When it comes to finding success in reselling, figuring out how to buy items at profitable price points can be one of the hardest things to do consistently.

The most experienced resellers overcome this issue by diversifying their sourcing strategies, mixing more well-known strategies like retail arbitrage or dealing with wholesale suppliers.

However, a sub-category of resellers who are well versed in all sourcing methods know that there are hidden opportunities in price errors or glitch deals that happen on many retail websites, including Amazon. By uncovering and jumping on these low-key, short-lived opportunities, resellers can make incredible margins in a way that is generally not known to the public.

Let’s find out more about this secretive way that flippers and resellers find these semi-hidden prices on Amazon in this guide.

Amazon Glitch Deals: What are They?

While some resellers will use Amazon promo codes or coupon codes to get discounts on inventory so that they can maximize profits, others are aware that every now and then, glitch deals happen which can give the same benefit if not better. An Amazon glitch deal is when an item that is listed on the platform is priced below the normal market range. Since these listings are valid, buyers who notice them and act on the opportunity quickly can score insane deals as these sellers need to fulfill the orders to keep their reputation up.

These glitch deals will sometimes be similar to discounts you can get with an Amazon coupon, and in some rare cases, you can even score items totally for free.

What Causes Amazon Glitch Deals?


Amazon glitch deals can happen for a number of reasons. Here are the most common reasons that they happen:

Human error: One of the most common ways that Amazon glitch deals is a store owner, employee or virtual assistant simply inputting the wrong price for an item and listing it live.

Software Updates: Updates on Amazon, or any software that sellers are using to create or automate listings, can sometimes cause bugs that lead to temporary pricing errors. An update in Amazon’s inventory syncing can also produce a similar effect on prices.

Coupon or promo code errors:  Some coupon or promo codes might glitch outside of their initially expected value. For example, you might get a higher percentage or dollar amount when applied to a specific item, or you might be able to stack different codes with each other to get items for steep discounts or completely for free.

5 Amazon Glitch Deal Examples

Amazon glitch deals come in several forms, the most common being either a discount that is apparent immediately on the seller’s page for the item or a discount that is applied at the cart either by default or with a coupon or promo code. Here are some examples of glitch deals.

1. Canon EOS Rebel for $56

Canon EOS Amazon

Cameras are an example of one of the best-selling items on eBay and Amazon, so they’re one of the most profitable items to target as a reseller.

In this example by Profit Lounge, the Canon EOS Rebel 850D (one of the most popular models for entry-level to intermediate photographers) was found for a massive discount at below $60 compared to its normal list price of over $730. that's a saving of over $680.

2. MSI Gaming Laptop for $300

frugal season laptop

Reselling group Frugal Season is known for being home to some of the best Amazon pricing errors, and this case of a MSI gaming laptop pushed to group members is a great example of both the group’s capability and a profitable pricing error.

This model, which has a retail price of $1000, was available in an Amazon glitch for $279.99, making a great opportunity for resellers at a markdown of over $700.

3. Free 3D Wooden Puzzle worth $40

free wooden puzzle amazon

Here’s an example of an Amazon pricing error resulting in a free item. This 3D wooden puzzle was available completely for free including shipping thanks to a glitch that allowed for the stacking of a coupon on top of a promotion.

While this isn’t a brand-name item, it’s still within a popular category, so you can find a buyer for it especially since you’re working with an unbeatable profit margin of 100% minus shipping.

The group that is responsible for this find is Freebie Frenzy.

4. $1100+ Diamond Ring for $43

amazon diamond ring

One of the craziest examples in terms of discounted price in the world of Amazon price glitches and errors was this diamond ring that was uncovered by deals Discord group Jigged.

Listed at a whopping 96% discount from its $1166 retail price, this diamond ring was available to group members who saw it and acted quickly enough for just $42.66. 

5. Bulk Reese’s Candy for 99% off

reeses candy

Amazon glitch deals don’t just apply to traditional resellable products, they can also apply to food. Whether you wanted to stock these for personal consumption or to profit with individual resale, with this example, you would have been able to see this insane deal on bulk Reese’s candy for just $0.58 shipped. That's $100 worth of candy for just $0.58.

How to Find Amazon Glitch Deals and Price Errors

Now that you have seen how amazing these Amazon glitch deals can be, you're probably wondering how to find them. Well, when it comes to scoring these profitable Amazon glitches, you are basically limited to three options.

Keep in mind that with all of these, speed is of the essence, as many of these are short-lived opportunities that only the fastest are able to capitalize on:

Manual searching

The only free way to find Amazon glitch deals or price errors will come either by pure luck while noticing a price, or intensive research and combing through listings by manual searching to see if you can stumble across an insane publicly listed price.

You’ll want to start by knowing what the top-selling items on Amazon are, and from there, you’ll know which items to look out for.

You can also test promo or coupon codes to see if they work together to give steep discounts or even free items.

Use a monitor

Software developers have solved the problem of manually checking prices of different items by outsourcing this tedious and repetitive task to a monitor, which regularly checks prices and notifies in real time of any price changes that result in an opportunity.

However, it can be hard to find custom monitors that work, and hiring a developer can be expensive. Coding a monitor on your own if you are capable is an option.

Join a Reselling or Discounts and Deals group

The best way to find Amazon glitch deals and price errors is to join a group that is committed to uncovering them. Not only are these groups equipped with multiple state-of-the-art, custom and constantly updated monitors, they have these for a fair price and are a great environment to foster your success as a reseller looking to source profitable items to flip.

All of the glitches shared above have come from groups dedicated to discounts, deals, and reselling. As a member, you are alerted to these deals so that you can act on them right away, rather than having to trawl through sites and test out coupons by yourself.

Are There Risks to Using Amazon Glitch Deals? 

amazon sellers

Discovering glitch deals can be an absolute game changer when it comes to sourcing. However, although you will benefit from higher profit margins and a competitive advantage over sellers that aren’t aware of this method, you shouldn’t rely on this method entirely as there are some downsides.

Amazon Glitch Deals Risks

Order Cancellation
The biggest risk to using Amazon glitch deals is simply that your purchase might get canceled. You never know whether or not your order will get fulfilled until there is a tracking number, and although sellers are incentivized to keep their reputation strong by maintaining 100% fulfillment, some might cancel your order. The good news though is that you’ll get a refund so the only cost here is that of an opportunity.

Account Issues
Even if your orders for glitch deals are being fulfilled consistently, you should make sure that you’re also making regular-priced purchases as well. If your Amazon account is only scoring steeply discounted or free deals, you could raise a red flag with Amazon who may suspend your account.

Limited Quantities
Glitch deals aren’t common, so they are always limited in stock. Know that sometimes you will strike out on opportunities, particularly in the instances where there is only one item from a single seller that is selling a hot item at a steep discount. Remember that speed is of the essence when scoring these deals. 

Quality control issues
Although Amazon holds a high seller standard, there’s a chance that the reason an item is underpriced is because there are issues with its quality and its authenticity. Before reselling an item that you bought from a glitch deal, be sure to verify its quality and authenticity so you don’t run into any account issues or suspension if you accidentally end up with and try to sell an item that is low quality or not authentic.

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How do I find Amazon hot deals?

If you want to find hot deals on Amazon, including glitch deals, the best way to do so is by joining a dedicated group of resellers that is equipped with tools such as monitors that push all of the best deals in real time. Alternatives include finding and using coupons or promotional codes and special events such as Prime day. 

Does Amazon have a secret bargain section?

Beyond the regular trending and deals pages, you can find bargain sections on Amazon that some people aren’t aware of. These pages include Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet, which both offer deals on refurbished and overstock products that you can buy to resell on a platform where these items fetch higher prices.

How do I get stuff cheaper on Amazon?

Rather than pay full retail price for items on Amazon, you can wait and get things cheaper on Amazon through a number of methods. These include tracking deals and sales, taking advantage of coupons and promotions, and finding glitch deals and price errors.  

Where does Amazon sell their returned items?

Amazon sells its returned items through a number of channels. One is right back on their platform on Amazon Warehouse, where returned and open-box products are sold to the public. Amazon also sells their return inventory in bulk to liquidation companies who package and sell them to reselling businesses, typically with return pallets. For more on buying and selling return pallets profitably, check out our full guide here!