TikTok. The king of social media and an app many of us use on a daily basis. But, TikTok is also a platform with a huge potential to make money out of. With over a billion active users, you can create a successful TikTok channel if you find something you enjoy and monetize it. No idea where to start? Media Metas is your go-to place.

Created by algorithm specialist Musa Mustafa, Media Metas aims to help you grow your social media following and profit from platforms like TikTok, even if you have zero experience. The social media community includes tutorials and guides from Musa and other experts to help you build your brand-new TikTok account from scratch.

Keep reading our review of the Media Metas social media Discord server to find out what you get with your membership and whether it’s the right platform for your needs.

Why Join Media Metas?

The number one reason you should become a member at Media Metas is if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to social media. This community is built to support individuals taking their first steps into the world of TikTok. It’s one of the few places you’ll find such detailed information and tutorials to kickstart your own channel.

media metas discord

As soon as you enter the Media Metas Discord server, you’ll be greeted with a short tour of the server itself. Some of the first channels you can visit are located under the “Free Sauce” section, where you won’t need a membership to chat and participate. 

However, the real “meat” of the community lies within the paid channels, where members and experts talk about how the algorithm on TikTok and other platforms works and how you can master it.

Speaking of the algorithm, the first content category to begin your journey is definitely “Understanding The Algo”. You’ll find in-depth video tutorials by Musa himself, explaining all the basics of how algorithms operate in simple terms that anyone can easily comprehend. 

In this section, you’ll also find out what makes a viral clip and how you can create viral clips yourself. This includes how to choose the best clips and how to edit them effectively so they attract millions of views.

One key aspect of building a successful and lucrative channel on TikTok is finding a specific niche and what’s trending in that niche. Media Metas will assist in your research to find a niche, by sharing with you the hottest niches of the moment. Once you settle for a specific niche, find the type of content that’s trending and gathering millions of views, and focus on emulating that. 

Media Metas will also help you create a slick brand that resonates with your audience and is easy to pick out among a sea of content creators. Everything from your subtitles to the video quality of your content and your editing needs to be spot-on to maintain the viewer’s attention.

Once you’ve built your brand, Musa and the team of Media Metas will guide you on how you can successfully monetize it and additional ways you can profit from it. Then, it’s all about maintaining the relevance of your content and managing any adversities that might occur. But don’t worry, as the Media Metas expert will always be there to help you with any problems you face.

All the things we’ve mentioned so far barely scratch the surface in terms of the amount of content you can find at Media Metas. There are tons of additional tutorials for more intermediate users, a bunch of clips and editing presets to freely use, and all the help you need from the algorithm specialists that run the server.

What You Get With Media Metas

Purchasing a subscription at Media Metas will grant you access to an array of helpful content in addition to an established community with thousands of members. Here’s what you can expect from your Media Metas membership:

  • In-depth video tutorials from algorithm experts
    A thorough analysis of how to build a viral TikTok channel and how to master the algorithm through the view of Musa and other specialists.
  • Templates and presets for editing
    Tons of material, including viral clips, editing packs, overlays, and basically everything you need to create successful and viral videos.
  • New daily clips and videos
    Some of the top viral videos to create clips of, which will increase your viewership
  • Participation in monthly Musa calls
    Take part in special calls that Musa organizes every month, where he talks about everything that’s hot and trendy and answers members’ questions.
  • Constant support from the Media Metas team
    If you ever have any questions or issues, you can get help from one of the algorithm specialists, who are available 24/7.

Picking the Right Package

media metas whop options

Musa and the Media Metas team have made it very simple to become a member of their platform. There are only two options - a package for $40 a month, or $400 to gain lifetime access to all content on the Discord server. You won’t find any locked premium content that you’ll need to pay more for – what you see is what you get. 

And, if you’re not sure whether subscribing to Media Metas is a good idea, you can always just hang out in the free members zone. There’s an open chat for everyone to enjoy, along with a free market to buy and sell established channels and pre-edited clips.

Media Metas - Your Mentor to Conquering Social Media

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own successful channel on TikTok or any other social media platform, now’s as good a time as any to do it. Media Metas will be your guide to understanding how each platform’s algorithm works and how to use it advantageously to create viral clips that could make you tons of money.

👉Unlock your channel’s full potential and conquer all social media platforms with Media Metas today! Join thousands of successful social media creators who all started as complete beginners just like you and now own channels with millions of views.