Let’s go back to that first sports bet you placed. Chances are you wagered on your favorite team to win or just wanted to hit that hail-mary parlay for a minuscule chance to make a fortune. You’re not alone in this, as most enthusiasts start betting as a fun activity. However, for some, this exciting hobby can become a full-time job.

That’s exactly what Julius Yates Brown (aka JuJu) did. As an avid sports fan, he’d been betting as a hobby for several years. He recently decided to use his years of knowledge and experience to turn it into a full-time hustle. Thus, JuJu’s Picks was born. An online sports picks community, JuJu's Picks puts out daily plays and helps thousands of members become better sports bettors.

Thanks to his insightful picks and established presence on social media, JuJu has already gathered thousands of members on his Discord server. The server has even acquired the highly coveted Whop Verified badge, a symbol of an elite community with professional services.

Want to hop on the JuJu bandwagon? Then join us in our JuJu’s Picks review, where we dissect this up-and-coming sports picks Discord server to see how it operates. We’ll also give you all the details regarding what you get if you become a JuJu’s Picks member.

Who is JuJu?

Before we look at the Discord server, let’s find out more about JuJu himself. Julius Yates Brown is an entrepreneur with a huge presence on social media. His personal Instagram account has 450K+ followers, and he also runs a very successful YouTube channel with his wife, Des.

Julius is really into fashion and is an official partner of the NovaMEN brand by FashionNova. He and his wife were inspired by their child's birth to create a dedicated clothing brand for kids, which they called Kids Only Apparel (KOA, the same as their child’s first name).

Besides his fashion endeavors, JuJu has been in the sports betting market for years, primarily as a hobby. However, he saw that his picks were starting to become successful, so he took the opportunity to become a professional capper and created JuJu’s Picks.

What JuJu’s Picks is All About

Juju's picks

So, what exactly is JuJu’s Picks, and why should you consider joining? It’s an online Discord centered around sports betting, where JuJu puts out all the picks and plays he comes up with on a daily basis.

According to him, his strongest sports are Football and the UFC, but he’ll often look into other sports if he finds some good value bets. For example, he often provides NBA picks or plays on Boxing cards if there are any interesting fights.

JuJu is also very active on his Discord server. You’ll often find him talking with other members in the chat, sharing betting ideas, cracking jokes, or discussing his life. He likes to maintain a hands-on approach and create the feeling of a tight-knit community where people can freely discuss whatever they want.

That’s why you’ll always find a lot of traffic on the “Daily Chat”, with members flooding the channel with messages about literally anything on their minds. Additionally, there’s a dedicated Ticket Support system, where everyone can submit their requests, ask questions, and receive help to solve any issues.

Daily Locks on Various Sports

juju picks discord

JuJu likes to research and place a variety of different bet types. He has a knack for prop bets, but he’ll often put out standard moneyline plays, spreads, and over/under bets. All of these bet types require a lot of effort and analysis since JuJu doesn’t like to just base his picks on instinct alone.

He goes through dozens of games in different sports and checks out news, injury reports, and any other parameter that might affect a bet. He also studies all relevant stats and data, including player and team form, history between two teams, and player matchups, among others.

And remember, he’s just a single person doing all the work, which is definitely not easy. But he loves doing it and enjoys it when his plays hit, and members post their winning slips on Discord for everyone to celebrate together.

He also won’t hesitate to give his opinion on slips from community members and even tail them himself if he finds value in the picks. In fact, the server has a dedicated channel called “Trailed Picks”, where members are free to post any plays they want to give even more options for daily picks.

What You Get With JuJu’s Picks

Here’s a quick rundown on everything JuJu offers on his Discord server:

  • Insightful daily picks
    Multiple slips every day, including player props for daily fantasy platforms
  • Variety of sports
    Focus on Football and UFC, but also frequent picks on other sports, like NBA, MLB, and Boxing
  • Fun and active community
    Thousands of members participating in chat rooms every day and even offering their own picks
  • Opportunity to chat directly with JuJu
    You can usually find JuJu shooting the breeze in the Daily Chat, talking about picks or anything life-related.
  • Consistent support
    The JuJu’s Picks team is always there to help with any questions or issues through the dedicated Ticket Support system.

Long Term vs Short Term

juju picks membership

The question now becomes how long you want your membership to last. JuJu offers a few different plans to ensure everyone gets enough value from their subscription to JuJu’s Picks. All membership plans have the same perks, including full access to the Discord server and all its features.

If you just want to try out the server or want some picks for a specific event, you can get daily access for $20. If you opt for a weekly plan, you basically get seven days of access for $60, which is a fair deal. The best value-for-money package is obviously the monthly plan, which comes out to $100.

JuJu’s Picks – Let JuJu Help You Reach the Top

By now, it should be clear that JuJu cares deeply about all members and wants to help them in their sports betting journey. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of creating JuJu’s Picks in the first place. He would have just continued to place his own bets and run his businesses. But he’d rather sacrifice some time and effort to connect with motivated individuals who want to succeed in the sports betting world.

If you want to become a member of JuJu’s journey towards the top, join JuJu’s Picks on the Whop marketplace today! Apart from insightful picks, you’ll gain invaluable experience from someone who’s seen it all, while also bonding with like-minded sports bettors, who strive for success!