More and more entrepreneurs are switching to professional sports betting, and Salvador Meza is one of them. Through his online alias Sithlordchamba, he’s formed one of the top sports betting Telegram channels, where he posts daily picks on various sports.

Salvador has always been a huge sports fan and a sports gambler. He doesn’t just put out picks for members to tail — he also bets very large amounts on his own plays, which shows his confidence in them.

Through his SITHLORDCHAMBA Telegram channel, he’s gathered thousands of members who are looking to learn from Salvador's years of sports betting experience.

Regardless of your level, you can definitely find something useful at SITHLORDCHAMBA. If you’re unsure about joining, check out our review below, where we go over how the community operates and what types of picks Salvador puts out every day.

Who is Sithlord Chamba?


Salvador Meza (aka Sithlord Chamba) has become very popular on social media over the past few years thanks to his entrepreneurial activities. He has 1.5M+ followers, and his posts revolve around his lifestyle and passion for luxury cars and watches. He also dabbles in rap music and has already released a few tracks that are performing well.

After a successful venture into real estate investing, Salvador decided to “go pro” with his passion for sports betting and founded SITHLORDCHAMBA. He settled on a Telegram channel rather than a sports betting Discord server because it’s easier to operate and focuses on privacy. 

In his brand-new Telegram channel, Salvador provides daily plays on a bunch of different sports, as well as educational tips and insights for all members.

Top Single Bets Across All Sports

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The Sithlordchamba community covers all major American leagues as well as other sports, like boxing and UFC. To come up with his plays, Salvador utilizes his years of experience, insights into the market, and all stats and available data. He even has access to advanced betting algorithms, which help him crunch the numbers and find the plays with the highest value.

These are basically his max bet plays, which he often accompanies with an in-depth explanation of the logic and reasoning behind them. The fact that they are high-confidence plays doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll always hit, though. It just means that the lines or odds you purchase are much better than the implied probability of the bet to hit.

That’s also where bankroll management comes into play. You’ll see Salvador providing a percentage number with every play, which denotes how much of your total bankroll you should wager on that particular bet.

These percentages usually vary between 3% and 5%, depending on the value and confidence. Their purpose is to ensure maximum profitability when you hit and minimal losses when you miss. Salvador knows sports betting is a long-term game, and his end goal is to maintain profitability in the long run.

Also, all these numbers are strictly based on single bets. Salvador’s best plays are always given as single bets on moneylines, spreads, or totals, and you shouldn’t really use them as parlay legs since they lose a lot of value. If you want other bet types or betting strategies, Salvador has several channels and provides tons of alternative picks to suit your tastes.

Betting Chats for All Tastes

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Apart from his standard single plays, Sithlord Chamba also offers dedicated parlay packages. These are almost exclusively player props meant to be played on daily fantasy platforms, but you can also find them on most sports betting apps.

According to Salvador, these parlays are only meant to be a small investment of your total bankroll. Thanks to their high odds, they can potentially yield large profits. However, you shouldn’t play them excessively since they’ll rarely hit, and you’ll end up losing a lot.

In addition to the parlay package, Sithlord also provides “seasonal” packages for important events and competitions. To allow more members to join the community, Salvador creates new Telegram channels for sports events, like the NHL or NBA Playoffs. He even includes dedicated packages for UFC Fight Nights and other major combat events.

These are excellent for those who are interested in just one or a few sports and don’t want to spend a ton on all of Salvador’s plays. Then again, if you want complete access to the community and all of Salvador’s picks, he has you covered with the Baller package. It may cost a pretty penny, but it’s the ultimate Sithlordchamba for those with larger bankrolls.

What You Get With Sithlordchamba

If you’re still unsure whether Sithlordchamba is the right community for you, you can find some of the community’s key features you’ll get access to with your membership below.

  • Daily plays on all sports
    Complete coverage of all American leagues and more, with high-confidence single picks, parlay bets, and player prop bets every day
  • Dedicated packages for major events
    Unique membership plans for playoffs, finals, and important sports events to accommodate all members
  • Expert betting tips
    One-of-a-kind insights and tips on how to beat the books by placing high-value bets and properly managing your bankroll
  • Consistent chat support
    Support team available around the clock to help all members with any questions or technical issues they may have

Pricing Plans Galore

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Once you decide to join Sithlordchamba, you’ll need to choose the right package and pricing plan for your needs. The two primary plans are the Parlay Subscription and the Max Bets Package. The former costs $19.99 a week or $49.99 a month, while the latter costs $599 every month, or you can purchase each individual max bet of the day for $99.

Then there’s the Baller Package, which costs $1,199 a month, $3,700 a year, or $6,499 for five years and gives you access to every Sithlord pick. You can also join the Free Chamba Chat, which currently has 4K+ members. Salvador gives occasional free plays, as well as promos and discounts for his premium packages.

Finally, Salvador has several seasonal packages, which vary depending on the time of year and what’s going on in the sports betting world. For example, you can currently get the NBA Playoffs package for $399, which contains all bets for the playoffs, play-ins, and the NBA Finals.

SITHLORDCHAMBA – Join Salvador’s Community and Tail His Expert Plays Today!

If it’s not obvious already, Salvador puts a ton of effort into his Telegram community every day. He doesn’t just rely on his authority to give out random plays with no explanation. He goes out of his way to properly research every game and find only the best picks, which he then bets hundreds of thousands on himself.

His motto is to “Empty Bookies' Pockets” and he knows he needs to help members in any way possible if he wants to succeed. That’s why he always shares his tips and insights behind every play, and wants to make sure every member understands the entire betting process.

Check out Salvador and his Telegram group SITHLORDCHAMBA on the Whop marketplace if you’re interested in dozens of expert picks every day. Don’t forget you’re not alone in this journey – thousands of members have already joined Salvador on his way to conquer the books, so why don’t you come along for the ride?