One of the best business models to pursue as an entrepreneur at any level is flipping for profit, and although its concept of buy low, sell high is simple in theory, it’s hard to get consistent success unless you have a solid knowledge base and time-tested strategy.

We’re lucky today that many successful individuals who have achieved success in their entrepreneurial realms, including flipping, are giving back in the form of advice. Although you can find free advice on Google and social media, the most valuable, expert advice is found in private online groups. FlipFlip is one of those groups.

Founded in 2017 with the intention to connect resellers worldwide, FlipFlip is a group that has solidified itself as a top resource for all things flipping.

Over the years, they’ve continued to innovate and capitalize on an even wider range of money-making opportunities, including finding price errors and profitable investing.

In this article, we’ll break down all you need to know about FlipFlip and why it’s a top pick for you if you want to find success as a reseller. Keep reading to see all the goodies you’ll get as a member and the different options you have for joining.

Why Flipping?

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When it comes to making money online, it’s hard to beat flipping. Not only can you make money quickly and with little investment, you will be selling products that already have established demand. All of this makes generating revenue incredibly easy when you build the right channels to reach customers.

Since flipping can be done in any niche, it’s easy to pick a product that aligns with your current interests, which will make work not only fun and easy but you’ll gain a natural edge over competition as someone who vibes with their audience.

Once you start finding winning products, you can build your business to match your ambitions, from a nice side hustle to a comfortable full-time income with the right guidance.

The Dedicated Team Behind FlipFlip

flipflip founder
Dylan, the founder of FlipFlip

FlipFlip was founded by Dylan who started out by documenting his journey flipping in his hometown, on both a podcast and YouTube channel. He’s as real as it gets, and those who followed him from the beginning saw him start from driving around to thrift stores to moving up to buying items in bulk as his profits continued to compound. 

Dylan then founded the FlipFlip Discord channel, and when an overwhelming amount of people came in, he had to recruit a team and eventually turned the group into a premium, members-only environment so that he could invest in tools and resources to make the group even better.

Now FlipFlip has expanded to a dedicated staff covering all aspects of reselling, including full-time staff dedicated to the competitive and lucrative world of Amazon FBA reselling .

The group also pretty much covers the entire spectrum of online money-making opportunities today, spanning from reselling to investing, and more.

What You Get as a Member of FlipFlip 

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Extensive features of FlipFlip as seen on their Instagram story highlights

FipFlip has come a long way from being a simple reseller group and is now a top resource for building a broad skill set to profit in many areas of making money with entrepreneurial skills built thanks to the group’s many benefits, which include the following:

All Things Reselling
If you want a one-stop shop for all things reselling, it’s hard to beat FlipFlip. Not only does it cover a huge array of niches and categories such as sneakers, sports cards, tickets, and NFTs, you’ll also get education on all of the different platforms and methods to use to maximize your income. The group has dedicated channels for each category that are complete with expert moderators who lead the way and answer any questions.

Extensive Amazon Coverage
Making money on Amazon as a reseller isn’t necessarily beginner-friendly, as there are so many hurdles to overcome to launch and establish a business amongst the many other sellers there. However, with FlipFlip, cashing in with Amazon is no longer a pipedream, it’s incredibly accessible thanks to their full-time team dedicated to ensuring success for anyone who wants to take this path. They cover all methods out there, including FBM, FBA, Merch by Amazon, and how to get ungated for the most profitable categories and items.

Making Money with Investing and Crypto
FlipFlip loves to make money in all ways, and if an opportunity is popping off - even if it’s outside of reselling - you don’t have to leave the group to get news about it. The group even covers how to make money investing, which is an essential skill to multiply wealth in the long run. They’ve also capitalized on all opportunities that crypto has offered in the past years, from flipping NFTs to calling other profitable investments in the cryptocurrency space. Plus, you’ll learn about how to make money investing in sports betting so you can further diversify your investment skills.

Freebies and Life Hacks
In addition to making money with FlipFlip, you’ll be able to save money and live better overall with their freebies and life hacks. From corporate discounts on rental cars, plane tickets and other travel perks, to getting Amazon freebies and glitch deals, the amount of extra perks you get as a member adds up like crazy.

FlipFlip Exclusive Bots
Members of the private Discord group also benefit from FlipFlip exclusive bots. These include Autocheckout software, an Amazon Freebies bot, Food bots and monitors that find the latest profitable deals across several platforms.

Choosing your Plan

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If you’re ready to join the FlipFlip group, you’ll have several plans to choose from:

FlipFlip Freebies Pro: For just $10 per month, you’ll get access to a Freebies bot account that averages 30-60 free items every month, making it the best bang for your buck out of all the options. However, with this option, you only get the bot without the valuable community.

FlipFlip AI Autocheckout Pass: FlipFlip offers an AI assistant in the form of an Autocheckout bot for an industry-low price of $20 per month. With its smart automations that work in tandem with the best bots in the business, you will eliminate the tedious tasks of filling out tons of profiles and greatly increase your chances of getting profitable drops.

FlipFlip Premium Membership: If you want full access to all of the group’s features, tools and channels, you can gain it with a premium membership which currently costs $69.99 per month. 

FlipFlip Premium Membership + Gold Club: Within the already exclusive community of FlipFlip’s premium membership lies its Gold Club, which is a small circle that has the closest connection to Dylan and all of the group experts. Inside, you’ll get specialty leads and highly valuable perks that are only available to Gold Club members. The total cost for this tier is $100 per month.

FlipFlip Lifetime Membership: If you want to save money in the long run by eliminating the need to pay a recurring subscription, you can become a member for life for a one-time payment of $1000.

Free Waitlist: Due to the popularity of the group, membership is often at capacity, so you can start off by enrolling in the Free Waitlist so you can be the latest to know when spots open up.

Become a Part of the FlipFlip Family Today!


With group members benefiting not only from a broad spectrum of reselling advice but also investing, freebies and life hacks, FlipFlip is a members-only community that is hard to beat.

Additionally, FlipFlip is amongst the few thoroughly vetted groups that have gained the status of Whop Verified, which will give you further assurance in the group’s quality and your chance to succeed as a member.

So, if you’re ready to become part of a family that is constantly leveling up their money game with reselling, investing, life hacks, and more, head over to choose your FlipFlip membership today.