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Legerity Trading

(9 reviews)

Learn to trade nimbly, use proper risk management techniques and grow your trading business with Gov, Narra and Smooth

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Daily Live Trading
Live trading and pre market sessions where members can observe professional traders executing trades in real-time
Risk Management Training
Educational content and workshops focused on risk management strategies
Educational Resources
Library of educational materials, including articles, videos, webinars, and more!
Q&A Sessions
Interactive Q&A sessions where members can ask questions about trading concepts, strategies and more!
Market Analysis Reports
Comprehensive market analysis reports covering different asset classes, including futures, stocks, and options
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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9d ago
Simply stated, you’re going to love it here. Everyone is very professional, courteous and extremely helpful. All questions are welcomed and encouraged. As traders, we are always learning, asking questions and upping our game. If you want to learn and build your skills, refine entries and exits, manage risk better and learn how to pick winners and fish on your own, this is the place.
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10d ago
If you have been bouncing around chat rooms and end up hating the mayhem and hassle of trying to glean the nuggets from the detritus, look no further. The experience here has been quite refreshing and professional. The leaders present a unified and understandable approach with uniformity, making following their low stress tutelage and approach a breeze, devoid of the "personalities" and "perspectives" that make so many rooms useless. From novices to burnouts, all are welcome, and all will learn more than a thing or two. Give it a whirl.
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10d ago
A legit trading discord for education and profitability! I struggled early as a trader and have been involved with a number of discords. Most discords callout live trades, promise education, and career changing income. That's all great until you realize you need to be able to trade on your own and understand the "why" behind the trade... Of course I joined Legerity Trading to make money and build my equity portfolio. However, my main reason for joining Legerity was the education. I also know David on a personal level and knew he was an experienced trader and someone I could trust. I've also started to build a relationship with traders, Dan and Lee. These guys are all professional traders and their guidance and expertise is nothing short of incredible. They all bring something different to the table. They are extremely supportive and answer all your questions immediately. They conduct a pre-market discussion every morning around 8am on live voice. Their pre-market discussion is absolute fire. It's not a stupid watchlist with levels provided by most discords. Legerity traders explain what they are seeing in the markets and fully review indices and any stocks on watch. But most importantly, they explain in great detail the "WHY". I take notes during every pre-market analysis because their info is so valuable. The pre-market discussions have saved me from taking losing trades I would normally have taken. Their attention to detail is second to none compared to any other discord I've been involved with. I'm still building my skillset and fine tuning my strategy, but I'm beginning to learn and that's most important. In addition to intraday futures or options trading, Legerity also provides the opportunity to build your long-term equity portfolios. I'm extremely happy to join Legerity Trading and surround myself with a culture of great traders and traders that want to learn.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes! We offer a 14 day trial. During this time we recommend you observe and ASK QUESTIONS!
How long does it take to get "up to speed" on your trading styles?
That varies a lot person to person- but if you actively participate we think a few weeks of observation should cover it
Do you guys trade options?
Yes! Index futures not always the best instrument. Most days we are also trading options on single stocks and indexes.
What hours do you most often trade?
During high volatility periods we often trade globex but our specialty is usually NY AM session through NY close.
What instruments do you trade?
We primarily trade index futures and options, focusing on high-quality opportunities in any market.
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Legerity Trading
Trading • General

9 reviews

Legerity Trading offers an educational platform to help you sustainably build and scale your trading business. Learn from former CME members, technical trading experts, risk management experts and much more!

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