There is a diverse array of use-cases and businesses hosted on Whop, the goal of the Whop's 'Use-case' series is to highlight ways company owners and entrepreneurs are using Whop's features and overall platform, to pioneer the next generation of digital-businesses.

This blog highlights how the Whop-hosted company, Stock Market Moves has transitioned from, an individuals trading hobby to a paid community which generates over $30k in MRR.


Rico, the owner of Stock Market Moves, always had entrepreneurial aspirations. During the height of Covid-19 in 2020, he began trading stocks to make some extra money and learn about the process.

After consecutive successful months and intense learning, Rico realized that he could start an internet community to help others make incremental income. The result, Stock Market Moves.

Stock Market Moves is a paid Discord community of like-minded traders looking to gain financial freedom through the stock market.


Shifting from trading as an individual to managing an army of traders who are paying for the community proved to be a challenge. Beyond needing the infrastructure to start his community, Stock Market Moves also needed to generate buzz, get members and build brand awareness in a crowded space.


Stock Market Moves turned to Whop in order to start, operate and grow their paid membership group. The group uses Whop for accepting and managing recurring payments as well as enlisting its existing members as affiliates. With the affiliate system, Stock Market Moves can offer a comprehensive system to reward and incentivize members to convert other customers to join the group.

Stock Market Moves has also listed its products on Whop’s Marketplace – getting access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers each month landing on Whop’s homepage to help with brand awareness.


Since launching on Whop, Stock Market Moves has built a 600+ member community that generates around $30,000 in monthly recurring revenue. The affiliate system has increased the member count by 15% while helping members make over $4,000 in incremental revenue for themselves. In general, Stock Market Moves has gone from an entrepreneurial idea to full blown membership business in just a few months with Whop’s dashboard and marketplace.

“While Whop handles all the subscriptions and payments, I can focus on building a great community where not only do I teach them how to make money, I teach them how to keep money. Excited for the future with Whop, let’s build together.”