More and more online business owners and influencers are turning towards using a paid membership model to turn their following into a loyal, revenue generating community. Whop is at the forefront of this shift, offering all of the tools you need to manage and grow your online community. With so many ways to sell, the possibilities are practically endless. But what are the most popular community types on Whop? Let’s break it down.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is more popular than ever, and with gambling legalization sweeping the country, we’re just getting started. Major sports books are fighting for market share, so there are tons of juicy promotional lines each week that savvy bettors can take advantage of. That’s where sports betting groups come in.

These expert bettors share the most profitable picks with their members in real time. There are millions of casual fans looking for an edge against Vegas, so community owners charge a monthly subscription on Whop for access to their exclusive discords that hosts their picks and tips.


Struggling to make money investing during an economic downturn? Think again. In the midst of a bear market, professional traders still make a killing trading stocks, crypto currencies, and derivatives. A lot of these traders realize how valuable their insight is, so they create exclusive communities on Whop to share their expertise with thousands of amateur investors.

The influx of retail investors following the great Gamestop fiasco in January 2021 has made this category of groups soar in popularity. Check out the top investing communities on Whop to see how they capitalize on all this extra attention and sell their services.


With tools like Amazon FBA and Shopify at everyone’s disposal, the barrier to entry for starting your own e-commerce brand is as low as can be. But how do you start generating serious revenue from e-commerce? Enter Whop. Experienced e-commerce gurus create paid communities on Whop to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

The amount of interest in e-commerce has lead to some serious consumer traffic towards e-commerce communities. Many of the groups on Whop have more than one thousand members. To check out the e-commerce groups on Whop, click here.


They say with great supply chain shortages comes great responsibility….to make some serious cash. Finding the right items to flip online is a difficult task to accomplish and start doing solo. The difficulty of this task has has led to a market where experienced resellers sell their knowledge in the form of communities to help new resellers level up their side hustle. With website monitors, auto-checkout tools, and real time item alerts, these groups generate insane money making opportunities for their community.

Want to see how these groups captivate the interests of hustlers around the world? Check out one of our top reselling groups  and read more about sneaker reselling here.