New sports picks Discord servers arrive daily on the Whop marketplace, but a few of them stand out from the get-go. One such community is WHNSA Locks, which recently joined Whop and has immediately made an impact!

Part of the reason behind this success is its founder, WHNSA, who has been working diligently on the community for a while. He’s been a professional sports bettor for many years and has accumulated much experience and knowledge. 

A few years back, he decided to create the WHNSA Locks community to provide his insightful plays to other bettors and help them potentially become profitable. His daily picks are very well-researched and revolve around a few different sports, including the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Interested in following WHNSA? Then join us in our WHNSA Locks review, where we dissect this sports Discord server to see what the fuss is all about. We’ll also provide all the details and features you get with your membership.

Why Join WHNSA Locks?

So why become a member of WHNSA Locks? The number one reason is the owner himself, WHNSA. You may have stumbled on one of his social media pages, where he has gathered tens of thousands of followers and showcases his lifestyle and successful sports betting adventures.

If that’s the case, the only place to find his picks is through the Discord server. Within this community, WHNSA shares his insightful plays, which result from hours of research and years of experience.

What are these plays exactly? Essentially, they’re every single type of bet imaginable - although he does favor simpler bets, like moneyline plays, spreads, and totals. However, he’ll also dabble in other picks, such as player and team prop bets, and even offer some parlays from time to time.

Another aspect of WHNSA Locks worth mentioning is the healthy and active community the server boasts. There’s a dedicated channel for VIP members to talk and exchange tips with each other or just relax and have fun.

There’s also the “Community Picks” channel, where all members are free to upload their plays if you want to tail them. You never know where the next expert capper might come from.

Wide Variety of Bets

whnsa locks discord

As soon as you subscribe to WHNSA Locks and join the Discord server, you’ll find the “Channel Descriptions'' section, which thoroughly explains what each Discord channel is all about. There’s also the “Announcements” channel, where WHNSA shares key announcements, including when his picks are live.

Speaking of picks, the WHNSA Locks section is next, which includes dedicated channels for all different plays. There is a VIP Picks channel, where WHNSA posts one to two daily plays he believes are good value and worth a regular bet size of one unit.

The “LOTD” channel is the place where WHNSA posts his “Lock Of The Day”, meaning the pick he’s most confident about. Again, it doesn’t ensure it will always hit, but his research shows it’s a great value bet considering its odds. There might not be a “Lock” play every single day, but when there is, most members will tail it.

There’s also the Player Props channel, where WHNSA includes specific prop bets for players he finds good value in. These props can be placed as regular bets on sports betting apps or used in DFS apps. Finally, there’s the “Results” section, where WHNSA thoroughly tracks his wins and losses every single day to ensure transparency among members.

What You Get With WHNSA Locks

Here is a quick summary of all the features and perks you can expect to receive with your WHNSA Locks membership:

  • Multiple daily slips
    WHNSA puts out several plays every day, including the VIP picks, Lock Of The Day, and Player Props.
  • Variety of bets
    You can choose among a few different bet types, such as moneyline bets, spreads, and over/under bets, as well as the occasional parlay.
  • Learn from a professional
    Utilize the years of experience acquired by WHNSA and learn from his mistakes and successes.
  • Active community
    Gain access to a lively community of sports bettors looking for the best picks while also having a good time.
  • Thorough results tracking
    WHNSA meticulously tracks all his results, including his losses, to make sure everyone knows how well he’s running.

Picking the Right Package

whnsa options

In terms of available packages, WHNSA keeps it simple for all members and doesn’t lock any of his services behind a paywall. A single subscription to WHNSA Locks will get you complete access to the entire Discord server, including all picks and the VIP members' chat room.

The standard VIP Membership is priced at $199 a month. While this may seem like a high cost, if you consider the years of experience and research you get when you follow WHNSA, it’s a good value for money, especially if you have a larger bankroll.

If you want to commit to the community long-term, you can choose the Lifetime VIP Membership for a one-time payment of $1,500. That’s basically like paying for seven and a half months while being able to access all of WHNSA’s content forever.

whnsa Locks - Let WHNSA And his Team Guide You to the Top

As you can see, WHNSA puts a lot of effort into his community and deeply cares about every single pick he puts out there. After all, one of his mottos is quality over quantity. That’s why he only publishes a few picks every day, because he wants to make sure he’s researched every single stat and has considered every aspect possible.

Join WHNSA Locks on the Whop marketplace today, and follow WHNSA on his journey to beat the Vegas sportsbooks with his insightful plays. Become a member of an active and fun community where aspiring sports bettors help each other out, share their own picks, and generally have a good time!