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What is Dropshipping?

This is Whop’s dropshipping page, where you’ll find the internet’s best dropshipping ecommerce groups and Discord servers all in one place! Dropshipping can be a tricky business to get into if you’re relatively new to it, but that’s where a great ecommerce community comes in. Joining these ecommerce Discord servers doesn’t just give you the resources, whether that’s information or education, you need to prosper as a dropshipper—you’re also getting access to a community of other entrepreneurs in various stages of their own dropshipping journeys. This community aspect can help immeasurably, since there’ll definitely be someone out there who’s encountered the same situations and circumstances as you, and has been there and done that. So, if you want to level up your dropshipping game and enjoy the benefits of experience as well as networking that a community of like-minded entrepreneurs can bring, check out these ecommerce dropshipping communities!