When you decide to join a trading Discord server, you’ll notice that many of them specialize in one single thing. Most usually have a single channel where every alert is posted and a chat to keep members engaged. That’s not the case with this one, though. 

FU Money Club is a server that has a bit of everything. There are 50+ experts giving out alerts every day, whether that be options, crypto, or good old shares. Zack, the owner, also utilizes plenty of bots to keep all the members updated on the latest data.

This might be enough to get you hyped about joining the Club. But, if you’re not ready yet and want to learn more about what the server has to offer, keep reading our review.

Zack and the Club

F.U. money club

Let’s begin by covering who runs the Club and who gives out all the alerts, charts, etc. The owner of FU Money Club is Zack Morris, a well-known trader who’s super active on social media and shares his predictions on how he thinks certain stocks will perform.

But Zack is just one part of an enormous team of expert traders. We’re talking 50+ expert, sharing their ideas daily. 11 of them (alongside Zack) also have dedicated roles on the server, which will allow you to follow just them. So, if you only want notifications for Zack’s alerts, you can opt not to receive any from other experts.

With such a team backing up the server, it’s only fitting that FU Money Club is also Whop Verified. Whop vetted the team and gave it the badge because of the great value it provides to members. Now, what is that value?

Alerts Galore

Alerts for different markets

For starters, the Club has a ton of alerts for different markets. While there’s the general “Alerts” channel where all the experts post, you’ll also get access to the $SPY alerts channel, and a dedicated one for swing trades. But that’s not it.

Zack has a bot that tracks the top gainers for each trading week. So, you can make more bullish moves when you see that one of the stocks is gaining a lot in a certain week. Learning how to make your own trades is one of the big parts of the server, too, but we’ll go over that in a bit.

Speaking of Zack, we have to mention his live trading sessions. You can simply hop on the server’s voice channel during trading hours, and he’ll probably be there sharing his screen and making trades. 

Now, we also want to mention the Zack Attack package you can get alongside your regular membership. This will give you access to a couple of exclusive channels within the Discord and Zack’s TradingView indicator, allowing you to follow his train of thought.

But, as always, you must do your due diligence.

Do Your Due Diligence

Daily preview for trading day

When it comes to trading, regardless of how many Discords you join, you have to learn when to make that trade and when it might not be a great idea. That’s why the FU Money Club has a specific part within the server to help you make the best decision possible.

For one, Rizzleso posts daily previews for the trading day going ahead. He covers what the overall data shows and his opinions and then takes a deep dive into some of the biggest gainers or movers on the pre-market or the week thus far.

Besides that, the entire team posts a fair share of daily chart analyses on the dedicated channel. You might also find the odd liquidity chart for major indices within the same channel, which you can review to be a more efficient trader.

That’s not all, though. There’s a separate section of the server where you can read tons of trading resources. We’re talking psychology, risk management, even book suggestions to improve your day trading game.

All these show that the team is willing to focus more on teaching its members how to become better traders rather than simply giving out alerts, which is great to see.

Chats and… Sports Picks?

One of many chat channels

And now, we get into the chat channels, of which there are many. You’ll probably spend most of your time in the member chat, where you’ll be able to talk about pretty much anything. You could even talk about Zack’s own cryptocurrency, $ZACK.

But the real magic lies in the rest of the channels. First, you’ve got different channels for different types of trades. Options and futures have their own separate channels, while there are also separate channels for crypto.

What truly surprised us is that there’s also a dedicated sports betting channel where members can post their picks. Rather odd to see this within a trading server, but a good feature, nevertheless.

What You Get With FU Money Club

There’s plenty of stuff within FU Money Club, so let’s go over some of the main features once again:

  • Tons of different alerts and charts from 50+ experts: Access to alerts and chart analyses by every expert on the team.
  • Many educational resources: Weekly market research and fundamental trading guides for all experience levels.
  • Helpful, vibrant community: Plenty of channels to chat with other members and exchange trading ideas.
  • Live trading with Zack: Discord-native trading sessions with Zack during trading hours.

Zack Attack or Money Club?

FU Money Club Whop page

Now, if you had a look at FU Money Club’s Whop page, you’d be intrigued by the two packages Zack offers. Usually, you’d get different levels of access on a Discord with different prices for each, but Zack does something different.

You can get access to the Club by paying a monthly fee of $100 or a yearly one of $1000. You can also go for the Zack Attack MFer package, which gives you access to extra Discord channels and Zack’s exclusive TradingView indicator. This will set you back $50 monthly.

Considering the value offered within the server and the sheer number of experts, the price point is very fair and is definitely lower than some other communities, which charge 10x the amount with half the value.

FU Money Club – Get Your Trades to FU Money Territory

It’s pretty clear that FU Money Club wants to help its members become better traders, not just by presenting the best trades to them but also by teaching them how to find these themselves. Zack himself is doing wonders by managing the server and organizing the tens of different experts.

With all the channels you get access to and all the alerts you’ll get daily, the Club promises to make you money by pushing the experts to give you the best value, and they’re doing a damn good job at it. And to think that the server is only a few months old, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

So, if you really want a trading Discord where you’ll learn, first and foremost, join FU Money Club. Trade carefully, consult the experts, and always do your due diligence. And remember that you’re not alone in this, as there are hundreds of like-minded folks who are trading on the daily and are always willing to help you out.