Sneaker reselling Discord servers is becoming increasingly popular for sneakerheads to connect with one another, share their wins, losses, and thoughts about the upcoming drops. There are a ton of servers surrounding this topic so we thought we'd make it easy and recommend our fav 5.

What Are Cook Groups?

Before diving into our top five sneaker reselling Discord servers for resellers, let’s cover an important term you’ll see throughout this article: cook groups. Cook groups are sneakerhead communities, often found on platforms like Discord. Individuals can discuss places to find their favorite sneakers, learn tips to improve their reselling skills, and boost their sneaker botting performance.

What is a Sneaker Bot?

The previous definition might have you asking: what is a sneaker bot, and what do they do? Sneaker bots help autocomplete your reselling purchases through auto-fill features, including the buyer’s payment information and billing address. A sneaker bot is helpful for fast sales times, accurate purchases, and conducting multiple purchases simultaneously.

Additionally, sneaker bots are beneficial for resellers because they can detect sneaker listings across various websites to ensure that you can locate the items you are looking to find and make a quick purchase before someone else snatches them up.

Now, let’s dive into our top five sneaker reselling Discord servers you can participate in.

1. Notify

This reselling Discord server is a premium group of resellers focusing on sneakers, cards, collectibles, and NFTs. Notify is full of advanced, premium features to make your sneaker reselling experience successful.

Notify Sneaker Discord

This cook group boasts some of the following benefits and assets for its team of resellers:

  • Sneaker flipping notifications to keep members up-to-date on profitable releases
  • Retail flipping notifications to ensure that members have the best exclusive information when reselling
  • Information and notifications on reselling collectibles
  • Free auto-checkout features to quickly secure profitable items when major sneaker releases happen
  • Guides for emerging markets, including NFT sellers, crypto investors, and stock traders
  • Updates from monitors and dedicated experts, along with detailed release guides
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 mentoring calls with Notify’s knowledgeable staff for no additional cost
  • In-house ACO team who can help secure profitable items for every major sneaker release at no additional cost
  • Market updates and investment ideas
  • Expert educational services for making informed, long-term investments and decisions

2. KickFlips PRO

KickFlips PRO is a fantastic option for individuals looking to profit through a high-quality sneaker reselling Discord server of like-minded resellers.

KickFlips Pro Reselling Discord

KickFlips PRO is a team of nearly 1,000 resellers focusing on, among other things, sneaker reselling and making a profit with the guidance and support of others in the community. KickFlips PRO has helped members gain hundreds of thousands in profits at less than half the cost of many other reselling groups, making it a phenomenal opportunity for anyone looking to join the reselling market.

KickFlips PRO goes beyond sneaker reselling services to offer members the opportunity to profit from the following reselling options:

  • Video game consoles
  • NFTs
  • Tickets for live events
  • Toys
  • Legos
  • Collectibles
  • Sports betting with guidance from a professional sports bettor
  • Stock and cryptocurrency trading/investing
  • Credit card reward hacks
  • Get paid to take surveys
  • Bots and monitors to help with restocks
  • Price error bots
  • Everything for less than $1/day


This reselling server is one of the best ways to profit from sneaker resales. If you seek a high-quality cook group and community of like-minded individuals, AK CHEFS might have what you’re looking for.

AK Chefs Discord for Reselling

AK CHEFS offers many ways to become a successful reseller, going far beyond sneaker sales to ensure you have access to all your reselling needs. For instance, AK CHEFS offers the following for its close-knit members:

  • Console reselling
  • Crypto Investing
  • Stock investing
  • Pokemon reselling
  • Sports cards reselling
  • Graphics cards reselling
  • Sports betting
  • Hat reselling
  • Funko reselling
  • Hot Wheels reselling
  • Art reselling
  • Decentralized NFT selling
  • Ticket reselling
  • Profits and steals
  • Amazon FBA reselling

Additionally, AK CHEFS is a valuable option for resellers because it has extensive information to help you achieve success when reselling sneakers. With over 950 reviews and a 5/5 star rating, AK CHEFS is undoubtedly one of the best cook group options for sneaker reselling Discord servers.

4. Plugged Inn

Another valuable option for a cook group to join is the Plugged Inn Discord server. Members can learn essential information to resell sneakers and other valuable items, including electronics and event tickets. Additionally, Plugged Inn covers freebies, deals, and discounts to ensure that all its members can profit from doing what they love.

Plugged In Sneaker Discord

For numerous reasons, Plugged Inn is one of the best sneaker-reselling Discord servers. Among the best benefits of Plugged Inn is that members receive instant access to the following:

  • Auto checkout to eliminate the hard work
  • Fast shock-drop text alerts and sneaker-drop reminders
  • Monitors to help you catch shock drops restocks, and hidden releases you may otherwise miss
  • High-quality and exclusive sneaker release information
  • Extensive and comprehensive guides for profitable releases
  • Nike and FLX Shock checkers to help increase your in-store reselling success
  • Member-exclusive access to raffle links for sneaker drops
  • Free authentication

Additionally, members will benefit from the active community in the Plugged Inn Discord server. This community is ideal for individuals that want to have regular conversations with similar people who share their passions. For individuals that want to stay as involved and connected as possible, Plugged Inn is a fantastic option.

5. Cookology

Another excellent option for anyone hoping to join a sneaker reselling Discord server is Cookology. In this all-in-one community, individuals can come together to pursue reselling and achieve their business goals.

Cookology is essential for part-time and full-time entrepreneurs looking to boost their profits and expand their visibility in the reselling market. Cookology provides numerous services and tools to help entrepreneurs thrive when reselling, including:

  • Access to early information on all sneaker releases
  • Amazon FBA
  • Ticket reselling
  • Sports betting
  • Trading cards for sports, Pokemon, etc.
  • NFT flips, mints, and analysis
  • Highly profitable flips for collectibles, fitted hats, vinyls, and other unique items
  • Auto-checkout features and opportunities for sneakers, clothing, consoles and other resell items
  • Crypto and stock market calls and analysis
  • Support from dedicated staff members and accessible communication

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