If you’ve ever wanted to join a sports picks community with tens of thousands of members, as well as expert handicappers for all sports, MySportPick is the place for you! This sports picks Discord server combines insightful plays with in-depth analyses behind them, experienced cappers ready to help you succeed, and a fun and active community of sports bettors.

MySportPick utilizes a unique group of handicappers that are constantly rotated based on their performance. This way, the admins ensure the server is equipped with the hottest and top-performing cappers in the market, all ready to provide daily plays on every sport imaginable.

The Discord server also heavily focuses on the community aspect, featuring tons of guidance for all new members. The group hosts frequent livestreams and watch parties, and all members can participate in large giveaways.

Before you rush to purchase a subscription to MySportPick, read our in-depth review, where we’ll show you snippets from the Discord server itself to see how it operates. We’ll also talk about what features the community offers and how much it’ll cost you to join.

Jumping into the Discord Server

Let's take a look around the server. As soon as you join the MySportPick Discord server, you’ll find the Welcome section, which contains essential information on the server. The next category is the “Media & Entertainment” section, which includes links for the community's livestream sessions.

At the core of the server, you’ll find the “Sports Picks” with dedicated channels for each sport, future picks, long-shot plays, and even some free picks. Remember that all bets at MySportPick are thoroughly tracked to ensure transparency among members.

Next is the “Community” section. There, you’ll find channels for important announcements, chatting channels, and channels for posting your huge wins and near misses. There’s also a dedicated channel for community picks if you want to tail any specific group members.


In the Community section, you’ll also find the betting guide, which contains in-depth information about essential betting strategies, units, and bankroll management. This is key information for all newcomers to the world of sports betting that you won’t find in other communities.

On top of this educational material, MySportPick provides access to Props Cash bots to help members research their plays. You can use these bots to find player stats for prop bets on multiple sports, including the NBA, NHL, and MLB.

As an added bonus, MySportPick also participates in Whop’s Sports Streaks, a friendly ladder-style competition in which you pick the winner of an NBA game every day. The member with the longest win streak will earn cash prizes at the end of each month!

Expert Handicappers on Rotation

MSP handicappers discord

One key difference between MySportPick and other sports picks communities is the group of handicappers. MySportPick utilizes a competition structure where all cappers are pitted against each other, with some of them potentially eliminated at the end of each month.

Specifically, each handicapper on the team needs to maintain a win rate of at least 50% to avoid elimination. There are also incentives and bonuses for reaching certain win rate milestones, as well as prizes for the top three cappers every month. This way, MySportPick ensures only the most accurate and expert people are giving out plays.

The competitive environment cultivated through this rotation style ensures every handicapper puts in tons of effort on every single play. Whether it’s a main market play or a prop bet, these guys thoroughly research every stat available and provide a rigorous analysis behind every pick. 

They also suggest a specific number of units that members should wager based on their confidence level. These unit sizes are used to track the performance of each handicapper, which you can view in the weekly recap. The admins even began giving out title rings to the top capper every month with their win/loss ratio stamped on it.

What’s also great about the handicappers at MySportPick is that each one provides plays on multiple sports, including all major American leagues, soccer, tennis, and combat sports. As a result, you usually have many betting options for every sport you enjoy, especially if there’s a lot of action, such as during the Super Bowl or March Madness.

What You Get With MySportPick

It’s obvious that MySportPick offers many features for both new and experienced sports bettors. Here are a few of the most important ones.

  • Team of rotating cappers
    Several handicappers compete every month and need to maintain at least a 50% win rate to remain on the team
  • Highly-analyzed daily picks
    Insightful plays on sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and college sports, accompanied by stats, analyses, and unit sizing tips
  • Extensive bet tracking
    All bets are thoroughly tracked to ensure transparency and decide which handicappers are the top performers each month
  • In-depth guides and assistance
    Access to meticulous guides on basic and advanced betting concepts, as well as constant help and guidance by the admins and cappers
  • Fun and exciting community
    Active group that includes more than 35,000 aspiring sports bettors who have fun and enjoy their hobby together

Pricing Plans Galore

MSP pricing plan

We’ve mentioned that MySportPick is all about satisfying all members a few times by now, but it’s also evident in its pricing scheme. While you get all the features and picks on the Discord server with a single membership, there are six pricing plans to accommodate every member.

The most common is the monthly subscription for $49.99, a decent price considering how many daily picks you get. You can also get daily access to the server for $9.99 or weekly access for $19.99.

If you’re after some long-term deals, the three-month membership costs $139.99, and the annual subscription is $300. Alternatively, you can purchase lifetime access to the community for $600, which is great value if you plan to stick around for at least a few years.

And remember, MySportPick is one of the highest-rated Discord servers on Whop and has even earned the highly coveted Whop Verified badge. This accolade is only reserved for platforms that offer top-of-the-line services, and 35K+ members can attest to that.

MySportPick – Your Complete Sports Betting Solution

As you can see, MySportPick combines excellent sports picks by a group of top handicappers with a bustling community of members. The handicappers are tested extensively every month and must meet a certain win rate to keep their place on the team.

Additionally, the entire MySportPick group is readily available to help newcomers and veterans with anything they want. And let’s not forget the dozens of daily picks you get on all popular sports worldwide.

So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your sports bets, join MySportPick on the Whop marketplace today! See for yourself why tens of thousands of members swear by the community, its friendly atmosphere, and vast selection of highly curated sports picks.