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Chroma Trading

(37 reviews)

Level Up Your Trading

Private trading community with a focus on learning and education. Our aim is to provide our members with the tools they need to develop their edge, become consistently profitable, and achieve their trading goals.

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Setups and Trades
Trade ideas and setups for the crypto, forex, and indices markets
Guided Mentorship
Small classes, Q&As, feedback, guidance, and 1-on-1 mentorship
Educational Material
PDFs, guides, videos, entry models, trading strategies, tools, and a wealth of additional educational material
Live Trading Sessions
Daily livestreams, market reviews, VCs, and interactive learning sessions
AMAs and Interviews
A chance to speak with some of the best traders in the space
Trading Challenges
1k → 10k challenges, spot trading challenges, funded account challenges, livestream challenges, and more
Customer question & answers
Can i pay via my Binance wallet , or it must be Coinbase ?
Hey Mohakim! You can pay with any exchange/wallet. We prefer if you pay with USDT with ERC-20 network and it should be just fine. Edit: We now support Fiat and ETH payments.
Customer reviews
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5d ago
Some of my thoughts after 4 months in Chroma. 1. The education material in Chroma is highly structured & A+ quality. You can tell there’s a lot of effort being put into them. 2. Being able to get the analysts pov on the markets helps to refine your own & hopefully be able to emulate them. 3. VC sessions, AMA, streams are goldmines of practical knowledge, experience & wisdom. You get to interact, ask questions directly & get instant feedback. 4. Chroma classes can be a gamechanger to your trading for a session tailor made to your own specific issues/goals. 5. Trading can be a very lonely journey especially for new & developing traders. The community & vibe they have created here helps to make it a much more joyful journey. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other succeed. 6. I’ve had the most fun in my trading journey here & it has opened my eyes to so many things & what’s possible, especially the trading style/model I’m currently trying to adapt for myself. It is so different from when I started. 7. If I could do it all over again & if I only knew how much value being in Chroma gives, I would’ve definitely fork out $400 for the 6 months subscription. The analysts & talent give their heart & soul to provide value & that alone to me, makes Chroma one of the best Educational Trading Communities. When I get to the level I aspire to be trading wise, I would owe a big part of it to Chroma.
Purchased 1 month ago
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8d ago
Amazing community All members discuss passionately, but the skills of the core members who lead the community are truly amazing. I am very fortunate to have found this group.
Purchased 1 month ago
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11d ago
Great community of experienced and uprising traders. Everybody super friendly and willing to help. Highly recommended!
Purchased 1 year ago
What is Chroma Trading?
Chroma is a private trading community with a focus on learning and education
What asset class do we trade at Chroma Trading?
We trade the crypto, forex, and indices markets.
Is Chroma Trading a signal group?
Chroma is not a signal service. Our focus will always be on education, understanding, and developing the tools you need to become a profitable trader. None of that is possible if you just blindly copy-trade. By sharing setups and ideas in the server, we are not telling you that this is a trade you must take, or that these are the exact entry, exit, and take profit levels you must use. Rather you should use our setups as trade ideas, which you can then assess using your own TA and using your own charts, and only then make the decision whether or not to take the trade.
What sets Chroma Trading apart from other paid trading groups?
We offer the same level of mentorship, feedback, and guidance as a small community, but with the trading talent, professionalism, and educational resources of a large community. Our focus will always be on education, understanding, and providing our members with the tools they need to become profitable traders. We do this by offering classes, 1-on-1 mentorship, daily trade ideas and market reviews, live trading sessions, and a wealth of other educational resources and tools so that each and every one of our members can achieve their trading goals.
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Chroma Trading
Trading • Crypto

37 reviews

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Private trading community. Our aim is to provide our members with the tools they need to develop their edge, become consistently profitable, and achieve their trading goals.

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