If you’ve been coaching online long enough, you’ve probably gone through several different platforms to manage your business. Some were simply directories, others had way too many features. Admittedly, only a select few online coaching platforms can be considered the best.

And we’ve gathered all of these right here. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the top online coaching platforms you can use today. We’ve gathered a great variety of these, all with unique features, as well as their fair share of pros and cons.

You can read up until the end to find out some of the criteria we set for choosing these and what you should look for to decide the best platform for you. If you just want your next online coaching home, strap in, and let’s find it together!

Top 18 Online Coaching Platforms

There are tons of different online coaching apps, websites, and platforms, all with various features and offerings. In our list, we’ve aimed to cover as many of these as possible, whether they are marketplaces, directories, course makers, and so on.

If you ask us, though, there’s really only one platform that’s all that and so much more…

🥇 1. Whop

Whop screenshot

Whop is a platform for creators of all kinds to sell their digital products and services. When it comes to online coaching, Whop helps you automate all your tedious tasks and gives you all the tools you need to manage, run, and grow your coaching business. And you only need a few minutes to sign up and access all that! But why us?

First, we understand how time-consuming many of your everyday tasks are. Invoicing, scheduling calls, marketing and sales, contracts - you want to help your clients solve their problems, not spend your entire evening doing all these things manually. That’s where your whop comes in!

Your whop is your hub on Whop. Within it, you get access to apps that become the foundation of your whole coaching business. Handling payments and invoicing? Whop Payments is there to save the day! Simply create a “Meeting” product on your whop and use your Whop Checkout link to get paid by your clients. That’s it!

What about scheduling calls, chatting with your clients, and having the calls themselves? You can do all 3 in just 1 place. All you need to do is add the corresponding apps on your whop. And, if you’d rather use your current scheduling app, you can still embed it in your hub to have everything nice and organized in one place.

But can you still have some form or storefront? Or is Whop just another directory? Our answer to that is: why not both? You can host your very own front on Whop or become part of the Whop Marketplace.

If that’s not enough to get you hooked, let’s talk about growth. At Whop, you can start your very own community (or even host group coaching sessions), create a course, sign contracts, and make quizzes, all within that same place - your whop!

This must cost a fortune, right? Well, folks, we only take an industry-leading 3% fee for every sale. The apps come at no extra cost. Your hub, your dashboard, and all other operations within Whop are all included.

On top of all that, once you’re on Whop, you’ll have access to our 24/7 support team, who actively answer questions in a matter of minutes. 

So, here is a quick rundown of everything we just mentioned:


  • Create your whop, a personal hub that hosts all your business operations and growth
  • Utilize all the Whop Apps to manage your clients and automate your everyday tedious tasks
  • Advertise your storefront, or get it in front of hundreds of thousands through the Whop Marketplace
  • Integrate with all your current apps to better streamline your operations
  • Gather feedback through your Ratings and Reviews on your page on Whop


  • Extremely intuitive hub
  • Tons of growth opportunities
  • Several apps for streamlined operations
  • Access to a vibrant marketplace
  • 24/7 Support


  • Not 100% coaching-focused

Pricing: Whop is 100% free to use, including your hub, all the apps, and your storefront. Whop only takes a 3% fee per transaction.

Are you ready to launch your coaching business on Whop? Then, simply click the button below to get your whop up and running within the next few minutes.

Keep reading for the other 17 options on this list of the top platforms for online coaches.

2. Teachable

teachable screenshot

Teachable is a great option for online coaches, especially if you’re primarily offering courses. It’s got plenty of marketing options, from promos to landing pages, as well as some basic email marketing.

Considering that the platform is course-focused, Teachable offers one of the most intuitive LMS (Learning Management System) on the market. On top of that, the customer support team is incredible, so even if you have an issue with the platform, they’ll always be there to help.


  • No-code, AI-assisted course builder
  • Coaching management tools, including scheduler and client progress tracker
  • Intuitive marketing funnels and affiliate marketing features
  • Automated payment processing


  • Great, beginner-friendly User Experience
  • Superb customer support
  • Lots of marketing and sales tools


  • It’s not the best for 1-on-1 coaching
  • It’s rather expensive compared to other platforms

Pricing: Teachable offers 4 different monthly plans. All the following prices are valid only if you pay for the annual plans:

  • Free ($1+10% fee per transaction)
  • Basic for $39/month (+5% transaction fee)
  • Pro for $119/month with no transaction fees
  • Pro+ for $199/month with no fees

3. Thinkific

Thinkific is another platform that’s primarily a course builder. Compared to Teachable, it offers many more features that’ll help you with your coaching clients. Besides the easy and intuitive course maker, you’ll also get your own custom domain and page, as you can choose from different page themes.

As for the growth side, Thinkific is somewhat similar to Whop. They have their very own apps, you’ll be able to build your community within the platform, and you’ll get access to plenty of tools to scale and grow your coaching business.


  • Drag-and-drop course builder
  • Live coaching capabilities and tools
  • Customized, white-label mobile app feature 
  • Community-building features


  • Great client progress tracking
  • Community-building and course creator tools
  • User-friendly UI and UX


  • No marketplace makes it hard for new creators to grow
  • No native scheduling tool

Pricing: Thinkific has 5 different plans, with no transaction fees for any of them. They are as follows if you pay annually:

  • Free
  • Basic for $36/month
  • Start for $73/month
  • Grow for $146/month
  • Expand for $366/month

4. Kajabi


Continuing our streak of course-focused platforms, we have Kajabi. This one’s designed for coaches who want to sell courses, memberships, and other digital products. Of course, 1-on-1 coaching doesn’t take a backseat here.

Kajabi is well-known for its all-in-one nature. It’s got plenty of marketing automation features while also allowing you to grow through your own white-label website. Plus, Kajabi even allows you to host podcasts, much like Whop!


  • Built-in website builder with customizable templates
  • Advanced email marketing and automation
  • Integrated payment processing and checkout
  • Podcast hosting and management


  • All-in-one solution, reducing the need for multiple tools
  • High-quality, customizable templates for websites and landing pages
  • Strong community and support resources


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Limited customization options for advanced users

Pricing: Kajabi offers 3 main pricing plans with no transaction fees, which, when billed annually, come out to:

  • Kickstarter for $55/month
  • Basic for $119/month
  • Growth for $159/month
  • Pro for $319/month

5. Zoom


If one company’s name is going to be part of early-2020s history, it is Zoom. You all know Zoom, and chances are that you’ve hopped on a Zoom call with a couple of clients. It’s certainly a great tool to host your video classes, but is that the only thing it has to offer? Not necessarily.

For one, Zoom allows for group sessions, webinars, and virtual events. It also has its own scheduling tool and allows you to share your screen with your clients. And while all that is great, Zoom is one of the backrunners for growing and scaling your coaching business.


  • HD video and audio conferencing
  • Screen sharing and collaborative whiteboarding
  • Breakout rooms for smaller group discussions
  • Integration with calendars and other productivity tools


  • High-quality video and audio
  • User-friendly interface and easy to set up
  • Scalable for both small meetings and large webinars


  • Free plan has time limits on group meetings
  • No noteworthy growth options

Pricing: Zoom offers several pricing plans, but if you don't have huge coaching sessions that last more than 40 minutes, you should be fine with the free version. Or, you could go for the Pro version which will set you back $15.99/month

6. Geneva


Going away from course makers and software giants, we have Geneva (or Geneva Chat). Geneva is not your traditional coaching platform in that it primarily speaks to coaches who want to build a strong sense of community among their clients. 

The thing with Geneva is that it’s a bit of a messaging app but also somewhat of a video call software, like Zoom. If your target audience is Gen Z, it’ll definitely be a hit. The only issue with the app is that you’ll have to find a separate way to get paid, as it doesn’t have any monetization options.


  • Group and direct messaging
  • Voice and video calls with screen sharing
  • Customizable rooms and channels
  • Event scheduling and RSVP tracking


  • Excellent for building and managing a coaching community
  • User-friendly interface with customizable options
  • Many communication tools in one platform


  • No monetization options
  • Can be overwhelming for users new to community platforms

Pricing: Geneva is completely free to use. The creators themselves have preached that the app “is and will always be free”.

7. Mighty Networks

mighty networks

Mighty Networks is another platform that primarily focuses on building courses and communities. However, compared to the rest of the course-focused ones, this one is pretty intuitive, as it comes with many integrations and coaching features, like quizzes, native live streams, and more.

Plus, Mighty Networks has great mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you can hop on sessions directly from your phone. The only caveat to this is the rather steep price point compared to most other coaching platforms.


  • Community building with customizable member profiles and activity feeds
  • Online course creation and delivery
  • Native mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Advanced analytics and member insights


  • Comprehensive community and course management features
  • Seamless integration of content, community, and monetization
  • User-friendly interface with mobile accessibility


  • No scheduling tools
  • No billing features

Pricing: Mighty Networks comes with three main pricing plans, which, when billed yearly, come out to:

  • Courses for $99/month
  • Business for $179/month
  • Path-to-Pro for $360/month 

8. CoachingLoft

coaching loft

We now get into some of the more coaching-focused platforms, starting out with CoachingLoft. This platform is designed specifically for coaches, offering tons of tools to manage clients, track progress, and streamline coaching operations. 

You can basically find everything that you’ll need to run your coaching business and make the experience as good as possible for your clients. You’ll get plenty of integrations and tons of engagement tools, like milestones and assessments, as well as your very own dashboard.


  • Client management dashboard
  • Session scheduling and calendar integration
  • Document sharing and secure storage
  • Interactive coaching tools like journals and action plans


  • Tailored specifically for coaching needs
  • Amazing and extensive suite of tools
  • Secure document storage and sharing


  • No built-in payment processing
  • Can be complicated for new users on both the coach and client sides

Pricing: CoachingLoft has 4 pricing plans, all of which come with a set number of clients allowed:

  • Basic for $1/month, up to 2 clients
  • Core for $25/month, up to 10 clients
  • Premium for $55/month, up to 30 clients
  • Master for $95/month, unlimited clients

9. Simply.Coach


Moving on, we have an extremely similar platform to CoachingLoft in all aspects: Simply.Coach. Simply.Coach is also designed for professional coaches and basically provides most, if not all, of the features you’ll find on CoachingLoft. 

It’s got scheduling tools, 1-on-1 coaching, session notes, file sharing, goal development tools, you name it! It’s definitely one of the most advanced platforms on our list and is surprisingly affordable. The only “issue” is that, compared to other platforms, you won’t be able to create a community or courses on this one.


  • Client management and engagement tools
  • Session scheduling with calendar integration
  • Automated invoicing and payment tracking
  • Customizable coaching plans and templates


  • Top client management and tracking features
  • Automated administrative tasks like invoicing
  • Plenty of integrations


  • No course maker
  • The UI can be overwhelming

Pricing: Simply.Coach has 4 pricing plans, which come with a set number of active clients:

  • Starter for $19/month, up to 5 coachees
  • Essentials for $39/month, up to 10 coachees
  • Growth for $59/month, up to 30 coachees
  • Leap for $89/month, unlimited coachees

10. Nudge Coach

nudge coach

Another coaching-dedicated platform with a twist is Nudge Coach. Nudge is basically a program builder, and is targeted towards fitness coaches rather than, say, executive coaches. You can create fitness programs for your clients directly in the app. Down the line, you can even make your own white-label app, for an extra fee.

For engagement, Nudge has native leaderboards where you can compare your clients. It also has most of the common engagement tools, like goal trackers.


  • Client management and engagement tools
  • Secure messaging and communication
  • Custom branded mobile app for clients
  • Data analytics and progress reporting


  • Excellent for habit and goal tracking
  • High level of client engagement and accountability
  • Integration with popular health and fitness apps


  • Limited features for content creation and course delivery
  • Not suitable for coaching practices besides fitness coaching

Pricing: Nudge Coach has the following 3 pricing plans:

  • Free, up to 5 clients
  • Grow for $60/month, up to 50 clients
  • Scale for $100/month, up to 100 clients

11. Satori


Moving forward, we’ve got Satori, a more all-around coaching platform compared to Nudge. The one thing that Satori does right from the get-go is the features it offers, which are all aimed at coaches. We’re talking client discovery, scheduling tools, a dashboard to manage everything, the whole shebang.

On top of that, Satori automates as many of these processes as possible, like billing and online bookings. And, while it is an all-in-one platform, all its plans have an upper cap on how many clients you can have. While that number goes up to 150 with the most expensive plan, it still caps your potential, albeit at a rather high clientele.


  • Comprehensive client discovery
  • Automated session scheduling and reminders
  • Integrated payment processing and invoicing
  • Customizable coaching packages and plans


  • All-in-one solution for managing coaching practices
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive features
  • Automated scheduling and payment processing


  • No video calling, community, or course capabilities
  • Upper limit on the number of clients you can have

Pricing: Satori offers the 3 pricing plans, which come out to the following when billed yearly:

  • Essentials for $33/month, up to 10 clients
  • Pro for $49/month, up to 50 clients
  • Leader for $124/month, up to 150 clients

12. Profi


Another all-around coaching platform is Profi. Profi might not be the fanciest, but it truly stands by its “all-in-one” moniker, as it contains tons of tools designed for coaches in all disciplines. It’s one of those rare platforms where you can have 1-on-1 coaching with all the native tools it offers and create a course when you decide to grow!

If you’re really looking for a great platform dedicated to coaches, then Profi might just be your best bet. When we compare it to some of our top brands, like Whop, though, it does fall slightly short in terms of its pricing and UI. But it’s an incredible option nonetheless.


  • Client management and CRM tools
  • Secure native video conferencing and messaging
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Course maker


  • Tons of tools for managing your coaching operations
  • Secure and reliable video call tool
  • Billing integrations


  • Lacks in-depth analytics
  • Initial setup can be time-consuming

Pricing: Profi doesn’t clearly state the pricing plans for solo coaches, but they start from $79/month for up to 25 active clients.

13. BetterUp

better up

If you’d rather sign up for a coaching marketplace, BetterUp is one of your best options. The platform doesn’t offer anything too fancy; just some good old 1-on-1s, where you’re connected with your clients automatically. That’s especially great if you’re just starting out.

The main issue with BetterUp is that you have to be a certified coach and charge a set hourly rate for your coaching sessions. Thus, you won’t be able to grow as much as you would with other platforms. But, if you’ve not had your first coaching session yet, BetterUp might just be the platform where you’ll secure that.


  • Automatic client matching
  • Flexible coaching schedule
  • Courses and events for your skill enhancement
  • Intuitive admin dashboard


  • Excellent for beginner coach looking to gain initial experience
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Easy payment processing


  • Fixed hourly rate won’t allow for much growth
  • You must be a certified coach to join

Pricing: BetterUp is completely free to sign up for, and they don’t charge any transaction fee.

14. Coaching.com


One of the biggest names in coaching platforms is Coaching.com. I mean, how couldn’t they be with such a name? It’s an all-in-one platform that can host all kinds of coaching niches, from fitness to life and so on. 

The platform has everything you’ll need. Video call integrations, invoicing and contracts, as well as your very own dashboard, which is rather intuitive and customizable. Compared to all the other platforms we’ve mentioned thus far, Coaching.com is definitely among the best!


  • Huge suite of coaching tools
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Great mobile app
  • Client matching via the marketplace


  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Comprehensive business management tools
  • Integrated communication features


  • Can be overwhelming for new users
  • Can get expensive for pro features

Pricing: Coaching.com offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • Free for up to 1 client
  • Pro for $157/month, up to 10 clients
  • Premium for $197/month, unlimited clients

15. Bonsai


Going from a rather expensive to one of the most affordable platforms, we have Bonsai. The platform really stands out for its tracking features, as well as the usual coaching tools, like contract templates and invoice tracking. 

But that’s where it kind of falls off. It doesn’t have many of the dedicated coaching features you’d expect, like video calls, community building, or client messaging. That’s potentially why it’s extremely affordable, considering that you’ll have to pair up with other tools, like Zoom and Calendly.


  • Tons of client management tools and features
  • Project management tools for every client
  • Financial trackers to automate the invoicing process
  • There are plenty of templates for contracts, invoices, etc.


  • Excellent for client and finance management
  • Comprehensive contract and invoicing tools
  • Integrates well with other free tools


  • Lacks integrated communication features
  • No community-building options

Pricing: Bonsai has 3 different pricing plans, all of which allow for unlimited clients:

  • Start for $25/month
  • Professional for $39/month
  • Business for $79/month

16. Noomii


If you’re based in the US, you’ve probably heard of Noomii, and you might even have your name on it already. Noomii is basically the most well-known directory for US-based coaches, with coaches in all disciplines, from business to relationships to life. 

While it’s a great place to get your name out, it’s not necessarily the best place if you want to grow rapidly. It’s a simple directory, after all, so you don’t get any marketing/sales tools or analytics. They do, however, have a referral system and live educational events for coaches.


  • Well-known US coach directory
  • Receive referrals from other coaches
  • Access to Noomii’s live educational events for coaches
  • Collect and display reviews from previous clients


  • Wide range of coaching categories
  • Free consultation requests directly from the platform
  • Opportunities to earn through referrals


  • Listing prices aren’t very clear
  • Limited features in the free version

Pricing: Signing up on Noomii is completely free. There are some conflicting reports on how much premium listings cost, with estimates being around $30-$40/month.

17. CoachAccountable

coach accountable

While it’s certainly not the fanciest platform on our list, CoachAccountable might just have the most features on here. You can literally find the majority, if not all, of the features such a platform should have!

We’re talking scheduling tools, client management features, invoice and contract automation, course creators, you name it. So, why is it this low on our list? Well, as we’ll check out right below, the pricing model is level-based and can get pretty expensive, with an upper cap of 1000 active clients for a whopping $4000/month.


  • Full suite of coaching tools
  • Web-based app accessible on any device
  • Manage coaching plans and track client progress
  • Action items with goals and deadlines


  • Reduces administrative workload with tons of automations
  • Improves client accountability and follow-through with engagement tools
  • Ensures clear communication and easy access to resources


  • Very steep learning curve for new users
  • Extremely complex, level-based pricing

Pricing: CoachAccountable has a total of 18 levels, starting from “Starter”, which costs $20/month and accounts for 2 active clients, going up to Level 8 for $4,000/month, accounting for 1000 active clients.

18. Upcoach

If you're looking for a versatile coaching platform that can handle one-on-one, group, and cohort programs, Upcoach is a fantastic option. With Upcoach, you can easily enroll clients and schedule sessions using the built-in tools, all while seamlessly integrating with Google Calendar. While it doesn’t have native live session capabilities, it works smoothly with Zoom to fill that gap.

Upcoach offers a variety of engagement tools, like habit tracking and forums, along with robust client management features, including a CRM tool and progress tracking. Plus, it's scalable, making it perfect for both group coaching and online courses. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow, Upcoach has the tools to help you succeed.


  • Comprehensive program and course builder
  • User-friendly interface
  • Basic automation for workflow simplification
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Zoom


  • Simplifies workflow with basic automation
  • Strong client management and CRM features
  • Competitive pricing based on client numbers


  • No native payment system
  • No native video hosting
  • Limited user community and support resources

Pricing: Upcoach offers 3 pricing plans based on your clients:

  • Free for up to 10 active clients
  • Basic for $39/month, up to 15 clients
  • Pro for $99/month, unlimited clients

What to Look for in an Online Coaching Platform

With so many online coaching platforms to choose from, how do you know which platform is right for you? Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing a platform:

White-Label vs Marketplace

Most online coaching platforms are split into two categories: white-label and marketplaces. White-label platforms basically allow you to build your own storefront within them and then share it with your clients. It’s similar to creating a website without having to deal with all the back-end hassle.

Then, there are the coaching marketplaces or directories. Most of the time, you simply sign up on these, get verified, and become visible to every marketplace user. Think of them as an online version of Yellow Pages, but only a bit better and more intuitive.

Of course, some platforms, like Whop, understand that some online coaches might require the increased visibility of a marketplace, while others, who have larger clientele, simply want a page to sell online. That’s why we allow coaches to create their own hubs, where they can operate and/or get tons of visibility through the Whop Marketplace. The decision is up to you!

Scheduling Tools

Every coaching platform must have some form of scheduling tool. It doesn’t have to be a native one; it can be an integration with Calendly, an embedded link, or any other form. But it must be there.

At Whop, we perfected the way we take care of this issue. We know that most of you already have your favorite scheduling app, so we allow you to embed it within your hub. That way, your clients can schedule a call, have a call, and pay for that call, all in one app! Speaking of paying…

Invoicing Tools

Handling invoices and payments is one of the most tedious tasks any online coach has to handle. There’s lots of back-and-forth, payments are delayed, and you have to register all these once they do arrive; that’s way too much hassle.

That’s why you should find a platform like Whop, where you can create an invoice link, get paid, and handle any tax issues within a few clicks. All you have to do is add a product to your storefront, create a Checkout link, send it to your client, and get paid! 

Messaging Capabilities

Now, emails and WhatsApp might be your go-to when you need to communicate with your clients. But juggling through tabs and apps, as well as getting dozens of notifications, isn’t the most pleasing way to handle all your communication.

Instead, you need to look for a platform that offers some form of messaging capabilities. This can be a live chat, a messaging tab, or a chat app like the one we have on Whop. You can have different chat channels for each of your clients, and if you decide to divert your focus from 1-on-1s to group sessions, you can create group chats, all within a couple of clicks.

Video App

This one’s pretty important! You can use many different apps to have sessions with your clients, some of which we’ve discussed above. But shouldn’t this be part of your coaching app? Why should you use different apps to manage your business and host your sessions?

Well, in reality, you don’t have to do that. Many of the online coaching platforms we’ve covered above will have the option to have your video chats directly on them. That’s exactly what you can do with your whop, as we’ve created a dedicated video app for the hub where you can have your clients join in.

Assessments and Quizzes

One of the best extras you can offer as an online coach is some form of quiz or assessment for your clients after they reach a certain milestone. For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you can have your trainees do a set amount of pushups after 2 months of working out as an assessment. Or, if you’re a career coach, you could create a small quiz to test your clients after the first 5 sessions.

All this should be part of your online coaching platform. Many platforms will offer something similar to this in the form of a course maker (which we’ll talk more about right below). You can create small “courses”, which will, in reality, be quizzes or assessments for your clients. 

Course Maker

We’re getting a bit into the growth side of your business now, starting out with course makers. Every online coaching platform should have some form of course maker, in our opinion. After all, you only have 24 hours in a day, so you can only have a set number of sessions. But, with a course, you can have thousands of people simultaneously going through it.

That’s why we offer you the chance to create a course within your whop or even migrate it from a different platform. You can even have your clients go through each lesson in order, and we’ve really focused on our anti-leak measures, like adding an overlay on every video you upload.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Marketing and sales are what’s going to get your service from a good idea to a great business. With the right tools that every platform should have, you’ll be able to get a lot more visibility on your coaching service.

Think of offers, email marketing solutions, allowing to sell in different currencies, that sort of stuff. These will allow you to reach a much broader audience across the world. And you’ll get all of these when you start selling with Whop!

Community Builder

Communities are slowly becoming a scorching commodity for every business out there. You need a platform that will offer you all the tools needed to create and run such a community. Chat apps, forums, and even a way to upload gated content are all parts of building a successful community.

As a coach, you’ll find exactly what you need on Whop. We’ll help you turn your coaching service into a next-level product that you can sell to 10x more people. And all you’ll need to do at the end of the road is run your community, answer their questions, and refine your new digital product.

Why Whop is the Perfect Solution for Online Coaches 

Whop sell

There are tons of different online coaching platforms, all with their pros and cons. Some are marketplaces, others allow you to create your own storefront. Many are course-focused, while some allow you to host your entire coaching business on them. 

And, while we covered some of the top platforms for online coaches, one truly stood out. That platform is Whop!

Whop is a social commerce platform that can be the next home for your coaching business, whether you’re just starting out or migrating from a different platform. The numbers speak for themselves. Thousands of creators, hundreds of thousands of users, $300+ million in revenue and counting; there’s a reason for this success.

At Whop, we only take a 3% cut, one of the lowest in the industry, and we don’t even ask you for a fixed monthly fee. Your whop is your business hub, full of apps that you’ll use to streamline your operations, manage your clientele, and multiply that clientele at no extra cost and with no upper limit. 

If you’re ready to get your online coaching business on Whop today, join us! Create your whop, install all the apps you need, and start selling your coaching services within minutes.