Whop is home to hundreds of online reselling communities. These private Discord groups teach you everything you need to know about the art of reselling, where experts share their tips and tricks for success with thousands of enthusiastic resellers.

One such reselling expert is Tiana Porta. Tiana has generated over $5 million from reselling and now teaches others how to start their own remote reselling business with her community Strike Access.

We sat down with Tiana to talk about all things reselling and understand how she found success in this market.

Here's what she had to say.

Reselling Beginnings


Let's start with some background information. What first attracted you to reselling?

What got me hooked on reselling was the gratification of understanding the botting scene, and also knowing how to adapt to reselling, botting & market changes.

With every successful release that I had, I used that insight to adapt for the next release. With that, I have used that exact strategy throughout my whole reselling career. If something goes wrong, I found a way to get around it so I’d say that I’ve always taken on a challenge - and that's what really got me hooked on reselling.

You have been active in the reselling scene for years. What was the first category or product that you were reselling consistently?

The first product that I was reselling consistently was sneakers. I was able to find loopholes on sites like Barneys, END Clothing, Footlocker, etc to purchase hundreds of Yeezys, Jordans, and more.

After I learned how to secure multiple pairs of sneakers, I moved to Supreme and used my skills to excel in purchasing hundreds of Supreme items weekly, then resold them for a profit. 

How do you deal with saturation and competition in reselling?

The way I personally deal with saturation and competition in reselling is to adapt to any changes. Not only that, but I also diversify and focus on more than one niche.

Not limiting myself to one item or category lessens the risk of not excelling in my reselling career and also gives me more room for growth. 

Strategies for Reselling Success

reselling success

Moving on to specifics, what marketing methods do you use for your products?

I currently market my items on secondary marketplaces like eBay, Mercari, Instagram, Twitter & other secondary platforms. I also utilize my paid community to market any items I purchase within the “want to sell” channel and “want to buy” channels.

Posting within these channels allows me to network with like-minded resellers, like myself, as well as make a profit. Connecting with the right person can get you a long-time buyer. This is why utilizing communities to sell your items is one of the most effective marketing strategies when it comes to reselling.

What are your news sources for new products and/or reselling opportunities?

I currently utilize my group Strike Access for sources/information on new products and reselling opportunities. All information about sneakers, lowkey, collectible, vinyl, Funko, and more flips. You can find many other communities like Strike to help kickstart your reselling journey on Whop

What tools do you use as a reseller?

Currently, there are many tools that I use as a reseller, but the most important tool/resource I use is my paid discord community. I’m provided with information on upcoming flips, releases, information on Amazon FBA, and more.

I also use botting software to secure highly sought-after items as well as other resources such as servers and proxies in order to purchase these sought after items. For keeping track of my sales, profits & losses - I have created a spreadsheet to track all of it.

Advice for Emerging Resellers


What is the biggest misconception about reselling?

The biggest misconception is that “reselling is dead” when in reality, it is not. There are plenty of items and niches within reselling that are still profitable within the reselling scene, such as limited edition Tumblers like Stanley & Owala, exclusive Vinyl records, deal hunting, in-store home and furniture finds, and more. You just need to apply yourself. 

What is the easiest thing about reselling? Hardest?

reselling groups

The easiest thing about reselling is that information is EVERYWHERE and resources are easily accessible. If you want to start a reselling career, you can easily find a reselling group on Whop that will give you all of the necessary resources and information to excel in reselling.

I think one of the hardest things about reselling is having to deal with inauthentic items such as clothing or sneakers. This tarnishes pricing on secondary marketplaces since an abundance of fake items passes through these marketplaces. 

What kind of financial goals can a new reseller set, based on their budget?

If you’re a new reseller with no experience, I suggest starting slow and joining a community that you think best fits your needs. Once you find the right community, I’d set a goal to turn your initial investment (from the group of your choice) into $500-$1,000 profit.

If you have the right tools and resources, with a small budget, you can easily make a decent profit. When starting out reselling, I do suggest picking ONE niche before you become an advanced reseller just so this helps you get on your feet. 

What are the best organic marketing methods for resellers?

The best organic marketing methods for resellers are marketing their items on secondary marketplaces such as eBay or Mercari. As they already have a platform that sets you up for success with an already-established audience looking to purchase items at a marked-up price.

If you’re in a paid discord community, I also suggest utilizing their marketplace channels to sell your items/market your products. 

What are the best paid methods for promoting a reselling business?

If you have knowledge of reselling and want to sell your services, I suggest monetizing your community through the Whop Marketplace. I believe it is fully worth signing up to be on their marketplace.

If you’re reselling physical items and not a service, I do feel that paying for promotions on platforms like Instagram or TikTok can broaden your audience and assist you with growing your business. I wouldn’t suggest doing this until you’ve already established some profits from the items you’re reselling.

I highly suggest utilizing ONLY your profits in your paid marketing so you aren’t losing money if the ads don’t go the way you want them to. 

Final Thoughts on Reselling in 2024

Looking ahead, what are some emerging reselling industries in 2024 and beyond?

Some emerging reselling industries that I have been focusing on this year have been:

  • Collectibles & Lowkey Flips
  • Stanley Cup Tumblers & Owala Cups
  • NFTs & Crypto
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Marketing

I truly do think these categories OUTSIDE of sneakers are currently emerging and will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year. 

What was the biggest lesson you have learned as a reseller that you wish you had known earlier?

I touched on this a bit earlier but I think the biggest lesson is to not focus on just one niche. This will hold you back from maximizing your profits within the reselling scene. I also suggest you do NOT rush into it. Find a good community, follow their calls & resources, and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Most communities offer one-on-one assistance and will help guide you through the process of getting your reselling business started. Start slow, pick the right niche and you will succeed. 

Finally, what’s the most recent thing you learned about reselling?

Within reselling, you learn something new every day. I think the most recent thing I’ve learned is that you can practically flip anything for a profit if you have a buyer. It just may require some effort. A piece of great advice is to go for low-risk items. This includes items that have a 30-day return policy or offer cash back rewards & free returns. You can easily maximize profits by utilizing websites that offer these types of benefits.

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