If you’re a fan of sports betting and dancing (we know it’s a weird combo, but hear us out), you’ll absolutely love RBsSportsPlays. RB is a famous sports consultant that likes to “dance on the books”. 

In fact, ever since he established RBsSportsPlays back in 2021, he has enjoyed great success for all seasons. He provides different types of picks every day on a bunch of sports, including all major American leagues, college sports, and international leagues.

And these bets are not just random picks based on instinct. He utilizes his experience and analytical process to come up with high-value plays in every sport.

With so much experience and positive results comes a relatively hefty price tag to enter RBsSportsPlays. So, if you want to see whether it’s worth that price, read our review below. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of this sports picks Telegram channel and show you what you can expect to get for your money.

Who is RB?


Before we check out the Telegram channel itself, who exactly is RB?

Well, firstly, he’s been a sports consultant honing his betting skills for years. He’s also the self-proclaimed CEO of LFD (Let’s F*cking Dance). Throughout his sports betting years, his picks have had decent success, especially since the creation of RBsSportsPlays a few years ago.

This doesn’t mean his winning streak will continue, nor that all his bets will hit consistently. But it does show that he knows what he’s talking about and has a winning strategy that can potentially maintain his profitability in the long run.

Both his unique motto of “Dancing on the Books” and his insightful plays have gathered him 100K+ followers and thousands of members in his sports picks community.

RBSportsPlays New Channel

new channel

Even though RBsSportsPlays has been around for over three years, the community recently migrated to a new Telegram channel. The current structure for the group includes a single channel, where only RB can post his plays.

While this may put some members off (particularly those who like to interact with each other), it makes for a much simpler and more organized group. Plus, it’s a lot less work for RB to moderate since he does everything by himself, which allows him to focus on his daily picks.

Another important aspect of the new Telegram channel is the strict rule prohibiting members from posting RB’s plays anywhere else. It’s unfair for him to put in so much effort to find the best picks possible, only to be stolen and posted on other public channels and pages.

Various Picks to Choose From

Speaking of picks, let’s discuss the types of plays RB comes up with. He puts out a decent number of daily picks based on the action. If it’s a busy day, you might catch him posting upwards of a dozen different plays.

He covers a bunch of different sports, including popular leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. He also researches college sports and is a big tennis enthusiast. His arsenal even includes international leagues, such as the KBO and CBA.

During most days, the majority of RB’s plays include single bets with the occasional parlay bet. He focuses a lot on moneyline picks and spreads but is also a prop specialist who provides a lot of insightful player prop bets.

RB prop bets

He doesn’t shy away from future bets either, but he takes a slightly different approach than most cappers. Instead of focusing on one of the favorites for a tournament, he prefers to utilize a “dutching” betting strategy and spread his money on several long-shot winners. This allows him to potentially hit a huge slip that will make him tons of profit.

RB follows a unique bankroll management strategy to maximize his chances of remaining profitable. Instead of placing large bets on picks with high confidence, he maintains a 1-3 unit system, where every play gets between one and three units depending on its odds and confidence rating.

What You Get With RBsSportsPlays

Below, you can find all the features that come with your membership at RBsSportsPlays.

  • Wide variety of daily picks
    Several plays every day, including single bets, parlays, and a bunch of player props
  • Years of experience and knowledge
    Access to invaluable information and insights from an experienced sports capper with a proven track record
  • Extensive sports coverage
    Massive coverage of all popular sports and less popular leagues and tournaments across the world
  • Unique strategies and bankroll management
    Learn RB’s special strategies and bankroll management techniques that help him gain an edge over the books

How Much You Need to Pay

RB sports memberships

We’ve already alluded to the slightly pricey entry point for joining RBsSportsPlays, with the monthly membership costing $299 a month. While certainly a steep price, the amount of value you get should make up for it. You’ll struggle to find such a knowledgeable capper with a huge variety of sports in his arsenal and proven success across multiple seasons.

You can also try out the service for a lower price by purchasing the weekly package for $149 or the three-day bundle for $75. Alternatively, if you want to commit to it in the long term, you can save a large amount of money.

The three-month membership costs $599, which is basically like paying for two months. And the annual subscription comes out to $1,199, which essentially means you only pay for four months of the year.

RBsSportsPlays – Get Ready to Hit the Dance Floor

RBsSportsPlays is a highly unique community. Compared to other sports picks groups, it doesn’t offer a huge number of features. But you can bet that RB takes his job very seriously and works tirelessly to provide several high-quality daily picks as well as interact with his members.

And don’t forget about the comical aspect of the LFD movement. Where else can you find a sports capper who’s also a self-proclaimed expert dancer who dances his way around the books?

That’s why, despite its seemingly high price tag, RBsSportsPlays is definitely worth considering if your bankroll can handle it. Low-stakes players may take a while to get their money back. But if you’re a high roller looking for a fun and exciting community with several expert daily picks, RBsSportsPlays might just be the place for you!