Sports betting can be an expensive activity, especially if you don't understand how to play the game. That is why many bettors turn to experts in the form of paid sports picks communities in order to learn what it takes to become a profitable bettor. One such community is Kleos Sports Consulting.

The team behind Kleos Sports Consulting has been active for almost a decade and has shown impressive success for most of these years. The group consists of several professional analysts who work tirelessly to find the best value bets on every sport imaginable. 

Kleos picks are also backed by their unique betting algorithm that shows the confidence level for each play and allows them to adjust their bet size and manage their bankroll accordingly.

If this has sparked your interest, read on for our Kleos Sports Consulting review, where we examine this sports betting Telegram channel to see what it’s all about. We’ll also give you an in-depth look at what exactly you get when you become a member of the platform.

Why Join Kleos Sports Consulting?

Kleo sports consulting

Let’s start off with a few reasons why subscribing to Kleos could be worth your while. To begin with, these guys release a whole lot of different bets every day on all major sports, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and college sports. They also provide a lot of variety on their plays, offering main market picks, player props, and a few parlays, if that’s more your thing.

Plus, the analysts at Kleos Sports Consulting spend hours every day looking for picks with excellent value. They research stats, matchups, recent history, and results and also consider things like injuries and player form. This way, they’re able to make insightful predictions and pair them against the lines and odds of sportsbooks to find discrepancies and good value bets.

They also employ strict bankroll management and place a specific amount of units on every play. Further, Kleos thoroughly tracks all of their wins, losses, and units and frequently posts them on the respective Telegram channel for members to see. This ensures complete transparency, which isn’t something all sports picks communities are willing to do.

This transparency and quality in their picks have gathered more than 10,000 total clients for Kleos Sports Consulting. They’re also very highly rated on the Whop marketplace, boasting 300+ five-star reviews.

Discipline is Key

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Although the team consistently showcases great win percentages, Kleos Sports Consulting knows there are always good and bad days in sports betting. In order to have a shot at becoming profitable long-term, you need to leave your emotions to the side and remain disciplined in your betting - and these guys know it.

That’s why they always do their best to provide well-researched plays to help reduce risk as much as possible. Of course, bad losing streaks are inevitable, which is why Kleos is quick to offer membership extensions and free “Lock” plays during particularly bad runs.

Speaking of “Locks”, these are their most confident plays and one of the most popular packages. There are different “Lock” tiers, including the “Lock of the Month”, “Lock of the Year”, and “Lock of the Century”, and each one comes with a specific unit sizing you’re advised to follow.

To come up with these “Lock” plays, Kleos Sports Consulting utilizes a unique algorithmic system that provides confidence levels for each pick. This allows them to adjust their unit sizing accordingly, so more money can be made on high-confidence plays, and less money can be lost in lower-confidence picks.

What You Get With Kleos Sports Consulting

Below, you can find a quick recap of all the features you get when you become a member of Kleos Sports Consulting:

  • Several daily picks
    Wide variety of plays every day, including singles, parlays, and different “Locks”.
  • Team of pro analysts
    Experts who meticulously research all matches in every major sport for the best value picks.
  • Unique algorithmic system
    Special betting algorithm that provides a confidence rating for every bet, which allows for proper unit allocation.
  • Bankroll management tips
    Advice on unit sizing for every bet to ensure consistency and discipline.
  • Complete tracking of results and units
    Full reports for all bets on all channels, including win percentages and unit wins/losses, for complete transparency.

Picking the Right Package

kleos packages

Kleos Sports Consulting comes with several different packages, each one containing different bet types. Additionally, you can purchase subscriptions for a week, a month, three months, six months, a year, or a lifetime for most packages. The three standard packages include the Kleos Sports Premium, the Diamond Lock, and the Gold Parlay. 

The Sports Premium package contains the bulk of daily plays, with 5-12 picks every day across multiple sports. The Diamond Lock bundle includes all “Locks”, which are the highest-confidence plays from the community. The Gold Parlay package consists of a few daily parlays on different sports with potentially very high odds.

Prices for these three packages come out to $199 a month for the Sports Premium, $299 a month for the Diamond Lock, and $179 for the Gold Parlay. There’s also the All-Inclusive access, which includes all picks from all three packages for $599 a month. Recently, the team also launched the UFC Blood Ruby package with expert UFC plays for $149 a month.

Finally, Kleos Sports Consulting often provides one-pick packages, where you can purchase access to a single pick for a smaller fee if you want to test the service out.

Kleos Sports Consulting - Join a Top Sports Picks Community that Strives for Success

As you can see, the Kleos Sports Consulting team is committed to the trade, and constantly strives to be the best. By joining the sports picks community, you benefit from the effort, research, and picks offered by the team, so that you can tail them without going through the hassle yourself. Plus, Kleos' thorough tracking of results is a nice bonus, as it ensures transparency and builds trust among the community.

If you’re serious about sports betting and are ready to take your game to the next level, consider joining Kleos Sports Consulting. Become a member of a hard-working community full of aspiring bettors like yourself, who all want the best chance to potentially become profitable in the future.