Unusual Whales is a unique options flow platform that gives you real-time insight and data on every single options trade carried out across US stock and options exchanges. It is one of, if not the most complete platforms of its type available to retail investors today, leveling the playing field when it comes to the informational imbalance between institutions and retail.

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If you have an X (Twitter) or Mastodon account, then you may already have heard of Unusual Whales, because the UW account is one of the quickest to drop market news. Unusual Whales has also made something of a name for itself for keeping tabs on the trades of some particularly unusual “whales” - namely members of US Congress whose trading activity happens to be self-regulated, despite the advantaged position they are in.

The ability to follow these and other sorts of whales and their trades, along with insights into usually opaque trading venues such as institutional Dark Pools, makes Unusual Whales a powerful source of trading intel. Their real-time data tracking options trades and comprehensive data feeds makes them the ultimate provider of options flow, and a priceless partner for any options trader.

Why Join Unusual Whales?

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Unusual Whales is very well known as a real-time options trading data feed and source for unusual flow, but their offering goes well past that niche. Today, the UW product portfolio gives you tons of value when it comes to trading tools as well as education.

The Unusual Whales live charting tools have integrated technical trading indicators and price alerts, allowing you to identify patterns and signals in real-time, and you can strategize and visualize your plays with the UW options profit calculator. The latter comes along with handy explanations and quick links to different concepts as well, which helps immeasurably if you’re not already an expert-level trader.

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The Unusual Whales platform is a priceless tool for retail traders focused on options, and even though a lot of the functions can seem a bit intimidating if you’re just starting out, their usefulness and application will shine through once you hit a certain knowledge level.

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You can also plot your path forward via paper trading on the Unusual Whales platform, or connect your existing brokerage account to live trade and keep an eye on your performance with the UW trade journal. 

unusual whales platform

Beyond the powerful tools and various functions provided by the Unusual Whales platform itself, subscribing gives you access to the Unusual Whales Discord server. You can get a taste of what goes on here for free, but premium access allows unfettered access to a wide selection of subscriber channels as well as the most up-to-date data and unusual activity alerts.

unusual whales bot

The Unusual Whales Discord bot provides all of this information in an automated manner, but the outputs are adjustable. You can update filters and ordering, and there are currently 81 free and 18 premium exclusive slash commands. With the /configure command, you can even define what you want to get notified on and in which channel—so yes, even as a free user, you can set up the free version of the Unusual Whales bot in your own Discord server if you want to.

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Unusual Whales also have partner offers running at any given time. Currently, you can get up to $5000 when you open a TradeStation account and trade on UW, or up to $3000 with an eligible account deposit at TastyTrade.

Swim with the Whales!

As the name Unusual Whales suggests, the main distinction between UW and other data providers is the focus on unusual options activity. Signing up with Unusual Whales is the best way to watch for and keep track of unusual flow. Their alerts give you real-time information on what’s going down, and they also provide all the tools you need to inspect those alerts and see if you can act on them.

These alerts don’t constitute financial advice or a call to action, but rather a means of informing retail traders about potential institutional or insider activity that they’d otherwise have to wait hours or even days to be reported on - if even reported on at all.

In order to best make use of the Unusual Whales alerts and tools, you can take advantage of the many educational resources on offer. One of the best options is the Unusual Whales course, where you get full and free instruction on how to navigate the markets using the UW tools, as well as a refresher on the options markets.

unusual whales course

There are also beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level lessons on various market and options-related topics such as volatility, options pricing, options strategies, and Greeks, as well as detailed lessons on how to use the UW flow.

Once you’re fully aware of what you can do with these alerts and how to analyze them with UW’s tools, you can start developing your own strategies to take advantage. Trading options is all about having information and making quick decisions, and Unusual Whales gives you the right information faster than anyone else does.

It’s also a great idea to use Unusual Whales as a trading group as you skill up on their tools and strategies. Expert insights and fantastic investor education come your way every day, and the group members are extremely knowledgeable and supportive of their peers, wherever they are on their trading journey. 

What You Get With Unusual Whales

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with Unusual Whales and getting access to their online platform and Discord community:

  • Options Flows
    Unusual Whales stands out for the options flows that it gives members access to, and this can be an extremely valuable asset when it comes to options trading.
  • Customizable Alerts
    The alerts that UW provides are so comprehensive that they can actually be overwhelming if you’re only focused on a few areas or stocks, so you can customize them to fit your profile.
  • OPC
    The Unusual Whales options profit calculator is a fantastic tool that can help you analyze or plan out your trades, along with plenty of crucial info available on-screen so you don’t need to go looking for it.
  • Earnings Insights
    Earnings can be extremely profitable for options traders, and UW offers plenty of analysis and tools to help you strategize during earnings season.
  • To-the-minute Financial News
    Unusual Whales is well known on social media for financial alerts, and all of the top news in the financial market is put right at your fingertips.
  • Twitter and Discord Bots
    The UW Twitter/X and Discord bots are customizable, and you can even integrate free versions into your own communities.
  • Stock and SPAC Tracking
    UW tracks stocks, SPACs, and other assets, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of every asset class or market that you’re interested in trading.
  • Live Charting Tools
    The Unusual Whales live charting tool has integrated technical analysis indicators so that you can get your charting done quickly and conveniently.
  • EOD Reports and Analysis
    Every trading day, you can look out for reports and analysis on the biggest market moves.
  • Partner Offers
    Unusual Whales has partner offers and discounts that can put plenty of $$$$ into your trading account!
  • Educational Resources
    All of Unusual Whales’ tools and tech take some expertise to use, and the group offers plenty of resources that’ll allow you to get to grips with everything quickly.
  • Whale Portfolios
    Unusual Whales has a reputation for reporting unusual whale activity in the markets, and you can track the portfolios of some of these insiders on the UW platform.
  • Mobile App
    Unusual Whales also has a mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, so you can keep on top of your trades on the go.

Picking the Right Package

unusual whales packages

Unusual Whales simplifies pricing by offering a single subscription tier, and you can choose to sign up on a monthly or annual basis. The monthly plan of $48 isn’t very taxing on the budget, and it gives you full access to exclusive channels and options data on the Unusual Whales Discord server.

However, the annual option of $528 is our pick for two main reasons. On the one hand, it equates to a one-month discount compared to what you’d pay across the year. Additionally, annual members have access to downloadable data that isn’t available to monthly members—so if you’re all about crunching those numbers and would like to be able to grab a CSV of the latest flow and Dark Pool data, this one’s for you.

If you’re hesitant to go big right from the start, don’t worry—picking the monthly subscription option gives you access to most of what Unusual Whales has to offer, and also gives you a discount when you do decide to switch to the annual plan.

monthly unusual whales 'super buffet'

If you’re looking at an Unusual Whales subscription from an enterprise standpoint rather than that of an individual retail investor, talk to Unusual Whales’ support team directly for more pricing options.

You can also get a look at what Unusual Whales offers before signing up by joining their Discord for free. The free section has educational material, an options calculator, and a sampling of channels for a teaser of the kinds of alerts and information you’ll get access to once you join up properly, so if you’re still not sure whether to dive in just check them out for a couple days for free while you think about it!

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Unusual Whales offers one of the most powerful trading flow platforms that you can find as a retail investor, and few others even come close when it comes to the speed and accuracy of UW data. As a retail options trader, the options flow can be a game-changer, and the Unusual Whales platform itself brings all of your trading needs together into one place, with everything from live charting, screening, the UW options profit calculator, and much more.

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