Perhaps the most beginner-friendly and diverse online platform for reselling anything, eBay is the preferred channel for many resellers, many of whom are long-time and loyal users. However, one of the hardest things about starting to use eBay is understanding which are the best products to sell on the platform.

In this guide, we’ll briefly go over why it’s a good idea to use eBay to resell, and then we will dive into a list of the best items to resell on the eBay across four different categories, so that you can get your business off to a profitable start as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’ll wrap up with some pro tips on how to maximize your opportunity as an eBay reseller, including how and where to learn from experts for your best chance of success.

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Why Resell on Ebay?

Whether you’re a casual seller looking for a side hustle, or if you have aspirations to scale to a huge reselling business, eBay is an accommodating choice.

The platform, which has been around since the early days of the internet, has a diverse set of products that are presented to a highly active, global marketplace. So, no matter what you’re selling, there is probably traffic from your target audience that still uses eBay as a go-to source.

Signing up to sell on eBay is also an incredibly fast process, and unlike other platforms like Amazon, there are less initial restrictions or seller requirements to sell in most categories or to sell certain brands.

Although you can sell pretty much anything on eBay, it can be helpful to get an understanding of which markets are the most active as choosing the right market and its subsequent products will affect your motivation and profitability greatly, especially as a new seller.

Ebay vs Amazon - Which is Best for Resellers?

It’s important to choose the right platform as a reseller. While sometimes the choice is clear, like picking an active platform that was made directly for your niche, it can be tougher to choose between broad marketplaces, the top two of which are Amazon and EBay.

In order to make an effective decision of which platform is best for your individual situation as a reseller, it’s important to know which each platform is best for.

EBay is the OG of online marketplaces, and it has a relatively low barrier to entry when it comes to creating an account and making a listing. Thus, it’s great for selling absolutely anything, including unique and hard to find, and items in any condition at any price point. It is also free to create and maintain a basic account, and fees are quite reasonable, with frequent promotions that reduce or even sometimes completely eliminate seller fees. Although eBay lacks the reach and price premium for newer items, there is also generally less competition and a lower level of seller qualifications.

Amazon dominates in terms of volume, with a customer base and product revenue that dwarfs eBay’s and continues to grow. Its FBA program makes hands-off fulfillment possible and opens you up to the super active Prime audience. It’s also a top choice for high-volume retail arbitrage sellers who enjoy the broad and quick reach to a highly targeted audience. However, Amazon has a higher bar for sellers, which is good for their consumer base for quality assurance, but bad for newcomers who want to sell name brands. For the most part, new sellers won’t be approved to list anything name brand or in certain categories altogether until their account meets certain qualifications, creating a catch-22. Amazon also isn’t the best place to sell used items as it limits the ability to do so or to upload custom pictures.

Ultimately, the best platform for you will depend on what you’re selling, its condition, and which type of audience you want to reach. Both eBay and Amazon are great for sellers who want to reach a large and diverse market, and for the most part, eBay is more beginner-friendly while Amazon is better for established sellers looking to scale. In this article, we are focusing on the former.

The Best Items to Resell on Ebay

To save you some time and research, here is a list of the best items to sell on eBay

We picked these items based on market demand and sales volume, and they’ve been divided into four different categories to make it easier for you to quickly reference this guide for later.

Let's dive in:

1- Clothing and Accessories

Nike Jordans

EBay has been offering incentives for buyers in recent days to compete with the other apps such as the coupon code seen above.

In the wide landscape of products sold on eBay, no item has the long-standing clout that sneakers do, particularly Nike Jordans. Much of the early online aftermarket for sneakermarket, which was primarily Retro Jordans, was driven by eBay. Although many platforms and dedicated sneaker apps have popped up in recent years, the loyal audience of sneakerheads on eBay has remained strong. 


 In modern days, the slides pictured above are some of the best Yeezys to sell on eBay.

Kanye West’s shoes, known as Yeezys, were first made in collaboration with Nike in the early 2000s. These shoes have reached legendary status for OG sneakerheads, many of whom still prefer to use eBay. The Yeezy brand then moved on to a partnership with Adidas, but following a rocky relationship between Ye and the brand, the collaboration was discontinued, strengthening the appeal of the original collabs, many of which are sold on eBay.

Luxury Handbags

Another category of items that drives a significant amount of revenue on eBay is the luxury handbag market. There are often deals that are promoted on the platform for both buyers and sellers of these. Well-known high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci do well on the platform, but particularly with vintage, rarer or discontinued variations that might be hard to find elsewhere online. Authenticity is particularly important when selling in this category, so before making a listing, double check that your bag is legit.


EBay’s watch market is quite established, complete with authenticity checks and guarantees for those dropping top dollar on the most expensive models like Rolex and Audemars Piguet. You might be surprised to find the dollar amounts that people transact on the platform for higher-end watches, but this is because eBay has a long-standing reputation as a good place to buy a legitimate, valuable and rare timepiece. Not all watches will break the bank for you as a reseller, as there are many brands in different price ranges that you can sell.



Another booming segment in the clothing and accessories items is streetwear. This subcategory of fashion is driven by curated hype, and many buyers love the effort and taste that it takes to find a gem in the sea of clothing products on eBay. Start by knowing big names, such as Palace Skateboards, Supreme, Vetements, Off-White and Fear of God. If you build a store that focuses on stocking these and other streetwear names and styles, you could find yourself with a loyal audience.

Vintage clothing

The closest thing to the thrill of the hunt of thumbing through the racks of a thrift store is to browse eBay for a particular piece of vintage wear. Whether you are selling casual and cozy fits or if you stock streetwear, the market of buyers for classic brands in their vintage variations like Carhartt, Champion and Polo is strong and will give you a good source of revenue as a reseller. 

2- Electronics


While cell phones are a good category to target on eBay, iPhones in particular are the best if you want the hottest and most active market of rabid buyers. Apple’s phones have a market dominance of over 50% in the US, so you will get top dollar and fast sales for nearly any model iPhone, regardless of the year or even its condition.


EBay is known to attract a group of cost-conscious buyers who are in the market for pre-owned high-ticket items, and this is especially the case with laptops, which have a strong demand, particularly in used condition. While Macbooks hold a good chunk of the market share and can certainly sell quickly, gaming and student laptops like Razer and Chromebooks are also great models to target.

Gaming Consoles


One category to target on eBay, particularly during the holiday season, is gaming consoles. Since these are often a one-time and costly purchase, the market is hottest during special occasions. There will be a market for both newer and vintage consoles, and if you get lucky with the timing, you can flip new model releases which don’t come often but also fall into the timing with the Q4 holiday spending boom.

Vintage electronics

vintage electronics

Ever since technology has made exponential advances with everything becoming hi-res and instantaneous, many have become apathetic to these impressive yet arguably soulless advances. For this reason, there’s a growing group of individuals craving the granular retro feel which can only be found in vintage electronics. From Gameboys to Sony Walkmans and film cameras, eBay is known to be a go-to hub for old-school tech in any category.

3- Collectibles

Sports Cards

sports cards

The market for collectibles and memorabilia on eBay is quite strong, and this is particularly true when it comes to sports cards. Many rare cards fetch high prices, such as those of retired players, autographed cards, or one-off rookie cards. Graded cards across all categories are the most valuable. The value of each card can fluctuate quite a bit, so for those who know the market well, there is also an opportunity for arbitrage by finding undervalued cards and reselling at the market price.

Funko Pops

funko pops

Funko pops, which are mini figurines of pop culture icons, are relatively new but have already cemented themselves as a highly sought-after name in the collectible market. The diverse range of characters appeals to a broad audience, and individual value can vary vastly, with some of the rarer models going for four or even five figures.



In general, older toys can sell consistently on eBay, however, if you want a specific yet broad suggestion, Legos will be your go-to. Rare sets, such as those that are limited production and discontinued, attract views and steady bids. As with many vintage toys, sealed and complete sets fetch the highest prices.

Board games

board games

Another great collectible to sell on eBay is board games, which have steady demand on the platform. Classics, vintage games, and popular modern names are all great choices. This specific community’s interest in original sets provides resellers with a strong market to serve. Thrift stores can be a great place to find these, but be sure to thoroughly inspect the condition and set completeness before making your sales listing. Also, do research by checking eBay listings if you see any game as it might have an audience on the platform even if you’ve never heard of it.

4- Home Goods



While larger kitchen appliances like refrigerators are best sold in person, smaller ones like blenders and juicers are great products to sell on eBay. You can sell either modern appliances or working vintage variations, the latter of which generally has a higher demand on eBay.

Vintage Kitchenware

vintage kitchenwear

For those who want a slice of nostalgia and a quality and finish that many modern products don’t match, vintage kitchenware is an attractive option, and eBay is a go-to place for buyers to find these items. Examples include Pyrex bowls, Kitchenaid mixers, and cast iron pans.

Power tools

power tools

DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike often seek eBay to get a deal on power tools. It’s best to sell these in used condition at a good deal. You can source these from garage sales, thrift stores, or even from eBay. When making your listing, make sure to highlight the condition of the tool, the exact specifications, included accessories and any other relevant product highlights.

Unique decor


EBay is a great resource for those who are looking for unique pieces to furnish their home or room, so if you have an eye for quirky yet desirable pieces of decor, you should take full advantage and sell these on the platform. While the sales might not be consistent, you can have a decent degree of profitability, not much competition, and the potential for a loyal audience–all of these are upsides that can’t often be found in more popular niches.

For a more extensive list of what to resell on any platform, check out: Best Products to Resell in 2024 

How Much Money Can You Make Reselling on Ebay?

As with every entrepreneurial venture, the income potential of reselling on eBay is proportional to the amount of focused effort and the profitability and market demand of the category or items you’re selling.

Some side hustlers can make up to a few hundred dollars per month, but if you nail a niche and are selling in a hot and trending market, making thousands per month or even per week isn’t unheard of.

Key factors that influence your profitability include the average profit margin of your items, the market demand, your seller reputation, and whether or not you have a loyal audience of repeat buyers. You will have the highest chances of making greater amounts of money if you carry out best practices.

Reselling on Ebay Best Practices

Here are a few tips that you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to have success as an eBay reseller:

1- Build and maintain an excellent reputation


EBay relies heavily on seller reputation, and they give you a score which is a percentage based on how much positive feedback you have received. As a new seller, you won’t have feedback to start out, but you can quickly gain it especially if you start off selling a popular item and make a great listing for it. 

Once you’ve made your first sale, politely ask for a review a few days after the buyer has received the item if they haven’t left you feedback yet–eBay reminds the buyer to leave feedback. Ship quickly, communicate clearly and answer questions promptly and accurately and you’ll gain and maintain a good reputation which will help increase your sales.

2- Make detailed, quality listings

photo guidance

People make purchasing decisions visually with online shopping, so good pictures as an eBay reseller are an absolute must. Use stock footage if possible if selling a new item. When selling used, well-lit, take pictures of multiple angles at high resolution, highlighting any imperfections if any. By accurately taking pictures and describing the condition, you’re more likely to get positive feedback and reduce dissatisfaction and returns.

3- Become a niche expert


By creating a store that is personalized around a certain theme, you’ll be able to have more of a potential to scale with an audience that can save your store, see your other items, and follow all of the new items that you drop.

thrifted shirts

This thrift store pictured above for example was able to generate well over 1000 sales in just a few short years by focusing mostly on vintage streetwear tees, and taking simple but uniform pictures, so that shoppers can easily browse his store for other similar items.

4- Understand all fees

ebay fees

Selling on eBay aligns with the ballpark range of fees of most platforms, which you can roughly calculate to be around 10% of the sales price. EBay also has a nominal listing fee which is almost always less than $1.

However, the exact number will vary based on which category you’re selling in.To more accurately calculate your profit margin, be sure to read up on all of the different selling fees in addition to factoring in shipping costs–some sellers make the buyer pay for shipping at a dynamic rate based on location, while others offer free flat rate shipping to hopefully attract more buyers.

5- Price fairly compared to other sellers

price failry

If you’re selling a good item on eBay, you’re competing with other listings for customers. In addition to having a good reputation and attractive photos, you will need to set a price that is fair based on recent sales, which might change quickly depending on the market conditions. 

iphone price

By filtering by “Sold” and “Completed” listings, you will see the exact prices that an item has sold for at both at auction and for buy it now. Price your item within this range depending on what listing format you choose so that you can have the best chance at selling quickly.


The best resellers on eBay are able to identify and act upon trends quickly so that their business is always relevant. By being able to remain relevant with the current trends, they benefit from better cashflow from a more active audience.

Ideally, you can act on trends early as they emerge, before they become too saturated. In addition to looking around on social media to see what people are talking about and buying, you can perform research on google trends here to get some ideas about what’s currently hot and what is losing steam.

Learn the Tips and Tricks of Ebay Reselling From the Pros

Now that you’ve been armed with a list of the best products to resell on eBay and have some pro tips with guidelines for best practices that top sellers use, you’re one step closer in your journey to becoming a fully-fledged reseller.

Just about anyone who has reached a respectable level of success in any business realm will tell you that their success was not possible without some form of help from others along the way. 

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Once inside, you’ll gain immediate access to what is for some the secret sauce of their reselling success. Many of them are beginner-friendly as well, so these groups are a great way to get started on the right foot in your reselling journey.

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