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Exclusive Access to Educational Based-LIVE Trading Community Dedicated To Creating Profitable Traders

Hello Freedom Seeker! Imagine this: every morning, we get together to trade live. It's like joining a family filled with people who are just as into trading as you are. Whether you're just starting out or you already know a thing or two, we're here not only to help you become a successful trader but give you the blueprint to win at life. We don't just give you tips and tell you what to do – we teach you everything you need to know. With this you can make your own informed decisions within the markets, and get your self paid. Because trading isn't just about following instructions; it's about learning a valuable skill that can unlock anything you want in life… Most importantly how to turn Losses into Lessons.

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Live Trading
Watch And Trade With Marco & Raymond Every Morning Monday-Friday At 9:15am EST.
24/7 Support
Active Community Members + Ticket System To Get Any Questions Regarding Trading Answered By Raymond, Marco, Or LTL TEAM
Trading Community
Active Community Where Trade Ideas Are Posted, Questions Are Answered, & Connections Are Made + Library of 1000+ Ebooks
Live Trading Sessions, Trade Recaps, Self Improvement Hub, Free E Books, Backtest Sessions + P.M Info Calls/Group Calls
Trading Alerts
Receive Signals everyday From Marco & Raymond During all Sessions + All News Alerts Related To The Pairs We Trade
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5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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2d ago
Amazing ebook, worth every dollar I paid for. Marco and Raymond really know their stuff and this ebook has been a great help. 10/10 and such an amazing community to be apart of.
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1 month ago
Been in alot of trading discords. LTL is by far the best community with a team that actually interacts with you. Their E-book is a must have for anybody wanting to take trading serious
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1 month ago
Best community out there very helpful and a lot of free content I would definitely recommend this group they are fully transparent
What level of experience is welcome in LTL Trades?
All experience levels are welcome at LTL Trades. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader, our community caters to everyone.
How can members participate and contribute to LTL Trades?
Members can actively engage in discussions, share insights, and join live trading sessions to contribute to the LTL Trades community.
What educational resources are available at LTL Trades?
We offer A multitude of educational value including Live Trading Sessions, Trade Recaps, Self Improvement Hub, Free E Books, Backtest Sessions + P.M Info Calls/Group Calls
Are there networking opportunities available within the LTL Trade community?
Absolutely, LTL Trade provides networking opportunities through forums, discussion boards, and virtual events where members can connect with like-minded traders.
Does LTL Trades provide real-time market analysis and trade alerts?
Yes, LTL Trades offers real-time market analysis and trade alerts to help members stay informed and capitalize on trading opportunities.
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Trading • Technical Analysis

5 reviews

Hello everyone, its Raymond and Marco, we keep things plain and simple not tryna sell no dream. Trading is not everybody, but for those who decide to embark on this journey of self discovery and strive to be the 1%. We try our best keep things raw and straight forward. Trading is extremely difficult but,we provide the easiest clean cut way to find profitability within the markets. As well as, the ability to reap the rewards trading offers for a lifetime. While Simultaneously building lifelong connections with like minded individuals.

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