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The Investor's Boardroom

(32 reviews)

Unlocking On-Chain Analysis Secrets: Insider Knowledge, Alpha, Smart Money, & Market Trends

On-chain analysis, a method exclusive to cryptocurrency, presents a revolutionary chance to gain a competitive advantage—something Wall Street has yet to discover. Don't miss out and be one of the first to learn about this previously inaccessible wealth of knowledge alongside our professionals!

What We Offer:

• Access to our exclusive course tailored to enhance your expertise in blockchain analysis, covering advanced topics such as interpreting blockchain data and tracking insider wallet activity.

Calls and expert guidance on purchasing profitable coins (before the crowd finds out).

Technical analysis updates from our professionals for Bitcoin and alts.

Custom-made tools for On-chain analysis designed to give you an edge over others in your research.

• Access to copy trading our investment fund along with alerts whenever a move is made to keep you in the loop.

• A hub led by the community and professionals for researching On-chain activity.

• Catch the next hot narrative before it happens in a special section of our community, where members swap insights on promising coins.

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Mastermind + Coaching

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Online course

Complete On-Chain Analysis

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The Ultimate Smart Money Address List

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Discord Access

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Copy Trading Fund

Smart Money Tracking
Receive real-time alerts on Discord for On-chain activity, Smart Money, insiders, and influencers.
The Smart Investor's Tool Box
Discover all the tools and technicals that cut through noise and speed up your research to make it faster.
Weekly Mastermind
Join fellow community members and professionals in weekly LIVE sessions to discuss questions or explore new topics!
Full Automation
Get free access to BasketFolio, a portfolio automation tool (normally $47/month).
24/7 Support
Elevate your trading game with expert guidance, accessible from wherever you are.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does subscription give signals as and they enter trades? copy trades manually or is copy trade wallet linked by bot?
A: We don't provide buying and sell signals. But we announce our wallets for copy trading and you can copy trade in the way you want, we always suggest the best tools for you. And we also have alerts for when our wallets do trades.
Asked on Apr 17, 2024
Q: I'm new to the crypto game and I have now invested in Bitcoin and ETH. I'm not into discord chats etc - do you offer trade alerts/advise by email.
A: No, we dont offer advice by email.
Asked on May 5, 2024
Q: will your service provide me the guide of how to create a memecoin? will I learn how to do a presale, add liquidity, run a telegram with bot, etc?
A: No, we dont teach you on how to create your own memecoin, but we have our own Telegram bot for base chain and tutorials for it.
Asked on May 5, 2024
Q: Hello to everybody.i want to ask if with the montly payment have access to the boss wallet and to have in copytrade
A: Yes. We are open about tradings, current positions and we announce Antoine wallets
Asked on Mar 24, 2024
Q: I am new to Crypto market and have been exploring usage of bot and how best to use it to make profits on a good day, do you teach those from basic?
A: Hello govind1990.'s, our course has advanced content and content for new people who just joined crypto, our community has people of all levels and our team and our members are always willing to help!
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Customer reviews
4.88 out of 5
(32 reviews)
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14 days ago
Amazing community and never before seen alpha!
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a month ago
The worldwidehight class update fresh of French combine
User avatar
a month ago
What I love about Handsome Finance is the energy and commitment shown to this community. Brainstorming techniques, 24/7 support by team members online, offering help and guidance. I have learned so much from The Investor's Board Room and Handsome Finance. Keep up the great work, and thank you!
What level of experience is required to benefit from this community?
Any experience level is welcome. We have a team of professionals and community members to help guide you along the way.
About the seller
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Investor's Board Room
Trading • Crypto

32 reviews

Join our winning community and experience unprecedented access to cutting-edge analysis previously unavailable.

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