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Tactical Traders

(134 reviews)

#1 ICT Trading Community with Streams Everyday

Welcome to Tactical Traders.

Live trading futures during NYSE open Monday through Friday with DJ! As well as help from Justin!

Our goal is to build self sufficient traders that will one day be able to trade for themselves. I want everyone to develop and maintain a skill that you can be used for years to come.

We truly care about the success of every one of our members. Together we will strive for success.

This membership includes access to the Tactical Traders community, more information is posted below. The subscription is non-refundable and you can cancel at anytime. Justin no longer live trades or does charting sessions in this discord. He is active in the chat and will answer questions!

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DJ LIVE trades every day!
24/7 Ticket System
Ticket system to ask analysts any questions you have on trading.
Trading Community
Active trading community where trading ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made
Charting Sessions
DJ Hosts charting sessions 3 times a week! This is where you can ask as many questions as you want!
Customer Q&A
Q: If you purchase the monthly subscription in the middle of the month does it renew 1 month from that date or the 1st of each month?
A: It renews a month after the day you bought it
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Customer reviews
4.46 out of 5
(134 reviews)
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22 days ago
I don't know where to start. DJ has been the best mentor I've ever seen, he gives all the info on a silver platter. If you put in the work and attend his lives, you'll become an amazing trader for sure.
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25 days ago
Best trading decision I have ever made was joining this discord. Can't thank Justin and DJ enough for their unbelievable guidance and knowledge. Transcended my trading to another level and its all thanks to them. Not only do they teach you their exact model, but they also teach the psychology aspect of trading that not a lot of other discords touch on. Also, they are very active! DJ is almost always in the chat eagerly helping anyone that has questions about their trades and why exactly he took his trade. Unbelievably worth it, won't get this value anywhere else.
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a month ago
Never interacted much, but the lessons I learned will stick with me for life. Grateful i've been part of such a community. Thanks
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Tactical Traders
Trading β€’ General

134 reviews

An Educational Based Live Trading Community Focused On Building Self Sufficiant Traders!

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