Bonding over sneakers and their love for the hustle, Ali Albaqshi and Ricky would partner up in early 2016 to start flipping sneakers and making money online. Having hustled through college and joining cook groups throughout their early career, exploring innovative ways to earn an income. The two would realize the potential of the reselling space and formally created Resell University during Covid, scaling the company's Instagram page to over 180k+ followers and using it to funnel customers to their group and help their members achieve financial freedom.


Ali and Ricky needed a way to amplify their reach and a platform they could use as the base infrastructure to start accepting payments and scaling their business. They also sought affiliate marketing opportunities and required an easy way to monitor customer churn, obsessing over the quality of their community.


To take their operation to the next level, Resell University turned to Whop in 2021.

"Whop is a platform that can amplify our growth and put our name in front of millions of people looking to explore digital products. The platform is exciting, and with Whop, we can run an affiliate model to reward our outbound staff for getting more members into the group."

Resell University relies on Whop to track its churn and customer satisfaction. They have scaled its operations to new heights using Whop affiliates and the Whop marketplace.


Since launching on Whop, Resell University has become one of the largest reselling groups in the world, generating 7-figures in revenue, and providing a world-class experience for their members.

Resell University ranks 14th on our top charts and has:

  • Registered 30+ affiliates
  • Recorded 200+ affiliate referrals
  • Received 200+ 5-star reviews on Whop

With Whop, Resell University could go from zero to hero. Ali and Ricky are prepared to take their company to new heights using Whop. We're excited to see what they do next.

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