLB, and NFL, as well as a few risky parlays
  • Team of expert cappers
    Several veteran sports cappers with over three decades of combined experience in the market and a proven track record
  • Transparent results
    Thorough bet and unit tracking and monthly recaps presenting all profits and losses to maintain transparency in the community

I Sell Winners Membership Options

i sell winners membership

Let’s get the obvious remark out of the way – I Sell Winners is not cheap at $399 a month for the VIP membership with all daily picks. However, you’ll struggle to find such a well-established community of cappers with decades of experience who also actively wager thousands on their own plays.

Plus, ISW mostly targets high rollers with larger bankrolls and unit sizes. So, if your bankroll is low, it might not be the best investment for you. But you can still get daily access to the Telegram channel for $59 to see what all the fuss is about. The group also often runs promotions where you can have two-day access for the price of one.

There’s also a weekly membership for $199 and a yearly subscription for $4,500, which is a great deal if you’re looking to commit your future to ISW. You can even try out the Free channel, with occasional free slips.

I Sell Winners – Join the Vegas Experts Today!

It’s clear that I Sell Winners stands out for its extensive experience and unique approach to betting. The group’s cappers are true experts in their sports, and the entire team is headquartered in Vegas, where all the high-stakes action takes place. 

This means they have access to a bunch of insights most people can’t get, and it can help them come up with more educated plays. And, of course, they know how to research all their plays using both a human approach and dedicated software and algorithms.

If you want access to picks from some of Vegas’ brightest cappers, consider joining I Sell Winners through the Whop marketplace. You’ll find thousands of bettors in the community with the same goals and aspirations as you – beat the Vegas sportsbooks in style!