The Hoovement is a sports picks Discord server that merges advanced data-driven picks with a fun and active community of sports fans. The group is led by Hoove Locks, who has built a fantastic team of veteran sports cappers and attracted thousands of members to the community.

Together with the other cappers, Hoove puts in hours of research and analysis every day to come up with the best possible picks. The community covers all major leagues, as well as soccer, tennis, eSports, MMA, and golf.

On top of excellent picks, Hoove values proper education, which is why he offers an extensive sports betting guide for all members. He’s also very active on social media and goes live every day to talk to community members.

All of these features are available for VIP members. If you’re considering joining The Hoovement, our review should help you decide whether it’s the right sports picks community for you.

The Person Behind The Hoovement

So, who’s the man behind The Hoovement? Hoove has been a huge sports fan and sports capper for many years and became inspired to build his own business, which led to the creation of The Hoovement.

The community has been around for a few years, during which Hoove has been working tirelessly to expand the team and attract more members. He likes to hold daily live sessions on social platforms, where he gives members a chance to interact directly with him and learn from his journey.

The group has also enjoyed a lot of success over the years, which motivates them to keep going at full speed. Even if past results can’t predict the future (and you should never expect every single pick to hit), these guys have the fundamentals to potentially remain profitable in the long term.

Expert Cappers for All Tastes


Hoove started The Hoovement on his own but has now expanded the team to include more than a dozen veteran cappers. Each of them has been personally vetted by Hoove and has shown great results over the years. They also have their own dedicated channels, where they post all their plays to keep things organized.

The Hoovement covers a vast selection of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. There are also dedicated cappers for tennis tournaments, soccer competitions, golf, MMA, and eSports. This wide variety ensures that you always have something to bet on, even when there’s no action on your favorite sport.

You can find all kinds of bets on The Hoovement, depending on your preferences. Some cappers may favor single moneyline plays or spreads. Others, like Hoove, prefer player prop bets from leagues like the NBA. There are even dedicated Ambassadors for different daily fantasy platforms, so you can utilize their knowledge if you prefer to play on them.

Every Hoovement capper has their own research process for coming up with their daily plays, but everyone bases them on extensive analysis. They rely on data, stats, and historical information to spot lines and odds that seem like good value and post them on the Discord server.

Caring for the Community


Apart from the excellent picks, The Hoovement wants to make sure all members have the best chance to make profits and retain them in the long run. That’s why they accompany all of their picks with suggestions on how many units each member should wager.

This unit sizing derives from their confidence in each pick, as well as its value. Plays with much higher true odds compared to their implied odds usually warrant a larger percentage of your bankroll. 

If you’re not familiar with the terms, The Hoovement has your back through the Hoovement Sports Betting Guide. This guide was built to teach all the essential concepts such as the different types of odds, bet types, and some betting strategies.

You’ll also learn a bunch of tips on how to determine your ideal unit size, as well as how you can manage your bankroll effectively. This will allow you to increase your potential profits while also minimizing your losses on a particularly bad streak.

One important thing to note is the transparency at The Hoovement. Every capper has their bets, odds, and units tracked extensively. The group presents these numbers in the form of recaps every day, week, and month. This way, every member will be aware of the performance of every capper in the community.

What You Get With The Hoovement

It’s clear that The Hoovement is full of amazing features for VIP members. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important ones.

  • Expert daily picks
    Dozens of plays every day on a bunch of different sports, including major American leagues, tennis, and soccer, among others
  • Large team of veteran cappers
    More than a dozen expert sports cappers with years of experience who put in tons of research to find high-value plays
  • Thorough unit tracking and recaps
    Every bet from each capper is tracked and presented in daily, weekly, and monthly recaps to ensure transparency in the community
  • Exclusive sports betting guide
    Special guide created by Hoove that explains all basic sports betting concepts, including tips for bankroll management
  • Community with thousands of members
    Blossoming group of 30K+ sports fans who actively discuss strategies and sports picks and participate in the group’s exclusive giveaways

One Membership for Everything

Unlike some communities that require multiple membership tiers to unlock all content, The Hoovement offers everything under a single VIP subscription. The cost is $75 a month, or you can choose packages for weekly or biweekly access for $45 and $60, respectively.

As you can see, a monthly package is a much better value than the other two. What’s even better value is the annual membership, which costs $750. It’s basically like getting two months free every year.

There’s also free access to part of the Discord server if you want to get a feel for the community and how it’s run. Not only that, but you will also get The Hoovement Sports Betting Guide with the free access tier, as well as entry into the premium giveaways.

The Hoovement – Join Hoove and his Team of Experts Today!

By now, you know whether The Hoovement is a good fit for you. One thing for certain is that Hoove and every single capper on the team place great emphasis on creating a healthy community of active and well-educated sports bettors.

They do their best through their picks, analyses, and direct conversations to help each member become the best sports bettor they can be. If you’re just starting out, there’s definitely a spot for you at The Hoovement. And even if you consider yourself an advanced bettor, you’ll find some expertly curated picks on all your favorite sports.

If you want to improve your game and access several daily sports picks, join The Hoovement through the Whop marketplace. The group’s motto is that “sports betting is no fun alone”, so connect with thousands of sports fans and have fun beating the books together!