If you only have 30 seconds to read this, here's what you need to know:

  • We're starting a Monthly Rundown to share what worked best, what made $$$, and what the most popular Whop apps were over the past month
  • In April, 1,000+ new creators made money for the first time on Whop
  • Top tips to grow your business - how to stop users before they cancel with cancellation discounts, and how to get more sales on the Whop Marketplace
  • Creators and customers are loving Content, Courses, and Files apps

This is our very first Monthly Rundown! At the end of each month, we're looking at our data to tell you 1) what's working best for Whop's top creators 🚀, 2) ways to make more money 🤑, and 3) what Whop apps and features can give your business a boost 📈.

Fastest growing companies - new on Whop

These 5 creators started April with $0 and the top new creators made 6 figures by end of the month:

  1. Scarface Trades - live trading + Trading Accelerator course
  2. Market Fluidity University - currency trading courses + community
  3. FU Money Club - trading community, indicators, livestreams + giveaways
  4. Cabal Capital - crypto community + weekly calls
  5. TheCappersCollective - team of cappers + sports betting community

Fastest growing companies - overall

These 5 creators grew their revenue the most on Whop in April:

  1. Pick Stream (391% growth) - data-driven sports picks
  2. Front Runners (134% growth) - crypto insights + trading signals
  3. Kaizen (47% growth) - crypto education, strategy + community
  4. Oculus Trading (129% growth) - trading
  5. Suits Commerce (343% growth) - e-commerce course + community

In April, more than 1,000 creators on Whop processed their very first dollar. 💸

A lot of people are making a lot of money on Whop. If you didn't make your first $1,000 dollars in April, book a call here and our team will help you get there next month!

These were the fastest-growing features that boosted business in April, that can make you more money too:

1 ) Turn on automatic cancellation discounts

You know when you go to cancel your Netflix subscription and they offer you 20% off your next month to stay? Those are called cancellation discounts, and we built the same feature for your business on Whop.

When turned on, cancellation discounts automatically pop up and try to save your customers when they try to cancel, giving them a percentage off of their next payment(s). This is how you do it:

  1. Go to your Products page
  2. Click the product where you want to add cancellation discounts
  3. Click the price where you want to add cancellation discounts
  4. Check the "Offer discounts before user cancels" box, and set the discount % you want to apply
  5. Boom done – now you're making more money 🤝
^^ This is what your customers will see when trying to cancel 💰

2 ) Get discovered by 4 million unique visitors per month on Whop.com

Some Whop Marketplace stats from April:

  1. We invested more than $100,000/month (soon to be $1 million 📈) into bringing new people to whop.com
  2. Over 4 million different people visited whop.com
  3. We drove $1.5 million in total sales to creators on the marketplace

If you're not yet on the marketplace, here is how you can get live:

  1. Go to the "Edit store" page in your hub
  2. Click the "Apply to marketplace" banner at the top
  3. Complete all required steps
  4. Get approved and start making bank on the marketplace

It's been less than a month since we launched our biggest update ever with the new Whop hub, and creators are already building out awesome new offerings with apps. Below are the most downloaded Whop Apps from April + some dope whops that creators made:

Top apps creators have added to their whop this April

American Dream Trading

ADT's whop is getting crazy!! They've added the Content app with resources to get started, the Events app to host events and masterminds, and the Affiliate app to drive more user referrals with our affiliate feature on the dash!

Share posts and announcements with the Forums app

Internet Money

Internet Money is killing it with the Courses app, teaching users how to sell a skill online and make their first $1,000. Their hub also uses the Links app to leave reviews without leaving the hub, and the Suggestions app to get real-time user feedback.

Share video/ text-based lessons and quizzes, and track results with the Courses app


TopTierBetz makes it too easy to get free and paid picks with their Sports App. Their whop also features the Chat App to build community and Giveaways to raise hype and get users engaged.

Follow your favorite cappers and share your picks with the Sports app

That's it!

If we were to personally rate this rundown we would give it a 5/10 because we aren't giving you enough data to make better decisions. But, we promiseeee next month we'll share some 🔥 data! Tell us what else you want to know about making more money on Whop, and we'll include it in May's edition. In the meantime ...