RakeTrades, the brainchild of full-time day trader Jake Ricci, is a community that aims to turn every member into a consistently profitable trader. With a huge library of instructional recordings and plenty of new content every day, RakeTrades runs the gamut of trading education. RakeTrades is home to everything from trade reviews and market analysis all the way to trading psychology.

Jake himself has years of experience as a successful day trader, and shares that valuable knowledge on a daily basis, with over a thousand mentees across 6 years and counting. He and his core team provide open access to their trading ideas and thoughts on various strategies, and take questions from members on the community’s “trading floor”. Let's take a closer look at what goes on inside the RakeTrades community.

Why Join RakeTrades?

As RakeTrades is a community geared around trading education, by joining it you can not only see what Jake and his team are trading but also learn their exact strategies, techniques, and how all of that knowledge is applied. 

The name of the game is intensive education. While there’s no direct financial advice to be had here, RakeTrades members quickly grasp all there is to know about becoming successful traders—and they do so fast. Plenty of members have been able to turn their trading fortunes around within just the first month, and the high retention rate says a lot about the value of the community.

On top of the education, the community is also supportive and encouraging. The RakeTrades team is extremely responsive and provides huge amounts of value in the open trading room Discord channel. The level of care and customer service you can find here is unparalleled.

RakeTrades Discord server

As far as communities go, RakeTrades is a fantastic place to be. The community is lively and vibrant, and you can discuss your own trade ideas and setups with other members of the community as well as the RT team—there are also Discord channels for talking about various subjects from real estate and sports to pets and health - there’s even a room for Futures enthusiasts.

Become a Trading Mastermind

RakeTrades mastermind

RakeTrades’ OG Mastermind, Jake Ricci, has carried out thirteen iterations of his Mastermind course on trading, converting over a thousand students into consistently successful traders. By getting on board the RakeTrades Discord community, you’re also booking yourself a guaranteed spot on the next Mastermind course.

There’s often nothing better than jumping right to the front of the queue, but you might argue that waiting for a course to start isn’t fun. Well, being part of the RakeTrades community means having full access to literally hundreds of records of Jake doing his thing.

In these recordings, you’ll hear an expert ply their craft, and not only does Jake show you his methods, but he also talks through all of his strategies and tells you exactly what he’s thinking when looking at setups or developing strategies. Technical analysis won’t be intimidating once you’ve heard Jake and his team pick those charts apart! 

RakeTrades Discord Trading

These recordings are a godsend for many amateur traders since Jake is clear, concise, and insightful in the delivery of his thought processes and analysis. Just by going through these recordings, you can shift your mindset over to that of a professional by looking for the signs Jake does and learning to approach market movements in the same way.

That being said, RakeTrades isn’t a one-man show. While Jake does lead the Mastermind courses himself and is the owner of the community, he has an extremely skillful team beside him. Each of these analysts has a dedicated channel where they too analyze the market, and mentor members through their own trading approaches and strategies.

What You Get With RakeTrades

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with RakeTrades and joining their Discord community via Whop:

  • Live Trading
    When you sign up to RakeTrades you get immediate access to live trading insights from Jake and his team of analysts via their voice chat channel.
  • Hands-On Help
    Being in the RakeTrades Discord server gives you immediate access to the next Mastermind course where you’ll be trained by Jake himself. While waiting, one-on-one instruction is provided by his analysts.
  • Access to the Team
    The trading team is also always available via the trading floor channel, and you’ll never be disappointed by how available and responsive they are!
  • Regular Market Analysis
    Stay on top of the market’s peaks and troughs with analysis from Jake and his team, including live analysis in voice chat!
  • Trading Education
    RakeTrades is all about giving you the education and information you need to put successful trading practices and strategies to effective use.
  • 300+ Recordings
    Learn how a professional trader approaches the markets and analyses setups. Jake takes you through his strategy in a clear, organized way, making it easy to follow and even easier to pick up.

Picking the Right Package

RakeTrades packages

RakeTrades keeps the pricing options simple - you can opt to go all in for lifetime access for $3000 or choose the monthly subscription at $175. Both of these options give you full access to what RakeTrades has in store, including all of their recordings, trade alerts, live trading, and much more.

You can also give the community a try using the preview server option. This is extremely limited, as you might imagine, but it might give you enough of a look at RakeTrades from the inside to see if it’s the place for you. If you just need a little push in either direction, there’s no reason not to give it a try since it’s free!

If you’re already sure that RakeTrades is for you, we’d recommend grabbing that monthly plan as a first step. That way you’re covered from both sides since you can still buy lifetime access further down the line.

Sign up to RakeTrades today!

If you want to become a more consistent, and consistently profitable trader, RakeTrades is definitely worth your time. You’ll learn all about trading here, whether you’re new to the markets or an old hand—Jake Ricci and his team provide some of the clearest, most effectively communicated instruction and education available in the space. 

👉 So, hop into the RakeTrades Discord community if you want to empower yourself for success, whether it’s through expert mentorship, regular analysis, or an intimate look at how a professional trader does it. Check them out, sign up to the community, and become a better trader today with Jake and the team at RakeTrades!