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#1 SWING TRADING community!

PrimeTrading is an equity swing trading community to learn & trade alongside experienced traders.

✅ See how I execute intraday while I share my trades live.

✅ Alex's daily market commentary, Portfolio updates, trade explanations, and daily FocusList.

✅ Share & Discuss potential trade ideas with a like-minded amazing community

✅ Talk Macro Economy, Cryptocurrencies & much more!

✅ Talk about mental game & psychology to evolve as a trader!

✅ Education & mentoring from Alex & experienced traders.

✅ Q&A zoom meetings

Improve as a trader with a risk management first approach while working directly with me intraday.

Alex 🛡️✌️

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Hi Alex, If I join your discord service, do you have alerts when you buy a stock or you just have to watch a Discord. Thanks Steve
Hey Steve, Sure, I share every buy, sell & trims alerts as I take them! I also share comments to explain my operations. cheers! Alex
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6 months ago
Really good daily analysis, and I love the detailed feedback Alex and the staff give on member trades!
Purchased 6 months ago
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6 months ago
Marvellous community in the discord. Alex is a fine mentor and experienced trader. I have learned so much here by reading his instructions and follow his example. Well worth it and more. Rüdiger Tauber
Purchased 9 months ago
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6 months ago
Been part of Alex' PrimeTrading community for the most of 6 month now, and I really love it there. Alex is just a top guy; He definitely knows what he is doing and why, and is very open and communicative about it. Humorous and kind on top of that. The community has some very experienced and skilled members that are actively chipping in, so there is no limit to what you can learn in here, being a newbee or a more seasoned trader. The tone in here is warm and welcoming and everyone gets a nice answer to questions. Comes highly recommended!
Purchased 10 months ago
How many members are in the PT community?
We are more than 250 active members right now in the Discord community. But despite being that many, we are well-structured and also control the noise. We are focused on trading and making money!
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Alex has 7+ years of experience trading the US equity market as a swing trader, using fundamental and technical analysis to find the biggest winning stocks. The Holy Grail is all about Risk & Position management. You can learn everything about my system in my Substack’s Education articles: https://primetrading.substack.com/s/education-series Alex’s recent performance using the PT system. Most of you know that the last months have been hard compared to 2020 and early 2021. My trading style is about managing risk and adjusting it to current market conditions. Even in one of the most challenging markets ever seen, I’ve been able to grow the account while limiting drawdown to below 10%. • 2020 = +378% • 2021 = +92% • 2022 = +30.8% • 2023 (YTD) = TBD This takes me above 1000% compounded returns since the start of 2020, which I consider a pretty high achievement and proof that the system that I am trying to teach you guys is working…not only in an uptrend but, most notably, during the correctives market. Don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter @PrimeTrading_ if you have questions! Cheers! Alex 🛡️✌️

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