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Trade like a pro , achieve goals , and take action towards your future

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24/7 Support
Experiencing any problems? My telegram Dm's are always open and email so we can assist you as fast as possible.
Gain experience and expertise to gain a advantage in the financial markets.
Live Trading Sessions
You'll get access to live trading sessions, where you can take the trades I take and get the breakdown of the trade.
MasterMind Community
Gain Mastermind Skills that will include 1 on 1 mentoring , all mastermind strategy and knowledge to ensure success.
Every milestone I give back to my trading community with cash & account giveaways!!!!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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3 months ago
Fantastic Group with one of the best admin team and the best strategy that provides soo much profit. Definitely worth the money
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4 months ago
I wish i could put more stars hahah! His trades are always low risk high profit couldn't be happier truly and amazing trader who loves his community
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4 months ago
GlitchTrades FxSignals room has consistently exceeded my exceptions. He is truly masterful at his craft. His calls are quite impressive. He has definitely become a big part of my trading journey. Highly recommend his signal room.
Before I buy how often are trades sent ?
I call out trades every morning Mon-Fri at the start of New York session all the way through the end of it. We occasionally do London also
How long till support answers?
Instant me the Ceo personally tailors to every clients needs ensuring success and satisfaction
Does the one time payment mean access forever ?
Includes Access for 12 months (1 year)
How often are giveaways done ?
Every 10 new subscribers we giveaway prop challenge accounts!
What's your win rate?
Over 70-80% consistently, with our profit bot much higher 90%
About the seller
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Vucic Investments Capital
Trading β€’ General

7 reviews

I am a veteran trader and have been capitalizing off the markets for over 4 plus years. My signal room goes on constant win streaks my entries are precise and have proper risk management and reward ratios. We make massive gains every month and have already given away one challenge account , if your looking for a truly exceptional signal room or mentor then I am the one for you, Join the winning team and start 2024 off right making profits and receiving the highest level of education.

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