In order to create a successful sports picks community, you need a combination of expert sports cappers, hard-working analysts, and a large following. Pat's Picks ticks all three boxes, which is why it has managed to become one of the best sports betting Telegram channels on the Whop marketplace - despite joining less than a year ago.

Pat's Picks is a community led by Patrick Mancini, a professional sports bettor who has reached over a million followers on his social media through showcasing his bets and lifestyle. Together with his team of dedicated analysts and sports insiders, he comes up with daily plays on all major sports, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB.

Interested in joining Pat on his journey? Then continue reading our Pat's Picks review to check out how this Telegram channel operates on a daily basis, what types of picks they put out, and what you can expect to receive with your membership.

Why Join Pat's Picks?


So, let’s start with a few essentials about Pat's Picks. In terms of plays, you can expect a good number of them on a daily basis, as long as there’s enough action. If the slate is dry for a particular day, Pat won’t force himself to come up with picks. However, he may just put out a few longshot parlays.

Still, for most days, you’ll find different types of picks, including moneyline bets, spreads, totals, and player prop bets from all major American sports. There are even occasional plays for less popular sports, like soccer, tennis, UFC, boxing, and golf.

Also, each sport has its own dedicated channel on Telegram. This is very important as it helps with organization and makes tailing a specific sport much easier than having one huge picks channel with all plays cluttered inside.

One important thing to note is that chatting is only available to VIP members, and the daily picks channels don’t allow you to write messages. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences, but it definitely makes finding picks much easier.

Despite the lack of a chat channel for non-VIP customers, Pat's Picks likes to reward all its loyal members by hosting frequent giveaways with large prizes. They’re all free to enter and available for every paying member to participate and have a chance to win.

How to Bet Thoughtfully With Pat

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As well as his well-researched picks, Pat also provides in-depth guidelines on how to follow his plays and what betting size to use for proper bankroll management. This is important to ensure you minimize losses and maximize potential profits if a play hits.

According to Pat, you should maintain a standard unit size that’s around 1% to 5% of your total available bankroll. This standard size should be used for most of the plays he suggests, as well as his regular parlays. If he feels less confident in a specific pick or wants to lower his risk, he’ll clearly outline a smaller betting size.

On the other hand, if Pat feels extremely confident about a specific play, he’ll put it under the “Max Play” channel. Max Plays are generally considered his most confident picks of each day, and he advises members to increase their betting size if they want to follow along. Again, a high-confidence play doesn’t mean it will consistently hit; it's just the pick with the highest value.

Aside from his standard and max plays, Pat's Picks also features some moonshot parlays with very large odds and a huge risk behind them. Pat emphasizes these are optional bets that should always be played with a smaller bet amount, and their purpose is a chance at a long-shot payout.

VIP members get access to a few additional daily plays and Whale Parlays by Pat, as well as exclusive access to the live betting section. There, you can find frequent in-play bets that increase the thrill and excitement of watching a live game.

What You Get With Pat's Picks

That said, here’s a quick recap of all the standard features you can get when you become a member at Pat's Picks. Remember that VIP customers gain additional perks, like a talking channel, extra picks, and live bets.

  • Several daily plays
    Multiple picks by Pat and his research team on several sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, and UFC.
  • Bankroll management guide
    Detailed instructions on how to determine your unit size and how many units you should use on each play.
  • Dedicated sports channels
    Each sport has its own “Signals” channel, where Pat provides his plays and analyzes them.
  • Different bet types
    You can choose from a variety of different types and betting strategies, including standard moneyline picks, over/under bets, parlays, and more.
  • Community giveaways
    Pats Picks organizes several giveaways where all members can participate and win huge prizes.

Picking the Right Package

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Pat's Picks places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, which is why it offers several different membership and pricing plans. Each plan comes with different perks or access to the Telegram channel for a specific period to ensure it accommodates as many people as possible.

The monthly membership costs $499 or you can pay $2,499.99 for a whole year, which is even better value. This will get you all of Pat’s standard picks, including parlays and the Max Plays. If you want all the additional VIP perks, you’ll need to splash out for the Lifetime VIP Membership for $3,888.

Additionally, Pat offers different standalone packages for important events, such as the Super Bowl, as well as daily packs. For example, you can purchase the Max Play of the Day for $49.99 or find today’s Whale Parlay for $99.99, normally saved for VIP members.

Pat's Picks - Let Pat and His Team Guide You to Victory

Pat's Picks is undoubtedly a high-end sports picks community based on its prices and services. But, as long as you can comfortably afford it and have the bankroll to support it, it can provide great value.

The team works tirelessly to provide the most insightful picks possible through extensive research. They may not always hit, but when they do, Pat’s bankroll management strategy will give you a much better chance at making small profits. And, if you remain consistent, you may even end up profitable long-term.

Join Pat's Picks on the Whop marketplace today, and allow Patrick and his team of expert analysts and insiders to help you reach the top! Connect with thousands of members in an ever-growing community of eager enthusiasts looking to become the best sports bettors they can be!