It’s time to admit we could all use a bit more exercise in our daily lives. And Keoni Hudoba is here to help us do just that through his COREntine+ Virtual Experience. This is an online fitness community where you can find 100+ recorded classes and challenges to help you shape your perfect body. 

Keoni has been a professional trainer for over a decade and knows how to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. Through his virtual fitness hub, he maintains a “socially distant yet emotionally connected” community of individuals who all aspire to change the way they think and live their lives.

If you fancy joining the group, we’ve gathered all the important details and community insights in this in-depth review. You can check out more about The COREntine+ Virtual Experience on Whop or read our review to find out if it’s the right fitness community for your needs.

Who is the Founder of COREntine+?

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COREntine+ was born in early 2020, as its founder, Keoni Hudoba, took a leap of faith and pursued his passion for teaching people about fitness virtually. The Hawaii-born fitness trainer and body architect has been into fitness for several years, with his first client being himself.

Keoni struggled with his body for a while before he decided to take action. He radically changed the way he thought and lived his life and came out of the process with tons of wisdom and 100 pounds off his back.

After successfully completing his transformation, he began teaching fitness to several studios and gyms in New York City. You can still find him at Barry’s, where he works as a Legacy Trainer, as well as in other venues across New York. On day one of the pandemic, he took his classes to the virtual world and has been flourishing ever since.

Getting Into the Whop Hub

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Keoni’s COREntine+ doesn’t have its own Discord server or Telegram channel. To access the on-demand sessions, you’ll need to look through your Whop Hub. Once you purchase a COREntine+ membership, you can go to “Your Orders” and click on the COREntine+ icon to be redirected to the Whop Hub.

There, you’ll find all of Keoni’s sessions and challenges neatly organized for you to follow along. You can start any challenge you want, watch the fitness sessions, and mark them as complete when you’re done. Your Hub will keep track of your progress, so you always know how deep into a challenge you are.

Keoni provides seasonal challenges curated for the summer holidays or New Year. This is very important as his experience allows him to judge what types of exercises are more important for each time of the year, as well as what he has to look out for based on each season.

The COREntine+ Hub also contains a dedicated chat room where all members can freely talk about their fitness goals or any topic they want. There’s also a “Suggestions” channel, where members can write their ideas about potential training techniques they want to see.

Top-Level On-Demand and Live Fitness Sessions

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Once you get into a specific challenge, you can have a look at all the different classes and choose the ones you prefer. Keoni has workout routines for the entire body, all of which are around an hour long. In the beginning, he’ll often greet members who were present during the live recording and start blasting some fun and vibrant music to help members get in the groove.

He splits his workouts into light, medium, and heavy sets. Depending on each routine, he starts with some warm-up exercises, stretches, and breathwork. After that, the main part of the routine begins, and Keoni always motivates the members and reminds them how much they have left.

Most exercises are very simple and functional and require little to no equipment. Sometimes, Keoni will use some basic equipment, including medium and heavy weights, resistance bands, mini bands, and booty bands. He even utilizes everyday household items, like a chair or a pasta pot.

What You Get with the COREntine+ Virtual Experience

Keoni offers an amazing virtual experience through COREntine+ that’s packed with features. Below, you can find the most important ones you can expect to gain access to with your premium membership.

  • Huge on-demand fitness class library
    Train with 100+ recorded classes, including on-demand challenges
  • Coach with tons of experience
    Get advanced training tips from Keoni, a professional trainer with over a decade of experience
  • Friendly community of fitness enthusiasts
    Join a fun and exciting community full of energetic members with the same goals and aspirations as you

Joining COREntine

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If you want to gain access to Keoni’s virtual fitness world, you’ll need to pay a premium membership. The sole available package is $400 for annual access, which basically comes out to a little over a dollar every day.

With that amount of money, you can enter The COREntine+ Virtual Experience and experience all of Keoni’s on-demand classes. You’ll also automatically be eligible to enroll in any future live sessions on Zoom, and you’ll constantly receive fitness and workout advice.

The COREntine+ Virtual Experience – Start Your Virtual Fitness Journey Today

As you can see, Keoni has put in a ton of effort on his COREntine+ Virtual Experience. He’s utilized every technique he learned throughout his years as a professional coach to create the ultimate fitness environment for anyone looking to build their body at home.

And it’s not just about fitness routines and exercises – Keoni goes out of his way to interact with the community and help out members in any way possible. Just like himself, he wants everyone to succeed in their fitness journey and become the best version of themselves they can be. That’s why you should check out The COREntine+ Virtual Experience on the Whop marketplace if you’re ready to take the first step into becoming a healthier and fitter you.

With Keoni’s virtual training hub, you’ll find a ton of on-demand routines so that you can complete them at your own pace. You’ll also be able to socialize with other aspiring fitness enthusiasts and go on this long fitness journey together.