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Moment One Algo

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Less Artificial. More Intelligent.™

Moment One gives you the most dynamic edge possible in any market on any timeframe.

Our indicator is derived from our institutional quant algo and allows you to bring unprecedented real-time structure and automation to your charts.

Membership Includes:

Moment One Indicator:

Frequent updates plus active research and quant desk for optimization. We constantly have a human in the loop evaluating markets and updating strategies.

Private Discord Membership:

Your always on trading cohort, with a FINRA registered team and over 100 years of combined trading experience. Our team has raised funds from some of the biggest VCs, held executive roles at trading firms, and designed some of the world's most used software.

Early Access to New Products:

Subscribers get early access to pre-sales, new products, and our TGE.

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Moment One Algo

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Moment One

Adapt to the Markets.
We adapt to market conditions, so you don't have to. Precision backtested entries, both long and short.
Don't react. Respond.
Our indicator does not repaint. That is reactionary trading. Our algorithms work responsively to predict low risk entry.
Profit Tools Quantified.
Powerful profit and risk management tools enable instant TP, Stop Loss, and Average True Range markers on every trade.
Designed to Fit Your Style.
Modes for Day and Swing traders. Including 3 specialized Scalping modes so you can trade how you want, when you want.
Integrated Global Backtesting.
Easily filter by days, trading sessions, and time. Instant and dynamic results in real-time.
Access to the Braintrust.
Moment Research Discord. Focused on execution across all markets. Founded by tech, finance, & crypto industry veterans.
24/7 Support and Psychology.
Simply open a ticket and schedule a 1:1 session. Our team is happy to work with you on strategy and mental edge.
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Customer reviews
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(1 reviews)
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1 month ago
As a dedicated retail trader always seeking to enhance my trading strategies, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Moment One indicator. What sets the Moment One indicator apart is its ability to fuse a seemingly sophisticated institutional quant approach with an interface that's accessible to retail traders. This seamless combination of complex algorithms to structure market data is impressive. It has brought a new level of precision to my charts, something typically only seen in institutional frameworks. Since incorporating the Moment One indicator into my trading arsenal, I've observed a significant boost in my ability to pinpoint and capitalize on profitable opportunities. The promise of enabling users to generate superior alpha is not merely promotional talk; it's proven true in practice. This tool offers clear, actionable insights that effectively reduce guesswork and enhance trading performance.
Is the algorithm that powers Moment One backtested?
Yes. Also, we give you the power to dynamically backtest our algos within our indicator. Time traveling powers enabled.
Will I have support as I trade with Moment One?
Yes. Subscription includes access to our Discord and team. We actively trade with Moment Algo and are happy to help!
Does Moment One have native integration with other platforms?
We are actively developing integrations with brokers and trading platforms such as TD Ameritrade and NinjaTrader. We will announce these integrations in Discord when they are ready for public use.
About the seller
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Moment Research
Trading • General

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At Moment Research, we focus on pure profit and execution across all markets. Founded by tech, crypto, and Series 7 and Series 63 licensed finance industry veterans; we develop tools, strategies, automation, and systems that enable traders across all markets to scale exponentially. With Moment One, we are releasing our first institutional quality product for the benefit of the retail market.

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