If you’ve been in the sports betting game for a while, you’ve probably seen several sports picks communities with a bunch of cappers for every sport. That’s not the case with SharpLine Sports, as this sports picks Discord server relies on betting algorithms to come up with daily +EV (positive effective value) bets.

What exactly does +EV betting entail? It basically involves calculating the implied odds of a bet to hit and shopping around different sports betting apps to find the best odds possible. SharpLine Sports has several bots and algorithms that look for these types of bets on multiple sports and leagues around the world.

Interested in finding the sharpest lines and odds? Then, read through our review of SharpLine Sports, where we dissect exactly how the platform works and what you can find once you join the Discord server. We’ll also present the different pricing plans and all the features you can expect to receive with your membership.

How SharpLine Sports Works

Let’s start with the basics of how SharpLine Sports comes up with daily plays. The community relies on “positive effective value betting” (+EV betting), which essentially means wagering on “better” odds than the implied odds of an event to occur.

However, calculating the implied odds of every event requires a lot of experience and effort to consider how each parameter can affect the outcome. To minimize the hassle and increase accuracy and precision, SharpLine Sports uses different betting algorithms. These are basically software built to evaluate tons of sports data and come up with accurate odds and predictions.

Of course, they won’t tell you that X team will win the match but will give you the implied probability of X team winning. Then, the algorithm will compare this probability with odds found across multiple sportsbooks to come up with the highest-value plays.

Sharpline Sports currently utilizes four different betting algorithms via Discord server bots. There’s the VIP Picks bot, which pumps out daily plays, the Arbitrage bot for arbitrage betting opportunities, the Prop Search bot for player prop bets, and the Odds bot for line and odds shopping.

Server Breakdown

sharpline bets server

Now, let’s move on to the SharpLine Sports Discord server and its structure. Once you enter, you’ll find the channels explaining what each bot and algorithm is all about. Then, you can take a look at the server’s affiliate program or the different sportsbooks they utilize for their plays.

The most important section of the server is the VIP EV Picks. There are dedicated channels for all major sportsbooks, so you can find some excellent betting opportunities regardless of what operator you use. 

There are also dedicated channels for the most popular daily fantasy platforms if that’s where you prefer to play. There’s even the “Insane Picks” channel, which has the picks with the highest value according to the algorithm.

Apart from the standard daily picks, the server has a dedicated section for arbitrage bet opportunities and a section for searching props. Then there’s the odds comparison section with channels for all major sports and leagues, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, soccer, and college sports.

Towards the bottom, you’ll find the community channels, including the VIP chat and the channel to ask questions for the support bot to answer. SharpLine Sports also thoroughly tracks and presents all its bets in monthly reports. You’ll even get a dedicated tool to track your bets, so you always know how you perform.

Education Opportunities for Everyone

sharpline sports discord

One of the most important sections at SharpLine Sports, especially for newcomers, is the VIP Education section. There are a bunch of different channels discussing basic betting terms, what the most effective betting strategies are, and how to exercise proper bankroll management.

That last one is essential if you want the best chance to become a successful bettor. The picks at SharpLine Sports will come with specific betting amounts you’ll need to follow based on your total bankroll. These percentages are calculated based on the value of each bet. If the algorithm finds great odds on a bet with high implied odds, it’ll advise you to wager a slightly larger amount, as there’s a lot of +EV to be gained from it in the long run.

The education section will also teach you how sportsbooks operate, what kind of advantage they have over players, and how to overcome it. You’ll learn all about adopting a winning mentality, which will help you remain disciplined and stick to a specific betting system.

What You Get With SharpLine Sports

Don’t worry if all this sounds too overwhelming for you. Once you check out the SharpLine Sports server, you’ll see that everything is well-organized, and the team is always available to help. Below, you can find a quick overview of all the features the Discord server offers.

  • Daily picks on multiple sports
    Wide variety of plays every day on every single sport, all derived from advanced betting algorithms
  • Several Discord bots
    Four different bots for VIP Picks, Arbitrage Bets, Odds, and Props
  • Tons of learning material
    A dedicated section with several channels teaching you everything you need to know about sports betting
  • Thorough bet tracking
    Extensive tracking of all bets to ensure transparency among members
  • Bustling online community
    Hundreds of active members who constantly discuss sports betting (or any other interest) in the dedicated chat rooms

The Best Pricing Plan for You

sharpline pricing

SharpLine Sports offers access to its entire Discord server with all features and picks for a single VIP membership. This means you don’t need to worry about purchasing different packages for different features.

The standard monthly subscription costs $147, which might seem expensive at first, but remember how much value you get from it. Also, keep in mind that SharpLine Sports is a Whop Verified sports picks Discord server, an accolade only reserved for the top communities that offer excellent services.

Alternatively, you can pay $50 every week, and this package also comes with a seven-day free trial for $1. Finally, for those who want to commit to the long term, the annual package is $1,400, which saves you a bit of money compared to the monthly fee.

SharpLine Sports – Use Betting Algorithms to your Advantage

As you can see, SharpLine Sports provides a complete package for everyone looking to take sports betting more seriously. You’ll get picks on all major sports, all backed by the team’s algorithms with advanced training. 

This ensures their bets have the best possible chance to hit, although they can't guarantee that you will hit every play. The point is that, with proper bankroll management and wagering, you’ll have a good chance of staying in the green for a longer period.

Join SharpLine Sports on the Whop marketplace today, and utilize the group’s excellent betting algorithms to elevate your sports betting game. Become a member of a community full of aspiring bettors who all want to reach the top, just like you!