Sundays and the NFL are a match made in heaven. What better way to cap off a great weekend than to sit down with friends or family and watch your favorite football team fight to the playoffs? And what’s the best companion to your NFL Sunday games- some hot wings and even hotter bets!

But where can you find the best NFL picks? Only on the top NFL picks communities, right here on Whop.

NFL communities are groups of expert bettors (also known as “cappers”) that come up with daily picks. They create Discord servers, where members can subscribe to gain access and tail the plays of the cappers.

How do the cappers come up with picks? Well, it takes a lot of effort and research as they study different matchups and consider all possible stats before coming up with their plays. Their years of experience in the sport allow them to spot odds and lines that are good value for your money.

In this article, we take a deeper look at how NFL sports Discord servers work and uncover the top communities on Whop. We’ll also give you a few tips and aspects to look at when picking the best server for your needs.

How NFL Picks Communities Work

If you want to take sports betting more seriously and not rely on “luck” or “instinct”, you should consider joining a dedicated football community. It’ll take away much of the work and research you’ll need to put in before every bet and will make it easier to find insightful picks.

So, how exactly do these sports Discord servers work? It all starts with one or a few people who have been betting for years and have a solid track record. They create an online group of members and utilize communication platforms like Discord to organize their content into groups and channels. Some communities are free to join, but as you might expect, you probably won’t get as much insight from those groups compared to ones with memberships.

Regardless of specialization, most paid communities promise several daily picks on one or a few popular sports. The capper who presents the pick will have spent many hours researching, analyzing data, reading up on matchups and injury reports, and deciding on a specific approach. They also usually present these plays with in-depth explanations, including the optimal odds for them and how many units they’re staking.

If you’re not familiar with units (a fixed percentage of your total bankroll), you could definitely benefit from a sports picks community. These groups normally have a bunch of educational material on essential betting concepts, such as terminology, unit allocation and tracking, and bankroll management, among others. They’ll also teach you their preferred betting strategies, which you should ideally follow if you want to tail their plays.

🏆 12 Best NFL Sports Discord Servers

Now that you understand how sports picks communities work, let’s dive into the list of the top NFL servers available on Whop.

 🥇 #1 The Moonshot


Strap in, everyone. We’re going to the moon (yes, you can watch the NFL from there, too)! The Moonshot is one of the most complete sports betting Discord servers with a clear focus on football. The group was created by avid sports bettor Kenny, who gathered a team of expert cappers and created the ultimate NFL betting group.

Their Discord server is one of the oldest on the market, which shows they’re definitely doing something right. The team consists of several cappers for the NFL that provide insightful picks with clear explanations of their approach and data to back up their claims. You can also find dedicated channels for other major American sports, including baseball and basketball.

These guys also take NFL betting to the next level by hosting weekly shows where members and cappers can discuss the upcoming NFL week. That’s where you can ask questions and learn key points that could prove very useful to secure some great value plays early on.

And, if you have any general queries about sports betting or Discord, feel free to ask in the chat or reach out to one of the Moonshot team members. The community is very friendly and strives to help each member with whatever issue.

Pricing: To become a member at The Moonshot, you’ll need to pay a $30 monthly subscription. That’s on the cheaper side compared to other top sports betting Discord servers. You can also save some money by committing to a 6-month plan for $165 or a yearly plan for $250.

Find out more about The Moonshot in our detailed review

#2 ElitePickz


ElitePickz was established in 2020 by Bill, an NFL enthusiast who realized that his deep knowledge of the game could translate to profitable sports betting. After many failures, he studied the math and science behind the betting industry and created ElitePickz to provide the community with insightful, data-driven NFL picks.

Despite being the owner of ElitePickz, Bill doesn’t actually give out sports picks at all. Instead, he employs a bunch of professional cappers and even a few former oddsmakers with a combined 30+ years of experience. 

The team knows the industry very well and meticulously studies every aspect of the game before coming up with picks for the NFL and other sports, including NHL, NBA, MLB, and college sports.

On top of analytical picks from the experts, ElitePickz also offers betting algorithms that help you spot excellent value plays and arbitrage opportunities. The ElitePickz team also has a thorough “Education” section with tons of learning material, and they’re always available through one-on-one support tickets if you have any issues.

Pricing: Joining ElitePickz will set you back $75 a week or $200 if you choose the monthly membership. There’s also an annual membership for $1,249, almost half the amount you would pay on a month-to-month basis. On the surface, it seems like a large investment, but when you consider the prowess of the group’s cappers, you can see where the value comes from.

👉Check out ElitePickz here

#3 Lightning Locks

Lightning Locks

The number one thing every bettor should be looking for in a sports picks community is experience, and Lightning Locks has plenty of it. The team consists of multiple professional sports analysts who’ve been in the game for over two decades. They’ve decided to form a Discord group to provide daily plays for the NFL and other sports, as well as teach their skills and methods to anyone interested.

Lightning Locks prides itself on the amount of content they deliver. When you gain access to their VIP Discord server, you’ll find 45+ different channels where the team posts more than 40 notifications every day. This includes a whopping 20-30 daily plays, as well as stats, trends, and injury reports, among others.

The sheer number of notifications might seem intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. But Lightning Locks ensures everything is delivered clearly and concisely. If you have any questions, Lightning Locks has a bunch of representatives, and you can request one-on-one conversations with them. They will happily help you with any issues regarding how sports betting works or how to navigate the Discord server.

Pricing: Memberships at Lighting Locks start at around $40 every two weeks or $80 a month. The decades of experience and dozens of daily picks you get should make the investment worth it. There’s also the option to join for free, although you won’t get full access to the server, and you’ll only receive the free plays that the team puts out.

👉Discover the Lightning Locks server here

#4 K5 Locks

K5 Locks

One of the newest communities on our list, K5 Locks, has already amassed a decent following. The Discord group includes hundreds of members, with the community growing faster every day. That’s partly thanks to the excellent team of cappers that provide daily picks on all popular sports, with a special focus on the NFL.

The analysts at K5 Locks have developed their own system for finding great value picks. These are essentially plays with a higher chance of hitting than their odds imply. To come up with these plays, the cappers use advanced data analysis and approach each game from multiple angles. They also thoroughly track their results and post them publicly on the server so all members can see who’s currently running hot.

Speaking of members, the community at K5 Locks is very tightly-knit, as it consists of devoted sports fans with the same goals and aspirations. Everyone has friendly conversations with each other about their favorite sports, teams, or anything that’s on their mind. The server also hosts several member giveaways with multiple prizes to give back to the community as much as possible.

Pricing: K5 Locks has a relatively affordable membership of $25, or $15, for two weeks of VIP access. This is reasonable considering the young age of the server, and could definitely see an increase once the community becomes more popular. If you’re unsure about joining, K5 Locks offers a one-week access for free so you can test out the server and see if it fits your style.

👉Learn more about K5 Locks here

#5 Make Vegas Pay

Make Vegas Pay

Make Vegas Pay (MVP for short) is a team of veteran bettors with decades of combined experience among them. They’ve created a sports community where they discuss different sports (primarily the NFL) and offer well-researched plays every day. Their motto is to help every bettor beat the Vegas books and make them pay.

The MVP team relies on both their cumulative experience and a bunch of stats, data, and trends to provide the most insightful picks possible. Aside from daily pregame picks, the team is big on live betting and provides plenty of live plays, so make sure you always have your alerts open.

The group also has a ton of educational material to help out new players and intermediate bettors looking to get a grasp on more advanced topics. They even have a dedicated bankroll management and unit size guide to ensure everyone bets responsibly in the long term.

Pricing: The Make Vegas Pay group is one of the most expensive on our list, but they provide a ton of value with their picks and consultation. You can join for $125 a month or $599 a year, which is a huge discount. There are also dedicated packages for the NFL playoffs, including a one-month package for $79.99 and $39.99 for eight days of access.

👉Check out Make Vegas Pay here

#6 Cook Bets

With so many communities employing tons of cappers, it’s nice to see a single pro sports bettor trying to turn his passion into a profession. Cook Bets is a one-man Discord show where a single sports capper provides daily plays on a few different sports. His main focus is on the NFL, but he’ll often give out plays for the NHL and NBA.

Cook Bets values quality over quantity when it comes to daily picks. You won’t find dozens of plays, but you’ll get consistent picks every day that are fully analyzed and researched. Cook Bets presents them in as much detail as possible, explaining his approach and the stats and parameters he considered. Also, all betting results are tracked on a weekly basis.

Joining an up-and-coming sports community full of friendly and inspired bettors can be a great feeling. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Cook Bets. The Discord group is steadily growing, with several new members subscribing every day. Plus, the low number of initial members makes it easier to chat with each other and with Cook Bets himself. 

Pricing: Another perk of newfound NFL communities, like Cook Bets, is the low barrier of entry. Membership costs start at $15 a month, which is lower than other similar Discord groups. Alternatively, you can pick the $40 three-month deal or yearly subscription for $150. There’s even a free newsletter, which contains weekly recaps and news about events and giveaways within the community.

👉Read more about Cook Bets here

#7 SecuredPicks

Secured Picks

SecuredPicks is a community created by Tyson, a young sports enthusiast who found out how harsh the betting industry can be the hard way. After losing a lot of money, he gathered a group of veteran sports cappers and created this Discord community that has amassed over 50,000 members ever since.

The cappers at SecuredPicks have their own unique method of analyzing stats and data to come up with daily plays for the NFL and other major sports. They also present them with long, in-depth explanations and provide statistics and matchup insights they utilized in their research.

On top of all these, SecuredPicks strives to educate every single member on the fundamentals of sports betting and even more. And every community member is eager to chat with anyone and have a good time. That’s part of the reason why SecuredPicks has over 1,500 five-star reviews on Whop.

Tyson also hosts a sports betting mentorship program for everyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of the industry from his perspective. The package is valued at $497, with limited spots for every run.

Pricing: The SecuredPicks team offers different subscription plans to accommodate all its members. There’s the standard monthly membership valued at $35, which is less than most similarly-sized communities. There’s also weekly access for $15 and lifetime access for $444, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Find our comprehensive review of SecuredPicks here

#8 Beat the Books


Beat the Books is one of the top sports betting communities on Whop and consists of multiple expert cappers specializing in different sports, including the NFL. The team aims to help anyone beat the sportsbooks by providing well-educated plays on sports like football, basketball, hockey, and baseball, among others.

At Beat the Books, you’ll find daily picks on any sport you can imagine, and they all have hours of studying and research behind them. Each capper individually tracks their results, and you also get a daily report to see who’s doing well at the moment. Beat the Books also provides the community with news about the latest sports betting bonuses so everyone can utilize them.

In terms of the community itself, the Discord server is full of positive and helpful members who chat with each other and assist new members with any questions. Beat the Books also has a dedicated support team, and you can always talk to them one-on-one about any problems with Discord or questions about betting.

Pricing: Beat the Books comes with a reasonable membership of $49.99 a month. For this amount, you get access to the entire server and all its features, including automatic entries into all giveaways and events they organize. If you want to commit long-term, you can get the annual plan for $499.99, which essentially saves you two months of paying.

Read our Beat the Books review here to discover more about the community

#9 Cook The Books

Cook the books

Cook The Books is a large community that employs several sports cappers, consultants, and software engineers to provide a complete package for all aspiring bettors. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you’ll definitely learn something new at CTB. Plus, you will find insightful bet suggestions for the NFL and other major leagues, like the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Every capper at CTB completes a full analysis of every game before they choose their daily plays. They present everything in detail and provide the necessary charts and data to support their claims. While they base their plays on the best odds they can find at that moment, they also include information about whether it’s worth playing a pick at lower odds or a different line.

The Cook The Books group relies on discipline and education to help every new member play responsibly. They know they won’t hit every day and want to ensure everyone bets the proper amount on each play. That’s why they have in-depth guides for things like bankroll management, as well as the unique CTB mentorship program. 

As soon as you join the server, you can request a 1-1 mentor from the CTB team, who will help you understand how Discord works and answer any other questions you may have.

Pricing: Cook The Books comes with a reasonable monthly membership fee of $50. You can also go for their six-month plan for $249 or the annual plan for $449, which are great money savers. Alternatively, you can utilize the free access to the server, but you won’t get any free picks with it. Still, it can be a great opportunity to try out the community and see if you enjoy it.

Read this review for a closer look at what Cook the Books offers

#10 ParlayScience


As their name suggests, the ParlayScience group is all about parlay bets that have the potential for huge wins. These types of bets are usually extremely risky, but the community does its best to thoroughly research every pick they recommend.

ParlayScience has a huge team of cappers, with each one specializing in a particular sport or bet type. Apart from daily parlays, you’ll also find single picks and huge lottos on all major sports, including the NFL. Every pick has tons of research behind it to ensure it’s as insightful as possible, and the cappers track their results in detail to ensure transparency.

The ParlayScience community is steadily growing and has surpassed 5,000 members. Everyone is very friendly, and you’ll find plenty of conversations on the dedicated sports channels, where you can freely participate. The group also allows members to predict the results of their favorite teams and win prizes.

Pricing: To become a member at ParlayScience, you need a monthly membership of $40. Alternatively, you can buy the two-week plan for $25 if you just want to test out the server. There are also lengthier subscriptions, at $100 for three months or $400 for a year, for those who want to commit long-term.

Discover more about ParlayScience in this review

#11 Stoshpicks


Stoshpicks is a sports Discord server created by sports betting aficionado Stosh, and it has amassed a huge following over the past few years. Stosh is known for his in-depth research and analytical skills, which translates to top-level daily picks on many sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA, and Esports.

Stosh utilizes a ton of different stats and studies every matchup thoroughly before publishing one of his picks. He also puts out different bet types, with moneyline bets and player prop bets being his preferred ones. The server is also full of educational content that will teach you unique strategies, insights, and sports betting techniques.

The community at Stoshpicks is one of the largest on Whop, and the group also has a large following on social media. Stosh strives to help each member out individually and allows direct access to his DMs for all members throughout the day. 

Pricing: The Stoshpicks membership sits at $50 a month or $500 for lifetime access. The latter is a great deal if you want to follow Stosh for the foreseeable future. Your membership gets you access to all daily picks, as well as dedicated sports betting guides and VIP giveaways the community frequently organizes.

👉Learn more about the Stoshpicks community here

#12 TradaPicks


Tradapicks is another mammoth community on Whop, with 40K+ members and over a thousand 5-star reviews! It was founded by Trada, a veteran bettor who gathered a team of experts with the purpose of helping newcomers into the world of sports betting.

Tradapicks has dedicated cappers for every major sport, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, and Esports. Trada himself puts out three to four plays every day very early in the morning, so everyone has enough time to get the best odds. Transparency is also key among all cappers, as everyone meticulously tracks their units, profits, and losses publicly.

The community at Tradapicks is full of enthusiastic individuals who love to talk about their favorite sports. They’re also very helpful to newcomers, so don’t be afraid to ask even the simplest questions. Trada also keeps his DMs open for everyone, so you can contact him with any issues you may have.

Pricing: The Tradapicks membership comes out to $50 a month for complete access to the Discord server. You can also pay $100 quarterly or $299.99 for lifetime access, which is a great deal. There’s also free access to the Discord lobby, but with no free picks. There, you can check out what the server is all about and how the team performs each month.

👉Discover Tradapicks for yourself today

Picking the Right Server for You

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for NFL sports Discord servers. That’s why we have a few tips for you to consider when choosing the optimal community for your needs:

Set Your Priorities Straight

These communities usually offer many different features, and you need to prioritize the ones most important to you. Do you just want to bet on the NFL, or are you interested in other sports as well? In the latter case, choosing a server with experts for multiple leagues might be beneficial.

What types of bets are you looking for? Most professionals will focus on high-value single bets, but there are a few communities that rely on parlays as well. Also, some cappers will only give out player props, whereas others will prefer traditional bets, such as moneyline picks, over/under bets, and spreads.

Price Doesn't Always Reflect Value

Since we’re talking about an online service, the price you pay won’t always reflect the value you’re getting. For example, a new up-and-coming Discord server will need to offer affordable subscriptions to attract new members. But they may have cappers with immense experience and excellent hit rates compared to other, more expensive servers.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra to gain a lot more value. Some communities have high entry fees but offer a bunch of picks every day on top of high-level educational content. Plus, some of them price their memberships higher because they target bettors with larger bankrolls in the first place.

Try Out More Than One Server

If you still can’t decide, you don’t have to. Just give a few different communities a try and see which one fits your style most. The majority of them will offer free trials with Discord access and even a few free plays. Or, they’ll have a small membership fee for a one-week or two-week access to the entire server.

Give them a try, see what kind of bets they give out, what odds they play, and how often they hit. It’s also important to consider the approach each capper takes and whether it aligns with your personal style of betting.

Become an NFL Expert Today with the Top NFL Picks Communities on Whop

After an in-depth look into some of the best NFL picks Discord servers, one thing’s for certain- every one of these communities is full of experts who want to help you learn how the industry works and how you can use math, stats, and data to come up with insightful picks.

No, they won’t hit every single bet they suggest, and you probably won’t become rich overnight if you join them. But you’ll definitely discover how proper sports betting works, and you won’t have to leave things completely to chance.

👉Check out the top NFL Discord servers on Whop today! Join communities with hundreds or even thousands of members who all learn from each other as well as from the experts. Take the first step into your journey to become a top NFL sports bettor!